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14 August 2015


HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 31, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 2 new cases for week 31-2015, bringing the total to 228 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.

Voluntary Antenatal HIV Screening in Ireland 2014
HPSC, 11 August 2015
This report provides data from the antenatal HIV screening programme carried out in Ireland in 2014. The figures were retrieved from various sources provided by 17 maternity hospitals.

Preventing HIV - new approaches to an ongoing problem
PHE, 12 August 2015
Crucial interventions are: testing, targeting specific groups more at risk, prevention through various tools (condoms, TasP, PrEP), and funding to create an effective network of services.

Briefing paper on PrEP
Nam, July 2015
This document provides an overview of pre-exposure prophylaxis to people involved in HIV prevention.

I'm undetectable. Do I have to disclose to a hook-up?
HIV Plus Mag, 12 August 2015
For some people, the answer depends on whether you're asking from a legal standpoint or a moral one.

7 Ways the Gay Community Is Failing Our Youth on HIV
Advocate, 12 August 2015
A new research analysis carried out in the US reports that young people ages 13 to 24 now account for a quarter of new HIV infections, with only 7 percent of youth in the study reaching undetectable viral levels after diagnosis.

People with hepatitis B can safely use Truvada PrEP for HIV prevention
Aidsmap, 14 August 2015
A new study shows that it is safe to use PrEP for people infected with Hepatitis B. Patients did not experience any adverse events and researchers concluded that PrEP can be safely offered to persons with Hepatitis B if there is no evidence of cirrhosis.

Third of people with HIV who use drugs intentionally miss doses of HIV treatment when planning to use drugs
Aidsmap, 12 August 2015
This study involved HIV positive people who were using drugs. A third of them reported missing their treatment because of beliefs about potential interaction between ART, drugs and alcohol. 

Scotland accepts HIV drug Rezolsta
Pharma Phorum, 11 August 2015
HIV treatment Rezolsta by Janssen has been accepted for use in NHS Scotland. The new drug - launched in UK last year – offers an alternative for patients unable to tolerate the side effects of other treatments.

Top five concerns people with HIV have about ageing
HIV Scotland, 12 August 2015
Infographics from the Positive Persons' Forum, the annual national conference for people living with HIV in Scotland.

FDA approval for Cipla’s child-friendly HIV drug formulation
Asian Scientist, 12 August 2015
A pharma company based in India has received FDA approval for a child-friendly formulation of anti-retroviral drugs. The medication is formulated as pellets designed to be sprinkled on baby food.

HIV/AIDS prevention classes, now coming to a Chinese school near you
Wall Street Journal, 12 August 2015
China has introduced HIV prevention education in schools.

Russia's State Duma supports mandatory HIV testing before marriage
The Moscow Times, 12 August 2015
The State Duma's health care committee is supporting a proposal for mandatory HIV testing for couples who want to get married.

Russia considers ban on imported condoms
HIV Plus Mag, 13 August 2015
Foreign-made condoms, X-ray machines, and other medical equipment may be next in the list of barred purchases in Russia. The ban would not prevent shops from selling foreign-condoms but it would prevent the state from buying and distributing them.

Large percentage of youth with HIV may lack immunity to measles, mumps, rubella
Eureka Alert, 12 August 2015
Between one-third and one-half of individuals in the United States who got infected with HIV around the time of birth may not have sufficient immunity to ward off measles, mumps, and rubella--even though they may have been vaccinated against these diseases.

We can eliminate HIV by 2030. Regular testing is a crucial part of the solution
The Guardian, 10 August 2015
HIV prevention scientist Jessica Justman talks about the outcomes of the AIDS Conference in Vancouver and about the proposed target: By 2020, 90% of all HIV-positive people will be diagnosed, 90% of those tested positive will be on treatment, and 90% of those treated will have viral suppression. See the UNAIDS document here:
90-90-90 - An ambitious treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic

First self-injectable HIV antibody
RD Mag, 11 August 2015
According to the producers, the injectable has documented a 98% success rate in a clinical trial and some patients are experiencing a suppressed viral load for nearly a year. However, it is only effective against R5-exclusive virus, which is present in 85% of early-stage patients and 50% of late-stage patients.


