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11 November 2016




HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Weeks 43 and 44, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 17 new cases for weeks 43 and 44 - 2016, bringing the total to 436 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.

NHS loses court appeal over 'game-changing' HIV drugs
The Guardian, 10 November 2016
The Court of Appeal has ruled that NHS England has the power to fund PrEP for people at risk.
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Court of Appeal upholds judgement that NHS England has the legal power to fund PrEP
THT, 10 November 2016
Terence Higgins Trust Press Release.

The 13 NHS treatments at risk... because taxpayers face paying for controversial HIV drug
Daily Mail, 11 November 2016
The Court decision puts patients at the centre of a price war between a US drugs giant and the NHS, which warns that ‘excessively high pricing’ of the £4,000-a-year pill could put funding for 13 other treatments in doubt.

How has life with HIV changed?
BBC, 11 November 2016
Advances in treatment means that an HIV diagnosis in 2016 is very different to one at the height of the epidemic in the 1980s. George who's 22, and has only just been diagnosed, meets Edwin, who's 54, and was diagnosed 30 years ago.

Sexual transmission of HIV and the law: Caution advised
Medical News Today, 7 November 2016
Australian health experts have developed a consensus statement on prosecution of HIV transmission stating that criminal allegations should consider the best and updated medical and scientific knowledge of the virus.

Do people living with HIV who have an undetectable viral load need to wear condoms?
Aidsmap, 2 November 2016
Experts debate whether HIV positive people with low viral load should still wear condoms, with a wide majority in favour of the use of condoms combined with HIV treatment.

Grindr, Largest Gay Hookup App, Adds Fields for HIV Status, Undetectable, and PrEP Use
The Body, 9 November 2016
Grindr, a popular app for MSM, has announced the addition of optional HIV-related fields in user profiles, such as HIV status including undetectable, last HIV test date, and PrEP use.

HIV and Mental Health
The Body, 19 October 2016
Living with a chronic and stigmatised medical condition such as HIV can cause serious stress and depression, while opportunistic infections can also impact the brain and the nervous system.

Smoking may shorten the lifespan of people living with HIV more than HIV itself
Eureka Alert, 3 November 2016
A new US study has found that cigarette smoking substantially reduces the lifespan of people living with HIV. Only 15 percent of the general US adult population smokes cigarettes, while among people living with HIV the smoking rate is over 40 percent.

Muslim world in denial about HIV spread: expert
Dawn, 11 November 2016
The incidence of HIV is on the rise in the Muslim world, which is still living in denial.

Countries in Asia start to roll out PrEP
UNAIDS, 2 November 2016
The Thai Red Cross has started the provision of PrEP for HIV prevention.

This USB Stick Performs an HIV Test
Gizmodo, 10 November 2016
Scientists in the UK have developed a USB stick that can quickly and accurately measure the amount of HIV is in a patient’s blood.

Four days on, three days off HIV treatment controls viral load in French pilot study
Aidsmap, 3 November 2016
An experimental regime based on just four days a week treatment has kept the viral load low in HIV patients with an established suppressed viral load. This trial did not however involve people who had started treatment recently.

First month after infection is key period to control drug-related HIV spread, research reveals
News Medical, 9 November 2016
A study based on data collected in Russia and Ukraine shows that the first month after infection is key point to tackle HIV spread in drug-using populations. Needle exchange programmes and other 'harm reduction' approaches are the only measures that can target transmissions within this period of time.

Those Over 40 Are at Greater Risk of Kidney Function Decline on PrEP
Poz, 4 November 2016
A new analysis suggests that more frequent safety monitoring may be advisable for older people taking Truvada for HIV prevention.

New 20-Minute Screening Test Identifies HIV Neurocognitive Disorder
The Body, 2 November 2016
A 20-minute computer screening test has 100% sensitivity and 98% specificity for identifying symptomatic HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder. This test could help HIV health professionals more readily identify patients with mild or advanced neuropsychological problems.

Pneumococcal infections decrease in patients with suppressed HIV
Healio, 7 November 2016
According to a retrospective study, pneumococcal infections among HIV patients with a low viral load have decreased significantly in recent years. Researchers suggest changing vaccination strategies from a systematic approach to a more targeted strategy.

Global HIV Treatment Options, Attributes, Market Positioning, Reimbursement Landscape & New Drug Pricing 2012-2021 - Research and Markets
Yahoo Finance, 9 November 2016
HIV Drugs Price Analysis and Strategies 2016 report provides international drug pricing data and benchmarks in the global HIV market.


Sexual Health

Classroom-based sex education programmes largely ineffectual, but incentives to stay at school can help
Medical News Today, 10 November 2016
A global review of school-based interventions for preventing HIV, STIs and pregnancy in adolescents shows that sex education programmes have no impact in lowering numbers of young people affected, although staying on at school can reduce pregnancy and some STIs.


Sex Work
The Problem with Criminalizing Sex Workers’ Clients
Open Society, 10 November 2016
Kate McGrew, of Sex Workers Alliance Ireland, talks about criminalisation, sex workers’ safety and and human rights.
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European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week
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