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16 March 2017



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Week 10, 2017
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 15 new cases for week 10 - 2017, bringing the total to 106 HIV new notifications for 2017 to date.

The HIV Care Cascade and sub-analysis of those linked to but not retained in care: the experience from a tertiary HIV referral service in Dublin Ireland
Tandfonline, March 2017
The HIV Care Cascade model used for this study can measure how clinical services align with United Nations’ HIV treatment targets. Previous models have highlighted sequential losses at each step of the Cascade with a significant proportion being not retained in care (NRIC).

Online ‘virtual counselling’ service launches for gay men struggling with drugs and chemsex
Pink News, 13 March 2017
Terrence Higgins Trust and London Friend have launched an online counselling service for gay and bisexual men to get support around drugs, sex and alcohol. The charities hope that the online service will make it easier for men in rural areas to access support.

University of Alberta to study effectiveness of HIV testing in pharmacies
Calgary Sun, 14 March 2017
A new University of Alberta study aims to find out whether offering HIV testing in a pharmacy might encourage more people to get checked for infection.

Studies look at brain and cognitive changes in people with HIV as they age
Aidsmap, 14 March 2017
This study has examined the connection between ageing and neurocognitive performance over time, comparing older and younger people on ART. Researchers have also compared the progression of cognitive decline in HIV positive people and HIV negative people, and in HIV positive women compared to HIV positive men.

Another Leading HIV Organization Endorses Undetectable = Untransmittable
HIV Plus Mag, 13 March 2017
NAM AIDSMap has joined the growing list of health experts and organisations around the world to endorse the Undetectable Equals Untransmittable Consensus Statement.

Hospitals in Ankara refuse to admit HIV-infected pregnant girl with mental disabilities to give birth
Hurriyet Daily News, 14 March 2017
Hospitals said the girl has been turned away because she was underage and “risked infecting hospital staff with HIV.”

Drug Use No Longer Main Cause of HIV in Russia – Expert
The Moscow Times, 15 March 2017
Alexander Semyonov, head of the immunology and virology lab at the St. Petersburg Pasteur Institute, has told the TASS news agency that the disease is increasingly being spread via sexual contact.

Is HIV hiding in your brain? MRI scans can identify virus from changes to white matter
International Business Times, 13 March 2017
HIV can persist in the brain of patients, even when the disease is kept under control by effective treatments. A new study has shown that doctors can spot the presence of the virus in the brain on MRI scans, identifying changes to people's white matter.

Several new candidates in HIV drug pipeline discussed at conference
Aidsmap, 15 March 2017
CROI 2017: Although modern antiretroviral therapy is highly effective and well tolerated by most people living with HIV, having more available drugs that work in different ways offers more options for putting together optimal regimens.

Early adherence to ART key to long-term virological outcomes
Aidsmap, 14 March 2017
A study has found that HIV patients who took all or nearly all their doses in the first four months after initiating ART were four times more likely to have prolonged viral suppression in up to 12 years of follow-up, compared to people who frequently missed doses. Findings also showed the importance of maintaining high levels of adherence during long-term therapy.

How To Survive A Plague: The Story of How Activists and Scientists Tamed AIDS
Science Focus, 14 March 2017
Extract from the book ‘How To Survive A Plague’: author David France explores the ground-breaking collaboration between activists and researchers to contain the AIDS epidemic.


Nightclubs could soon provide free drug testing so users can check 'purity' of substances
Irish Independent, 12 March 2017
Nightclubs could soon provide free drug testing so users can check the 'purity' of substances bought from dealers. The aim is to reduce the risk of accidental death by ensuring drugs such as cocaine and MDMA do not contain other potentially lethal ingredients.



Sex Health Crisis: Sexual health clinics are ‘buckling under the pressure’ as rates of STIs soar
The Sun, 14 March 2017
Sexual health clinics are under an increasing amount of pressure as services are cut while rates of syphilis and gonorrhoea have risen 76 per cent and 53 per cent respectively between 2012 and 2015.

Spike in syphilis among newborns driven by broader epidemic
Medical Xpress, 6 March 2017
The Central Valley region in California has seen an unprecedented spike in congenital syphilis over the last few years. It's part of an overall rise in syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases across California and the nation.

Norway hit by spike in gonorrhoea cases
The Local, 15 March 2017
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has released a report showing a fivefold increase in gonorrhoea over the last ten years.

Confidentiality issues impact use of STD services for youth
Medical Xpress, 13 March 2017
A CDC report shows that, for teenagers and young adults in the US, confidentiality-related concerns are associated with less use of sexual health care services.
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National HIV Stigma Survey
Living with HIV in Ireland? Share your voice and your experiences in the National HIV Stigma Survey at


Dublin Pride Run 2017

The annual Dublin Pride Run takes place on Friday 16th June 2017 in the Phoenix Park.  This year funds are being raised to support the work of HIV Ireland, Outhouse and ShoutOut.  Registration is now open at




Free HIV testing
clinic at HIV Ireland

The next HIV and STI testing clinic at HIV Ireland takes place on Wednesday 22nd March 2017.  This is a free, walk-in service.  For more details and further testing dates see

GMHS Outreach Clinic
The Gay Men’s Health Service outreach testing clinic takes place in Outhouse LGBT Community Centre on the third Saturday of every month.  The next clinic date is Saturday 18 March 2017. Doors open 1:30 pm.


Free Rapid HIV testing @ GMHS

Free rapid HIV testing now available at a new Monday clinic at the Gay Men’s Health Service, Baggot Street Hospital, Dublin 4.  Clinic times: 2pm to 4pm.  Drop-in service.  Full STI screening also included.

GUIDE Clinic

Free HIV and STI testing at the GUIDE Clinic, St. James’s Hospital every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  See more at

Online Testing Locator Map
Find your nearest HIV and STI testing clinic with this handy locator map at  All testing services at these clinics are free of charge.


Free Condoms @ HIV Ireland
HIV Ireland offers a free condoms service.  Drop into our offices during opening hours for your free condoms, and follow our social media STIs prevention campaign at

Chlamydia booklet

HIV Ireland recently published a new information booklet about Chlamydia.  The publication is supported by the Union of Students in Ireland, and the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme.  The booklet can be viewed at

Gettin’ It On

HIV Ireland has re-published this popular guide to using condoms correctly.  Complete with a fresh new design, Gettin’ It On can be viewed at

Join the Just Carry One campaign and promote safer sex at

A harm reduction information campaign about Snow Blow and HIV.  More information at

Had Unprotected Sex?

A handy web-enabled infographic highlighting the dual risk of contracting STIs and/or experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and signposting to key services and information.  View the infographic at’

The joint Gay Health Network and HSE campaign promoting HIV prevention and sexual health awareness for men who have sex with men in Ireland.  Learn more at


HIV and Sexual Health Helpline

Freephone or email the HIV and sexual health helpline for confidential support and information.
Gay Switchboard Ireland
Gay Switchboard Ireland volunteers are trained to take your calls on HIV and sexual health.  Lines open 7 days a week.  See more at
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