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3 July 2015


HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 25, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 11 new cases for week 25-2015, bringing the total to 204 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.

HIV breakthrough as Cuba becomes the first country in the world to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of the virus
Daily Mail, 1 July 2015
Cuba has successfully eliminated mother-to-child transmission of both HIV and syphilis. The World Health Organization has hailed it as one of the greatest public health achievements possible.

World Health Organization publishes analysis of impact of overly broad HIV criminalisation on public health
HIV Justice, 30 June 2015
A new report from the World Health Organization, Sexual health, human rights and the law, provides further evidence that HIV criminalisation can hinder fight against HIV epidemic.

HSE investigating rise in HIV amongst injecting drug users in Dublin
Yahoo News, 30 June 2015
The HSE has confirmed that an investigation has been launched and a special multidisciplinary incident team will investigate the reason behind the rise in the number of new cases.
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Fifteen drug users infected with HIV
Irish Examiner, 30 June 2015

London ‘chemsex’ parties face gay club scene with HIV fears
The Irish Times, 3 July 2015
Latest report on the MSM scene and chem sex in UK. One in every eight gay men in London is HIV positive, compared with one in every 26 in the rest of the UK, while nine of ten MSM newly infected with HIV reckon they got it through the use of drugs.
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HIV stigma, fear linger in UK as infection rates continue to rise
Economic Times, 2 July 2015

The drugs that protect people who have unprotected sex
BBC News, 3 July 2015
Experts from London University and Dean Street Clinic talk about PrEP and its role in HIV prevention for MSM who are into chem sex.

European Drug Report highlights limited LGBT treatment provision but growing chemsex concerns
London Friend, June 2015
London Friend LGBT charity comments on the new European Drug Report. You can read the full EMCDDA report here: European Drug Report 2015: Trends and Developments

Is It Time for the End of “AIDS”?
Poz, 1 July 2015
Two decades into the antiretroviral era, the often misused term “AIDS" has an awkward place in the dialogue about the HIV epidemic.

Positive Change
Positively UK, 30 June 2015
A new report on HIV treatment and care in UK highlights the existing and new challenges that people living with HIV are currently facing.

HIV stigma decreases with scale-up of HIV treatment
Aidsmap, 30 June 2015
According to a recent analysis on attitudes towards HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, large-scale HIV treatment can contribute to reduce stigma and prejudice in the general population.

People with HIV and HCV co-infection who have fibrosis stages F2 and above should be prioritised for new anti-HCV therapies
Aidsmap, 2 July 2015
People with HIV-HepC co-infection and liver fibrosis have a high risk of liver-related death and therefore should start combined ART therapy very early.

Longer secondary schooling reduces HIV risk, study finds
Medical News Today, 29 June 2015
A study carried out in developing countries suggests that secondary school education can substantially reduce the risk of HIV contraction, especially for young girls.

HIV capsid protein plays crucial role in the virus' life cycle
News Medical, 2 July 2015
Researchers at the University of Missouri are studying a key protein vital to the life cycle of the HIV virus.

Scientists Find Potential New HIV Therapy
NDTV, 2 July 2015
Scientists have discovered a way to block replication of the most common form of HIV at a key moment when the infection is just starting to develop.

Bristol-Myers to stop new antiviral drug research
Reuters, 25 June 2015
Bristol-Myers Squibb has announced that it would stop efforts to find new antiviral drugs and cut 100 related jobs. The company said it will also discontinue its Hepatitis B and HIV early programs.

Manufacturing deal wins China cheap supply of GSK's new HIV drug
Channel News Asia, 2 July 2015
China will receive cut-price supplies of GlaxoSmithKline's new HIV drug Tivicay, following a deal for Shanghai-based Desano Pharmaceuticals to become an additional manufacturer of the medicine's active ingredient.

Advocacy Groups Sue for Release of Clinical Trial Data for Hepatitis C Drugs
News Inferno, 30 June 2015
Two public health advocacy organizations have filed a lawsuit against the FDA for the release of clinical trial data that helped Gilead Sciences to win approval for the new Hepatitis C treatment.

The new detection method for a key drug resistant hepatitis C virus mutation
Medical Xpress, 29 June 2015
Researchers at Hiroshima University have developed an accurate method to detect drug resistant mutant strains of Hepatitis C.

Public health surveillance system may underestimate cases of acute hepatitis C infection
Medical Xpress, 29 June 2015
A new US study suggests that the system set up by the CDC to calculate the incidence of acute hepatitis C could be faulty and actually underestimate the figures. 

Sexual Health

Sex survey: eight out of ten say they didn't receive enough sex education
The Irish Times, 1 July 2015
Statistics from The Irish Times sex survey show that eight out of ten people who responded believe that sex education in Ireland is inadequate.
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