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27 November 2015



Minister Varadkar launches Ireland’s first National World AIDS Day (WAD) Campaign
HSE, 26 November 2015
Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar has launched the first ever five-day national World AIDS Day campaign in Ireland. The focus of the Irish campaign is 'Solidarity with all people living with HIV, both those who know they are living with HIV, and those who don’t.'
HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 46, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 16 new cases for week 46-2015, bringing the total to 427 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.
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France approves PrEP
Aidsmap, 24 November 2015
In a historic move, France has become the first country outside the USA, and the first country with a centrally-organised, reimbursable health system, to approve no-expense pre-exposure prophylaxis for people who need it.
Coffee cups in Dublin are going to urge people to get tested for HIV
The Journal, 23 November 2015
Some 10,000 sleeves promoting HIV testing have been distributed to coffee shops throughout the city as part of the European HIV and Hepatitis Testing Week. UCD-HMRG and HIV Ireland have designed the sleeves to encourage people in Dublin to get a HIV test.

Countries adopt UNAIDS Fast-Track Strategy to double number of people on life-saving HIV treatment by 2020
UNAIDS, 24 November 2015
A report released by UNAIDS for World AIDS day gives over 50 examples from countries that have adopted the Fast-Track Strategy, which, if adopted by all nations, could end the AIDS epidemic.
See the full report here: On the Fast-Track to end AIDS by 2030: Focus on location and population

More than 15m people on life-saving HIV drugs, report says
The Guardian, 24 November 2015
UNAids says additional 2 million people began antiretrovirals in the last year, but campaigners say figure must reach 3 million a year to meet 2020 targets.

Highest number of new HIV cases in Europe ever
WHO, 26 November 2015
ECDC and WHO call for better prevention, diagnosis and treatment for vulnerable populations, including migrants and refugees.
How schools are getting it wrong on HIV and Aids
The Guardian, 24 November 2015
Children have been humiliated in school and even excluded because many teachers are still badly informed about HIV. Children’s HIV Association CHIVA is reissuing guidelines for schools urging all teachers to become much more aware of the issues around pupils who are HIV positive or who are affected by HIV through someone close to them.

AIDS West World AIDS Day memorial concert to be held next week
Galway Advertiser. 26 November 2015
Various events are planned for World AIDS Day in Galway.

'You're a walking disease, mate': HIV-positive men read out the hurtful messages they've been sent on dating app Grindr
Daily Mail, 25 November 2015
Dating apps rarely encourage deep and meaningful communication but they are a minefield for people living with HIV as a series of real messages sent to gay men on Grindr reveals.
'If Charlie Sheen had cancer, people would be more sympathetic': Woman who caught HIV from her ex says the reaction to the star's diagnosis has been 'disgraceful' and claims the illness has IMPROVED her life
Daily Mail, 23 November 2015
Becky Mitchell, diagnosed with HIV in 2012, talks about stigma surrounding people living with HIV and says that the positive diagnosis spurred her on to do all the things she always wanted to but never got round to.

Poz, 20 November 2015
The author talks about his personal experience of HIV disclosure, emotional blackmail, and shame.

Is HIV prevention pill right for you? CDC outlines how to tell whether you should be on the medication
The Washington Post, 25 November 2015
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is calling to get more people at "substantial" risk of getting HIV to start PrEP in order to reduce their risk of infection.
More than one million Americans are at 'substantial risk of HIV' - yet less than 1% are taking daily pill that prevents infection
Daily Mail, 25 November 2015
According to CDC experts, 1.2 million people in the US are at risk of contracting HIV, one in four gay and bisexual men are at 'substantial risk', and 20% of adults who inject drugs and 1% of heterosexuals are at risk as well.

Having a moral panic about chemsex? Here’s why it’s not as bad as you think
UK Independent, 25 November 2015
Chemsex, HIV transmission and media coverage.

How an HIV Diagnosis Can (Sometimes) Lead to a Longer Life
HIV Plus Mag, 23 November 2015
A person living with HIV is at a substantially higher risk of developing a variety of health complications. However, a younger person could take proactive measures to prevent illnesses that they would ordinarily not think about until decades later.

For HIV, 'Come Back When You're More Sick' Treatment Policies Cost Money and Lives
The Body, 24 November 2015
Even though an immediate access to HIV treatment significantly improves the health of people living with the virus, and works as one of the most effective tools to prevent HIV transmission, In many countries in the world there is no policy in place to get people prompt treatment.

“Can People with HIV Eat Sushi?”: Your HIV & Diet Questions Answered
Beta Blog, 23 November 2015
Eating the right kinds of food and maintaining a balanced diet are key to maintaining overall health. For people living with HIV, the association between nutrition and health is even more pronounced.

Real Stories: Managing HIV When You're Deaf and Poz
HIV Plus, 23 November 2015
Mark is a gay, deaf, HIV-positive man, and here is his account of the difficulty that he sometimes faces on his journey.

Hospitals overlook every other person with HIV
Eureka Alert, 20 November 2015
A new study reveals that many European hospitals fail to routinely test people who may be at risk of an HIV-infection. If tests were more widely offered in the healthcare system, fewer HIV-patients would go unnoticed, especially in Northern Europe.

HIV treatment programme saves 1.3-million lives
Mail & Guardian, 23 November 2015
New data for HIV prevention and treatment in South Africa.

NIH Publishes Criteria for Research on Organ Transplantation Between People with HIV Infection
NIAID, 25 November 2015
New rules published by the US Department of Health and Human Services will guide research on organ transplants between HIV-positive donors and recipients.


Study reveals potential challenges for scaling up of HCV therapy in UK
Aidsmap, 25 November 2015
A large proportion of patients with chronic hepatitis in the UK have co-morbidities, hazardous use of drugs and alcohol and are taking medications that can potentially interact with HCV medications. Researchers say that clinicians “need to be aware” of the potential for interactions when choosing HCV treatment regimens

Hep C patients to get NHS access to three new therapies
Pharma Times, 27 November 2015
Patients with hepatitis C living in England and Wales could get ‘routine’ access to three new treatments after cost-regulators approved their use on the National Health Service. 



Stigma of STIs Can Be Hazardous to Public Health
Psych Central, 23 November 2015
University of Michigan researchers found that a person who unknowingly transmits chlamydia and causes a partner to have to take antibiotics is perceived more negatively than someone who transmits the H1N1 flu that results in a person’s death.


Sex Work

Charlie Sheen put a spotlight on HIV and sex workers. But here’s what’s missing from the conversation
The Washington Post, 23 November 2015
HIV risk for sex workers because of sex work criminalisation.
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