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24 July 2015


HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 28, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 0 new cases for week 28-2015, keeping the total to 223 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.

Consolidated guidelines on HIV testing services
WHO, 19 July 2015
Guidelines for all service providers addressing the various aspects of the provision of HIV testing services.

Teen with HIV in remission for 12 years without treatment
UTV, 21 July 2015
The girl, who was infected while in the womb, was given anti-retroviral drugs in the early years of her life and then removed from treatment by her family.

Vancouver Consensus Statement calls for early access to treatment and PrEP worldwide
Aidsmap, 29 July 2015
UNAIDS and leaders of major agencies call for immediate access to antiretroviral therapy for all people diagnosed with HIV and to PrEP for groups at risk.

PrEP Improves Lives of HIV Infected
Voa News, 23 July 2105
The growing use of antiretroviral drugs to prevent infection has changed the lives of many people living with HIV and their uninfected partners.

Inside look at Insite
Positive Lite, 20 July 2015
Visit to Insite, the Vancouver supervised injection facility where every day many people with addictions and other issues inject drugs in a safe environment.

St Thomas’s A&E becomes first in Britain to routinely test patients for HIV
London Evening Standard, 21 July 2015
A hospital that serves the London boroughs with the highest HIV rates in the country is introducing automatic screening for A&E patients.

HIV discoverer: 'To develop a cure is almost impossible'
CNN, 23 July 2015
Interview with Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, who co-discovered the HIV virus. The scientist talks about stigma, misinformation, vaccines, and the search for a cure.

Why HIV Cure is Still Needed
VOA News, 22 July 2015
An associate microbiology professor from University of Montreal – while praising the success achieved by ART – renews call for a cure for social and medical reasons including stigma, difficult access to treatment, side effects, financial burden and viral persistence.

Have We Been Looking For HIV in All the Wrong Places?
Gay, 20 July 2015
Scientists from the Collaboratory of AIDS Researchers for Eradication (CARE) - who consider HIV “a disease of the lymphoid tissue” and maintain that only one percent of a person’s T-cells are located in the bloodstream – are looking for a new treatment.

Half of African migrants diagnosed with HIV in France acquired HIV while living there
Aidsmap, 23 July 2015
Researches studied 1031 migrants from Africa receiving HIV care in France and calculated the dates of seroconversion, concluding that approximately 40% or them acquired HIV after arriving in France.

FDA okays diagnostic test to differentiate between types of HIV infection
Nasdaq, 23 July 2015
This new diagnostic can also be used to screen organ donors, but is not approved for screening blood or plasma donors, except in urgent situations.

This Is the Way to Beat AIDS
Huffington Post, 23 July 2015
Review of the the International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference recently held in Vancouver.

Younger gay men have much lower risk of acquiring HIV than previous generations, but racial disparities persist
Aidmap, 23 July 2015
Results of a new analysis of HIV trends. This first part has been carried out in the Seattle area which has high quality HIV services. Similar studies will be carried out in other areas to compare results.

Number of Canadian babies born with HIV now near zero
The Globe and Mail, 22 July 2015
A high rate of prenatal testing for HIV and easy access to drug treatments in Canada mean HIV positive women don’t have to worry they will pass on the virus to their unborn children.
See also:
Screening for HIV in pregnancy eliminates vertical transmission
News Medical, 23 July 2015

The search for a women's condom alternative that could prevent HIV
Motherboard, 23 July 2015
Article on HIV prevention for women in developing countries, where a new microbicide ring is currently being tested.

HIV Prevention: Is Cash King?
Med Page Today, 22 July 2015
Can cash incentives help reduce the risk of HIV? Studies of incentives for healthy behaviour have given mixed results.

Researcher to study genetic and social aspects of HIV clusters
Medical Xpress, 23 July 2015
The scientists will compare social clusters to viral strains of the disease.



National Hepatitis C Awareness Week
Rollercoaster, 20 July 2015
HIV Ireland, Community Response and UISCE are launching the first National Hepatitis C Awareness Week, which will take place from July 27th to 31st. The awareness week, which coincides with World Hepatitis Day on July 28th, will see a number of special awareness events take place in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Athlone.

How Sure Is a Cure?
Poz, 16 July 2015
Once you’ve officially rid yourself of hepatitis C, how certain can you be that the virus is gone for good?

Improving access to, and completion of hepatitis C treatment
PHE, July 2015
Briefing on the state of HepC treatment and prevention in the UK.
For a more detailed review on HepC intervention:
Public Health report on commissioning of HCV services in London for people who inject drugs
NHS, July 2015

Investigational combo effective in HCV/HIV
MedPage Today, 23 July 2015
A new combination drug against hepatitis C has had high cure rates in people co-infected with HIV. The cure has been effective with no regard to viral genotype or stage of HCV.
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Free monthly HIV testing
clinic at HIV Ireland

Our next HIV and STIs testing clinic takes place on Wednesday 12th August 2015. This is a free, walk-in service. For more details and further testing dates see

GMHS Outreach Clinic
The Gay Men’s Health Service outreach testing clinic takes place in Outhouse LGBT Community Centre on the third Saturday of every month.  The next clinic date is Saturday 15th August, doors open 1:30pm.

GUIDE Clinic

Free HIV and STI testing at the GUIDE Clinic, St. James’s Hospital every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  See more at

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Free HIV and STI testing at the Gay Men’s Health Service Clinic (GMHS) every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  See more at


Just Carry One
HIV Ireland offers a free condoms service.  Drop into our offices during opening hours for your free condoms, and follow our social media STIs prevention campaign at


National Hepatitis C Awareness Week

The first National Hepatitis C Awareness Week takes place from 27th to 31st July 2015 – a partnership of HIV Ireland, UISCE and Community Response.  Organisations are encouraged to run local events to raise awareness.  Visit to download an Events Pack and Resources and email to order hard-copy resources.

Speaking Volumes

HIV stories, HIV experiences...this exhibition is now in Galway, at the Galway City Centre Library, until 26th July.  More information at


An information website on Hepatitis C including information on testing, services and resources:

HIV and Sexual Health Helpline

Freephone or email the HIV and sexual health helpline for confidential support and information.

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Gay Switchboard Ireland volunteers are trained to take your calls on HIV and sexual health.  Lines open 7 days a week.  See more at

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A Drop-In Service for sexual health information and support takes place every Saturday in Outhouse LGBT Community Centre from 2pm to 4pm.  This is a free, non-judgemental and confidential service.  For more information email
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