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8 April 2016



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Weeks 12 and 13, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 20 new cases for weeks 12 and 13 - 2016, bringing the total to 142 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.

HIV cases up by 75% this year, HSE report finds
The Irish Times, 5 April 2016
Latest figures provided by the HPSC show a significant increase in the number of people diagnosed with HIV, as well as in the number of syphilis cases.
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Worrying new figures reveal number of people diagnosed with HIV jumps 25pc
Irish Independent, 6 April 2016

Dublin drag queen turns pub into HIV-Aids testing centre
The Guardian, 8 April 2016
The Panti Bar will offer a rapid HIV test and the help of trained councillors in order to support the most vulnerable sections of the MSM community in Ireland.

European ChemSex Forum
The European ChemSex Forum 206 will be held on 6-8 April at Congress Centre in London. The Forum will focus on chemsex trends across Europe and on good practice and effective responses in order to ensure the sexual health and wellbeing of MSM.
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ECSF 2916 Programme
What you need to know about chemsex
Royal College of Physicians Membership Magazine, April 2016
The Royal College of Physicians has published an online commentary on how doctors should approach chemsex and sexual health.

Tinder condom ads use AIDS as the punchline
NZ Herald, 6 April 2016
A condom company has launched a series of controversial ads featuring sexual diseases as Tinder profiles.

The Department Of Health Doesn’t Know Who’s Responsible For The HIV Prevention Drug
Buzzfeed, 1 April 2016
This article investigates the commissioning of PrEP in UK. While NHS England claims that providing PrEP is local authorities’ responsibility, the local authorities say that a wide distribution of the HIV prevention drug is not councils’ responsibility.

Simple outreach on dating websites increases HIV testing rate
Positive Living, 6 April 2016
US researchers have conducted a comparative trial on online sites and forums, creating a health educator public profile and posting about the importance of HIV testing, his availability to help and information on testing services availability. After the intervention, the researchers found a significant increase in HIV testing in the target group.

Gay men follow HIV prevention regimen, if MDs prescribe it
Reuters, 6 April 2016
Researchers have found that adherence to PrEP medications among MSM is higher than expected if they are supported by healthcare providers.

What does the PrEP decision mean for heterosexuals?
NAT, 1 April 2016
NHS recent decision on PrEP is going to affect not only the MSM community, but also heterosexual people at risk, especially those from black African communities.

What Is Chronic Inflammation and Why Is It Such a Big Deal for People With HIV?
Poz, 5 April 2016
Chronic inflammation is linked to various diseases and, in HIV positive people, the virus can further increase this condition. While researchers are reviewing various methods to tackle this problem, here are some advice to fight chronic inflammation and its potentially harmful effects.

Can Offering Incentives to Test Increase HIV and STI Testing Rates?
The Body, Spring 2016
This article analyses the use of monetary and non-monetary incentives to encourage people to get tested.

Attempts to wipe out HIV with the CRISPR gene editor only made it stronger
Business Insider, 8 April 2016
The HIV virus has proved once again to be able to mutate and survive. A new international study has found that the virus can quickly develop resistance to the promising gene editing tool CRISPR, also known as molecular Swiss army knife.



Ireland is the biggest user of legal highs in Europe as their growth shows 'no signs of a slowdown'
The Journal, 4 April 2016
According to a new study on the ongoing trends of supply and distribution of illicit drugs across Europe, Irish teenagers and young adults are the biggest users of psychoactive drugs in the EU.



Using saliva as lube can cause rectal gonorrhea
Beta Blog, 4 April 2016
A new study provides evidence that saliva from a person with a pharyngeal gonorrhoea infection may substantially increase risk for rectal infections when that partner’s saliva is used as a lubricant during anal sex.



Some GPs refuse to treat trans people ‘because of their Christian beliefs’, specialist warns
Pink News, 5 April 2016
In a number of cases GPs cited concerns about ‘danger’, difficulties, and their religious beliefs as reasons to not treat transgender patients.


Sex Work

France passes law making it illegal to pay for sex
The Guardian, 7 April 2016
Anyone caught soliciting will be fined and required to attend classes on the harms of prostitution, and a second offence will be put on the person’s criminal records.


Other Articles

Northern Irish woman given suspended sentence over self-induced abortion
The Guardian, 4 April 2016
The young woman bought abortion inducing pills over the internet as she could not afford to travel to England for the termination, and she was later reported by her housemates.

Calls for reform of abortion laws following conviction of woman in Northern Ireland
Newstalk, 5 April 2016
Campaigners are calling for the decriminalisation of abortion in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
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