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13 May 2016



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Weeks 18, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 11 new cases for week 18 2016, bringing the total to 197 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.

National increase in HIV and STIs among men who have sex with men in Ireland
HSPC, May 2016
Preliminary review of surveillance data suggests that there has been a significant increase in HIV and STIs among MSM in Ireland.

European ChemSex Forum report
Results from the European ChemSex Forum, held last April in London. Data from recent UK studies show that the increasing chemsex trend can be a contributory factor to HIV in the MSM community.

3 Things You Need to Know about Meth and Sex
HIV Plus Mag, 11 May 2016
The expert-author of ‘Lust, Men, and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Recovery’ gives detailed information Methamphetamine, a drug widely used by young gay and bi men.

Disturbing new trend sees teens risking HIV at 'sex roulette' parties
Irish Independent, 13 May 2016
A dangerous new trend has emerged in Barcelona that sees teenagers having unprotected sex at parties where at least one unidentified HIV carrier joins the group.

Eradicating HIV IS possible: As Denmark all but eliminates the virus, experts reveal the simple solution - treatment!
Daily Mail, 11 May 2016
Experts say that the factors contributing to Denmark’s success include country’s universal healthcare system and the availability of free treatment for all people who have been infected with HIV.

Is the UK meeting its national guidelines for HIV testing of MSM?
9 May, 2016
Current testing levels for MSM are consistently not reaching the levels recommended by national guidelines. Researchers therefore highlight the importance of reducing the barriers to HIV testing.

HIV testing during early infection may reduce new cases in high-risk communities
Medical Xpress, 12 May 2016
Findings from a new study carried out in San Diego suggest that detecting HIV earlier, through screening programs that can identify the virus shortly after infection, may lead to lower rates of HIV transmission in local communities.

Transmitted drug resistance: The other side to the PrEP failure case we’re not talking about
Beta Blog, 2 May 2016
The first man who acquired HIV while on PrEP got infected with a virus resistant to three classes of HIV medications. Experts reckon that the person who transmitted this multi-drug resistant strain of HIV may have been failing a commonly prescribed four-drug combination pill. This raises concerns about adherence and switching medications.

Small risk of sexual transmission of HIV persists through first six months of ART
Aidsmap, 10 May 2016
A study involving over 1,500 serodiscordant heterosexual couples shows that - even though the initiation of treatment was accompanied by a drop in the risk of transmission - the risk persisted during the first six months of treatment. No transmissions were observed once patients had been taking treatment for over six months.

5 Reasons it Might Be Time to Switch Meds
HIV Plus Mag, 10 May 2016
HIV specialist gives advice on which factors to take in consideration while choosing a treatment in order to get the maximum outcome with the minimal amount of unnecessary side-effects.

Is PORN the key to safer sex? Gay men are 'more likely to use condoms if they see them used in pornography'
Daily Mail, 3 May 2016
A new study has revealed that gay men who watch porn where condoms are used are more likely to practise safe sex. Experts reckon that porn industry can play 'important role' in encouraging condom use.

These Apps offer peace of mind on HIV
Advocate, 11 May 2016
Dating apps have the potential to connect HIV positive men who experience isolation and stigma and share information on prevention and on living with HIV.
See also:
Talking HIV on apps – mind your language
Beyond Positive
Stigma and language on social media.

Dean Street clinic hit with £180,000 fine after leaking list of HIV patients
Pink News, 9 May 2016
Staff error at 56 Dean Street’s clinic revealed the names and email addresses of 780 people living with HIV.

This ‘HIV scare’ story reads like something out of a 1980s tabloid
Pink News, 9 May 2016
How media reports can contribute to HIV stigma.

New report shows HIV criminalisation is a growing, global concern but advocates are fighting back
HIV Justice, 10 May 2016
A new report shows that HIV criminalisation is a growing, global phenomenon. Advocates all over the world are campaigning for the criminal laws in regard of HIV transmission to take in consideration up-to-date science and legal and human rights.

Men taking virologically suppressive ART have undetectable HIV in their pre-ejaculatory fluid
Aidsmap, 11 May 2016
A study has found that even when low levels of HIV virus are present in the semen of men with undetectable viral load in their blood, HIV is still not found in pre-ejaculatory fluid.

Study identifies mutations that promote HIV-1 infection in the brain
Medical Xpress, 9 May 2016
Recent studies have shown a rise in the number of people living wit HIV who experience minor cognitive and neurological symptoms. Identifying the mechanisms related to viral infection in the central nervous system could lead to more effective therapies for preventing HIV-related neurocognitive disorders.

HIV antibody therapy looks promising
Medical News Today, 9 May 2016
A recent research for a new treatment for HIV is based on a novel approach in the form of a lasting immunotherapy triggering an infected person's immune system in order to produce antibodies against HIV and clear it from the body.

Can We Say Goodbye to the Word AIDS?
Beta Blog, 5 May 2016
‘What do we lose by freeing ourselves from the word AIDS – or, what might we have to gain? It’s a question provoked by advances in HIV treatment and care and changes in the way that people live with and experience HIV and AIDS’.

Canada pledges $785-million to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria
The Globe and Mail, 9 May 2016
Canada will donate $785-million over the 2017-19 period to an international fund aimed at fighting HIV/AIDS along with tuberculosis and malaria.
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