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Dear <<First Name>>,
Your prayers continue to uplift us as we experience the wonderful grace of God amidst this dark valley. 
Only God Can..
When you walk into the unknown only God can give you true comfort. When you are stuck only God can give you hope and provide a way out. When you feel forsaken only God's love and grace can give you peace and rest. 

Finding Bola the best hospice option was a daunting task. In Japan everything takes a long time. We were warned that it would take at least 1 month to find a doctor who will take over Bola's palliative care at home.

But in just 2 days we were led to a doctor for Bola's care at home. Even better, Dr. Nakajima and her husband who is a pastor are evangelical Christians. How rare is that!

Even Dr. Tanaka was impressed. He could not believe what just happened. Bola's prayer is that Dr. T and his staff was able to taste and see how good God is during the last 6 months under his medical care. Dr. T's final words were.. This is a sad, sad day for me and my staff to see Bola leave!

Only God can do this!
Back Home...
In just 10 days after finding out that Bola's cancer is in-operable, we made the transition from hospital back home on Sep 10. Back to her own bed. She is so happy!

God provides for every need. Family flew into Japan in time to clean, sanitise, wash, fix the house in preparation for Bola's transfer.

The new medical team of Dr. Nakajima and Nurse Kaori (photo in pink) came to assess, care for, and come up with a new plan for Bola. Dr. N even ended our time with prayer! Nurse Kaori sang Bola a song. For now, the medical team visits at least 4 times a week and 24 hour on-call. 

At-home care means we also need a support staff to be available for Bola. I (Ken) will be the primary care-giver, Mary Esther (in black) will be secondary care-giver. Many more will be volunteering in the coming days. 

Instead of an Intra-venous line on her arm, Dr. T inserted a CV (Central Venous) port under Bola's right clavicle area to allow easy access for her nutritional and medicinal needs. She is now getting high calorie dosage. Her vitals have been really good. After 15 days of total fasting, Bola is now able to drink liquids again.

It is good to be back home...
Quality of Life...
Bola is at total peace and fully surrendered to the Lord about her future. At the same time Bola is full of hope!  

At-home care will allow Bola to do things she desires. And if you know Bola, there is much she wants to do. In just 2 days, Bola was able to attend Victoria's winning volleyball game. She needed to be restrained from screaming and jumping up and down! Notice their uniform is coloured TEAL. This is to recognise September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. 

Bola hopes to make her birthday concert on September 21 (Mon). Please pray that Lord will give her the strength and energy to make this concert at a prestigious jazz club in Tokyo. Over 100 guests have already made reservations. You will be able to watch by live stream (link coming later).

More family & friends are flying in this week. Anika and Luke are also coming back home to spend time with their mama! 

During the volleyball game, Bola whispered to a dear friend who has been struggling for years... Please live each day to the fullest for His grace is sufficient.

Now that is quality of life.... 

Ken and Bola Taylor

God's Love On Wheels (GLOW)

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