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The 'Sugar Tax' issue has hit the headlines again (it was the lead report on BBC news last night).

Public Health England published a report starting that EVERYONE eats too much sugar (not me guv).

So how much is too much? You should consume no more than 5% of your daily calorie intake from ALL sugars (not just added sugars).

So that's 100 calories per day for women and 125 calories per day for men...not much.

However, the UK Prime Minister has stated he doesn't want to introduce a tax on sugary products

Now I'm not party political at all, I think they're pretty much all idiots in the UK, but when a man who clearly has a weight problem has the power to virtually dictate how we approach obesity, we have a serious problem.

It's like letting an alcoholic decide whether to increase tax on alcoholic drinks.

Fear not, I am here to guide you on the path to healthy righteousness!

Sugar is a major issue, but only if you consume TOO MUCH, TOO OFTEN. Having the odd biscuit, piece of cake...or even soft drink WON'T make you fat.

But do that stuff too often and NO amount of exercise or salads will help you.

Everything in moderation.

Believe it or not, sugars (in the form of fruit) are allowed on the 10x10 Plus programme, and one of the nutrition plans allows carbs every day, so you could have sugar daily...but it won't be a lot and you're body will be able to deal with it.

Still not convinced? Well this is what one 10x10 Plus member wrote on her own Facebook business page this morning (she sells vegan beauty products).

"Still going with Transformations 10x10 , still losing weight, still toning up and still getting fitter."

If you want in, click the link and get your discounted membership. I won't be extending the discount beyond October. Once we're into November it'll be £50 per month, unless you do a 10x10 Challenge first, then it's £25 per month.

Or you could get the rest of this month, November and December for £50 by joining today.

NO-ONE ever lost weight or got fit by thinking about it.

Sean Dullaghan MP (Master Personal trainer)
Transformations Personal Training

P.s. I've got something really cool coming next week, but you'll need to be on Twitter to get it...oh and follow me @beachbootcamp

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