Be hepatitis aware and ‘get tested’
Birmingham Newsroom, 12 August 2015
PHE West Midlands, Birmingham City Council and the Hepatitis C Trust are raising awareness of hepatitis and promoting the message for people to ‘get tested’.

Hepatitis C infection may damage heart too
Economic Times, 12 August 2015
People infected with the hepatitis C virus are already known to be at risk for liver damage, but results of a new study now shows that hepatitis C may also give heart problems. 

Hepatitis increasingly goes hand in hand with heroin abuse
Yahoo News, 12 August 2015
Public health agencies and drug treatment clinics in US counties are fighting a massive rise in cases of hepatitis C, an epidemic they reckon is mainly caused by an increase in heroin use.


POLL: Should Ireland open supervised injection centres for drug use?
Newstalk, 29 July 2015
Vote in order to see the results of the poll.

We need to bring new options to drugs debate, says Ó'Ríordáin
Newstalk, 29 July 2015
Drugs strategy minister has hosted a meeting in Dublin to discuss ideas on battling Ireland's drugs problems.

B.C. study finds making methadone accessible slashes HIV transmission
City News Canada, 10 August 2015
A new study has found that injecting drug users who were not prescribed methadone were four times more likely to become HIV-positive. The researchers say that people who can easily obtain methadone treatment are less likely to engage in risky behaviours associated with HIV transmission.



Too embarrassed to see a doc? Now you can test for almost any STI from your bedroom
The Journal, 9 August 2015
Dublin-based Let’s Get Checked has launched an online service supplying STI-test kits. The kits, which start from €50, can be ordered online and arrive in unmarked packages with instructions to complete the urine, blood or swab tests. In case the test comes back positive, clients are directed to go to their GP or put in touch with a local clinic.

Welcome to the 'Condom-inium': Stay in this Ibiza apartment for FREE for a week - if you don't mind sleeping in a bed covered with safe sex messages and STI statistics
Daily Mail, 6 August 2015
The two-bedroom 'Sexual Health Condom-inium' has been created by health and beauty retailer Superdrug to warn young people about STIs. According to a recent survey, more than a third of people under 35 have had unprotected sex while on holiday, with a 24 percent subsequently contracting an STI.

Why aren't young people using condoms?
UK Independent, 7 August 2015
UK: 15 per cent of under-25s reported having unprotected sex with two or more partners in the last year. Is it a lack of fear for STIs or the perceived loss of sexual pleasure that's putting them off using condoms?
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Free HIV testing
clinic at HIV Ireland

The next HIV and STI testing clinic at HIV Ireland takes place on Wednesday 26th August.  This is a free, walk-in service.  For more details and further testing dates see

GMHS Outreach Clinic
The Gay Men’s Health Service outreach testing clinic takes place in Outhouse LGBT Community Centre on the third Saturday of every month.  The next clinic date is Saturday 15th August, doors open 1:30pm.

GUIDE Clinic

Free HIV and STI testing at the GUIDE Clinic, St. James’s Hospital every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  See more at

GMHS Clinic
Free HIV and STI testing at the Gay Men’s Health Service Clinic (GMHS) every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  See more at


Free Condoms @ HIV Ireland
HIV Ireland offers a free condoms service.  Drop into our offices during opening hours for your free condoms, and follow our social media STIs prevention campaign at

Training for Trainers
‘Let’s Talk About…Safer Sex’ four-day training for trainers programme commences on 29th September 2015.  More information at

Personal Development Course
Free Personal Development Course for gay and bisexual men commences on 8th September.  Brought to you by the Gay Health Network as part of the Man2Man Programme.  For more information email


Join the Just Carry One campaign and promote safer sex at


Stigma Experiences:
Gay Men living with HIV

Queens University Belfast are conducting a study that aims to explore stigma in gay men living with HIV, and how this influences well-being and management of HIV medication.  Participation in the study is in the form of an online questionnaire available here:



Hepatitis C - Know the Facts
New information leaflet on Hepatitis C published – available to view and download at Email for hard copies.



An information website on Hepatitis C including information on testing, services and resources:

HIV and Sexual Health Helpline

Freephone or email the HIV and sexual health helpline for confidential support and information.

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