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21 August 2015



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 33, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 13 new cases for week 33-2015, bringing the total to 270 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.

HIV diagnosis still prompts thoughts of suicide
Health 24, 24 August 2015
Despite the fact that HIV is no longer a killer, the stigma associated with the virus remains high. About one in 10 people living with HIV reports feeling suicidal.

Getting closure from disclosure
The Outmost, 26 August 2015
For a new generation of HIV positive men, disclosure remains a controversial topic. In a searingly honest essay, Andy Kane recounts his experiences of opening up to potential partners.

'Send him home!': Reaction as HIV positive Malawi national pleads to stay in Coventry
Coventry Telegraph, 24 August 2015
An HIV positive man from Malawi currently residing in Coventry is appealing against a Home Office decision to deport him. The man is afraid that he would be put in prison for being gay if sent back to his home country.

'You played Russian roulette with her health, if not her life'. Man jailed after infecting his partner with HIV
Wales Online, 28 August 2015
A Cardiff man has been sentenced to 27 months for causing grievous bodily harm.

Anna Nolan: I'll never forget the awful day my good pal Scott was diagnosed with HIV
The Herald, 24 August 2015
‘I remember when the very first person said to me "I'm HIV positive". I actually didn't know what to say. I just hugged him and he laughed at me.’

The Trouble with Tina: A Conversation about Meth with Adam Carrico
Beta Blog, 12 August 2015
A health researcher at the University of California talks about meth use among gay men living with HIV.

HIV-treatment 'booster drugs' are most likely to have dangerous interactions with methamphetamine, mephedrone, MDMA and ketamine
Aidsmap, 24 August 2015
The drugs involved in HIV treatment most likely to have dangerous interactions with recreational and chemsex drugs are those that do not have direct anti-HIV effects themselves but are used to boost other drugs - ritonavir (Norvir) and cobicistat (Tybost).

High rate of mental health issues found among some PEP users
CATIE, 25 August 2015
A study carried out on a Boston community clinic showed a high rate of mental issues among people who sought PEP. As people with mental issues are more likely to engage in risky behaviour, the researchers urged PEP prescribers to also provide treatment or referral for these people in order to reduce the chances of risky behaviour and HIV infection.

Few gay teenage boys get tested for HIV
Medical Xpress, 26 August 2015
HIV rates are increasing among young MSM, but only one in five gay male teenagers have been tested for the virus, according to findings of a study by Northwestern University and the Center for Innovative Public Health Research.

Victory for HIV-Positive Foreign Prisoners in Botswana Court of Appeal
AllAfrica, 26 August 2015
The Botswana Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal against a 2014 decision of the High Court, reaffirming the government's legal obligation to provide foreign prisoners with ART at government expense.

Study: HIV particles do not directly cause AIDS, immune cell response does
Yahoo News, 27 August 2015
According to researchers, the progression from HIV infection to AIDS is caused not by the virus's direct effect on immune cells, but by the effect of infected immune cells on other immune cells.

Strong on the Outside, Safe on the Inside
Poz, 20 August 2015
The Network Empowerment Project is supporting the creation and strengthening of local and state resources for people living with HIV in the US.

Ageing and HIV: a positive persons' perspective
HIV Scotland, August 2015
A man talks in his own words about his life with HIV, as he approaches 50. He sets out some of his concerns, hopes and questions.

HIV testing among older adults is declining, despite CDC recommendation
Science Daily, 26 August 2015
In 2006 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that most doctors should automatically screen all their patients, including older adults, for HIV even if they don't exhibit any symptoms. New research finds that despite this recommendation, testing among older adults has largely fallen over time.

Chinese scientists find anti-HIV components in Schisandra chinensis
En People CN, 26 August 2015
Chinese scientists have found that the derivatives of Schisandra chinensis have strong anti-HIV activity and low toxicity.

New similarities between Leukemia and AIDS discovered by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers
Medical News Today, 26 August 2015
The discovery of similarities between Leukemia and HIV might hold the key to developing a clinical solution to prevent and destroy the virus.

New ring can diagnose sexually transmitted diseases in a single test
Medical News Today, 24 August 2015
The portable medical device called Hoope is a ring that is placed in the thumb, contains a disposable cartridge with a retractable needle for single use and sends the data to a smartphone in less than a minute



Brits are still confused about STIs – nearly 10% think chlamydia is a flower
Metro UK, 20 August 2015
A new study has revealed that the average Brit is still confused by the name, the symptoms and the consequences of sexually transmitted infections; with many getting the names of STIs confused with everyday objects.

Can we ensure adherence to STI treatment guidelines in a world threatened by antimicrobial resistance?
BMJ, 27 July 2015
Recent UK health guidelines have commissioned GPs to provide a certain level of STIs screening and care. A new study examines the impact of these guidelines on the treatment of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.
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