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29 January 2016



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Weeks 3, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 12 new cases for week 3-2016, bringing the total to 31 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.
Swipe right for an HIV test! Tinder adds sexual health locator after criticism
Pink News, 27 January 2016
Online dating site Tinder has rolled out a new "Health Safety" section on their website after the AIDS Healthcare Foundation launched an ad campaign last fall, linking the dating app with STIs.
HIV drug resistance on the rise, pressure for new treatment development
ABC News, 29 January 2016
According to a new study, HIV is becoming resistant to treatment with Tenofovir. Researchers have found that HIV strains in Africa are much more resistant to the drug than are strains in Europe, due to improper or inconsistent use.
This California community set out to test everyone over 12 for HIV — here's what happened
Tech Insider, 26 January 2015
In 2012, the California Coachella Valley developed a HIV testing plan opening dozens of testing locations through the Get Tested program. Here are the results of this campaign.
Gay Men Are Using Condoms Less, But Their Use Varies Based on Context
Poz, 22 January 2016
Surveys carried out in the US show that condom use is declining among men who have sex with men. But there is also evidence that MSM use condoms at considerably variable rates depending on various factors such as HIV status, the kind of relationship, and sexual roles.
HIV exposure law unjustly applies sex offender status, advocates say
Nola – The Times Picayune, 29 January 2016
The "exposure to AIDS virus" law was drafted in 1987 and it is now “medically archaic and dangerous for public health” as it actually discourages people from getting tested.
Decision to charge man with spitting 'HIV-infected saliva' under fire
NZ Herald, 29 January 2016
The decision to charge a man with spitting "HIV-infected saliva" at police officers has come under fire, as a leading advocacy group says it stigmatises people with the illness and "perpetuates ignorance".
Military appeals courts confront sexual activity by HIV-positive troops
The News & Observer, 29 January 2016
HIV-positive airmen who had unprotected sex were initially charged with aggravated assault. Military prosecutors and defence lawyers are now discussing the legal guidelines applicable to sexual activity among HIV-positive troops.
NY Gov. Cuomo Is Fighting the Laws Preventing Teens From Getting Treatment for HIV
Policy Mic, 21 January 2016
Under New York state law, teens need their parents' permission to get treatment for HIV or to get on HIV-prevention medication. Outlined in the governor's 2016 policy book, the new laws would eliminate the parental consent requirement for HIV-positive teens in need of treatment and for at-risk teens who want to get on PrEP.
#AskTyler: What if He's HIV-Positive and Didn't Tell Me?
Gay, 11 January 2016
Advice on dating and sexual health, HIV status, disclosure and prevention.
The Truth About Dating With HIV
The Advocate, 26 January 2016
“Your status isn’t a deep dark secret or something to hide. But acting as if it is will most assuredly scare away anyone who is unsure about dating you. Living with HIV can be difficult, but only if you listen to other people’s opinions and beliefs of what it’s supposed to be like. ”
HIV Patients Can Live Normal, Healthy Lives Despite The Stigma
The Huffington Post, 27 January 2016
People living with HIV still face challenges when it comes to dealing with stigma and self-esteem. For someone newly diagnosed with HIV here are a few key points to remember.
People taking a large number of non-HIV-related medications more likely to stop or change HIV drugs
Aidsmap, 27 January 2016
Ageing people living with HIV are more likely to have age-associated co-morbidities that require taking a large number of medications. This polypharmacy can affect adherence to HIV treatment.
HIV persists in the body despite effective antiretroviral therapy
News Medical, 28 January 2016
A team of international scientists has found that HIV is still replicating in lymphoid tissue, even when it is undetectable in the blood of patients on antiretroviral drugs. The findings provide a critical new perspective on how HIV persists in the body despite potent antiretroviral therapy.
See also:
Study: HIV can hide and grow in ‘sanctuaries’ in body after it’s undetectable in blood
Washington Post, 27 January 2016
Gilead Faces Fights Over Hepatitis C and HIV Drugs
New York Times, 27 January 2016
The attorney general of Massachusetts had opened an inquiry into whether Gilead Sciences had violated state consumer protection laws by charging too much for its hepatitis C drugs.
New PrEP studies will be a challenge, statisticians warn
Aidsmap, 26 January 2016
Two statisticians involved in two Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis trials warn that future trials to test new PrEP drugs and formulations may be extremely difficult to design. Researchers will need to choose and analyse their trial population very carefully if they wish to be able to demonstrate meaningful results.
Trial finds weekly injections suppress HIV viral load for ‘up to 17 months’
Pink News, 28 January 2016
A Pharmaceutical company has announced that a once-a-week injection can offer a “complete viral-load suppression” for up to seventeen months. While still at the trial stage, an ongoing extension study of PRO 140 monotherapy, including a trial of 23 patients, has proven hopeful for a replacement to daily combination therapy.
Why can’t current drugs cure HIV infection?
Tufts Now, 29 January 2016
John Coffin, American Cancer Society Professor of Molecular Biology at Tufts School of Medicine and Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, explains the HIV virus and its spreading in the human body.
HIV protein manipulates hundreds of genes to advance progression into AIDS, study shows
Medical Xpress, 27 January 2016
US researchers have deciphered how a small protein made by the HIV virus manipulates human genes to further its deadly agenda.
Model suggests HIV vaccine still has key role in ending AIDS
Aidsmap, 25 January 2016
According to a new study, even a modestly effective HIV vaccine would likely be cost-effective and could make a major contribution to a sustainable response to the global HIV epidemic, especially in combination with prompt initiation of antiretroviral therapy and PrEP.
A European Alliance dedicated to accelerating new concepts in HIV Vaccine research
Eureka Alert, 26 January 2016
The European Commission has granted over 22 million Euros to the European HIV Vaccine Alliance to develop a multidisciplinary platform to evaluate novel preventive and therapeutic vaccines.


Sexual Health

Condom machine activated by a breathalyser introduced in bid to stop Brits having drunken sex
Irish Mirror, 26 January 2016
The 'Johnny Be Good' vending machine has been installed in a pub and will only dispense condoms to those who can prove they're sober.


Sex Work

Sex workers face jail time under new legislation, warns alliance
The Irish Times, 23 January 2016
SWAI has warned that sex workers could be jailed for working together indoors for safety reasons under new legislation. Speaking at the Fine Gael Ard Fheis, activist Kate McGrew said that under new legislation a client does not face a prison sentence while a sex worker can be criminalised.

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