The Taylors are WorldVenture Missionaries in Japan since 1997 involved in:
  • Church Planting Movements
  • Innovative Ministries
  • Leadership Development
Dear <<First Name>>,
Appreciate your prayers for these upcoming events!
                      May 20 - 22: CB Japan national church pastors & mission meetings
                      June 15: HGF All-Japan combined concert
Gearing Up for June 15... 
There is so much momentum as we gear up for the June 15 (Sat) All-Japan Combined concert in Tokyo. We are expecting over 1,000 to participate in this evangelistic concert where 80% of all those present (including 400 Choir members plus audience) are non-Christians. We are anticipating everyone to experience the love and presence of the Lord at the concert. 

The flyer on the left illustrates Ray Sidney, Gregory & Ruth Hooper are returning to the concert together with about 20 other Short Term Missionaries. 

Pray for Ken and his staff and all the necessary preparations. Pray for all the choirs in their final month of rehearsals. Pray for the funding of sound equipment needs (see Special Project below).
Japan Baptist Fellowship (JBF)... 
We held our annual JBF retreat last month. It was a great time to get away for reflection, refreshment, and rejuvenation. This prepares all of us for another year of ministry and life in sharing the love of Jesus in Japan. We also thank the Lord for the Martunnens and the Twin Lakes Church Team led by Mark & Lora Spurlock who served and ministered to us and our children.

Ken is currently attending the CB Japan national church association and JBF teamwork meetings. 

Pray for Ken's responsibilities as field leader of JBF.

Together Again...
We had a Skype family reunion. Bola, Ken, and Tori in Tokyo, Luke in Los Angeles, and Anika in Hawaii who has relocated and resettled in the Honolulu area with Ken's family. May 28 ushers in our 25 year anniversary! Oh Happy Days!

Praise the Lord with us for His grace, provision, and protection.

Special Project for Hallelujah Gospel Family:
Our gospel concerts have proven to be a very effective and innovative way to share the good news of Jesus Christ to thousands of Japanese for the past 13 years. It is now time to invest in concert equipment to the tune of $10,000. One donor has already given 25%. Would you prayerfully consider being part of the Japanese literally HEARING the gospel? Just follow the instructions below.

ONLINE via Internet: (you can make a commitments online): CHECK by Mail (see address below):
Payable to: Ken & Bola Taylor
Designate by writing: <Special Project #6417 901: HGF>

Ken and Bola Taylor

God's Love On Wheels (GLOW)

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