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2 September 2016




HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Week 34, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 11 new cases for week 34 - 2016, bringing the total to 353 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.

Should a gay man tell his doctor he has sex with lots of men?
Daily Xtra, 26 August 2016
Honest communication with an informed and sympathetic health professional is extremely important for the sexual health of gay men looking for advice on HIV prevention.

Can We Finally Say That “On-Demand” PrEP Really Does Work?
Poz, 29 August 2016
Scientists reckon that there is now enough evidence to support a non-daily PrEP regimen scheduled just around the timing of intercourse.

Science vs. Stigma: The Continued Criminalization of HIV
Undark, 30 August 2016
Failing to disclose one's positive HIV status to a sexual partner may be objectionable, but is prison the answer? Science and medicine suggest not.

Northern Ireland relaxes permanent gay blood ban from today
Pink News, 1 September 2016
MSM can now donate blood in Northern Ireland if they have abstained from sex for one year. Northern Ireland’s blood donation rules are now in line with the rest of the UK. Activists will however continue to campaign for a completely risk-based blood donation system.

Neglect of infectious diseases in prisons highlighted at AIDS 2016
Aidsmap, 25 August 2016
AIDS 2016 Conference: Overview of the current global situation of HIV prevention, treatment and care in prisons, and policies implementation. 

HIV Survivors Face Their Own Vietnam
Advocate, 31 August 2016
Long-term HIV survivors share a suffering—and an invisibility—with war veterans who live with PTSD.

Logo's 'Finding Prince Charming' will show HIV-positive people are worthy of love
Identities Mic, 30 August 2016
US: In an upcoming gay dating reality show one of the contestants will disclose his HIV positive status on TV.

40 companies enforce code of practice to accommodate people living with HIV/AIDS
The Star, 31 August 2016
Kuala Lumpur: Forty local companies have put into place recommendations by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health to enable people living with HIV to work alongside others in a safe environment.

Raising my HIV family
Mosaic, 30 August 2016
When one Romanian doctor became ‘father’ to 16 HIV-positive orphans in 1999, many thought there was no hope for them – or for the thousands of other children infected. What followed was something of a miracle. Here is their story.

A soccer club cancelled a player’s four-day old contract for testing HIV positive
QZ, 30 August 2016
A Cameroonian footballer had his contract with an Egypt’s Premier League club cancelled after a routine medical test found he was HIV positive.

Realism needed about the benefits and risks of taking part in HIV cure studies
Aidsmap, 31 August 2016
AIDS 2016 Conference: Many people living with HIV would be willing to take part in studies and medical trials. Researchers have reviewed the motivations, expectations and comprehension of potential trial participants.

A closer look at cancer among people living with HIV
Beta Blog, 31 August 2016
AIDS Conference 2016: Report on the risk and incidence of various types of cancer in people living with HIV, how some types of cancer have decreased while other have increased over time, and the connections of these trends to ART treatment.

The tenuous tale of contraceptive hormones and HIV risk
Popular Science, 30 August 2016
Researchers are discussing whether some specific types of hormonal contraception may increase women’s vulnerability to HIV.

Elevated lipids associated with cognitive decline in middle aged HIV-positive men doing well on ART
Aidsmap, 29 August 2016
Study on cognitive functions in older HIV positive men on successful treatment. These patients were affected by a faster cognitive decline than HIV negative men, and the follow up showed a further increased decline among those with higher lipids levels.

Vaginal ring for HIV prevention effective and acceptable
Aidsmap, 2 September 2016
The results of a new trial carried out in various African countries show a high level of effectiveness. The study also reviews the correlation between demographics and adherence.



One person a day in Ireland dies from an overdose
The Irish Times, 27 August 2016
Ireland has the third highest level of overdose deaths in Europe, however it is possible to take action and help reduce these deaths.

A new heroin overdose drug has saved five lives under a HSE pilot programme
The Journal, 31 August 2016
The HSE has launched a new report supporting the use Naloxone in the event of overdose. The Naloxone Project was established by the HSE in 2015 to test the feasibility of Naloxone use for overdose deaths’ prevention.
You can read the HSE Naxolone report here.


Growing antibiotic resistance forces updates to recommended treatment for sexually transmitted infections
WHO, 30 August 2016
WHO has released new treatment guidelines for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. These STIs are growing resistant to the effect of antibiotics and are now more difficult to treat.


Sex Work

“We are compelled to work alone, attackers know that”
Last Round Blog, 30 August 2016
Activist Laura Lee talks about sex work in Northern Ireland, the difficulties posed by the recently approved Morrow’s law and the need for decriminalisation.
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