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18 December 2015

This is the last NewsDesk Weekly of 2015.  HIV Ireland would like to thank all our supporters and subscribers throughout the year. 
We’ll be back in January keeping you up to date with all the news on HIV and sexual health. 
Happy Holidays from the NewsDesk and HIV Ireland.



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 49, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 11 new cases for week 49-2015, bringing the total to 480 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.

UK maintains the largest HIV epidemic in western Europe
Aidsmap, 15 December 2015
The annual surveillance report released recently by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control shows the number, rate and demographics of new diagnoses of HIV in Eastern and Western Europe.

Five Painful Conditions People With HIV Should Watch Out For
Gay, 11 December 2015
People living with HIV can suffer of various muscle or rheumatologic diseases very often associated with chronic pain. Sometimes physicians consider these complaints as trivial and dismiss them as a part of HIV treatment and stabilisation.

Sexual and reproductive health and HIV: strategic action plan
PHE, December 2015
This strategic action plan illustrates PHE’s approach to improving the public’s sexual and reproductive health and reversing the HIV epidemic. It identifies the key areas for PHE action, and describes how PHE can work with partners at a national and regional level to improve health and reduce inequalities.

Dallas Buyers Club: the real life version based in South London
PrEP is available in UK only on private prescription, Because of the high cost of the drug, many sexually active gay men are buying a generic version of this HIV prevention drug from India over the internet.

Drug resistance acquired during HIV PrEP rapidly disappears after medication is discontinued
Aidsmap, 14 December 2015
PrEP has been proved highly effective at preventing infection with HIV. However clinicians have found drugs resistance in some individuals who initiated PrEP during unrecognized acute HIV infection. Such resistance could limit future HIV treatment options. It is therefore important to determine if it persists once treatment is withdrawn.

How has PrEP impacted people living with HIV?
Gay News Network, 16 December 2015
The author speaks with three HIV-positive people to find out what PrEP means for them and how it is affecting their mates and partners.
A HIV-Positive Dating App Leaked 5,000 Users’ Data
Buzzfeed, 15 December 2015
A security researcher has discovered sensitive data leak from the health Hzone, a dating app for HIV-positive singles.
See also:
HIV Dating App Company Threatens Press With HIV Infection For Reporting On Personal Info Leak
CSO, 14 December 2015

Blood Criminals: Outdated HIV Laws
Metro Weekly, 10 December 2015
The US legal landscape doesn’t reflect the incredibly rapid progress made in treating HIV. Most of states’ laws have failed to keep pace with the scientific field, resulting in a patchwork of laws across the country — many of which still treat HIV as if it were a deadly disease and can be used to punish people with HIV.

Evidence for PrEP efficacy grows, but implementation presents challenges
Aidsmap, 18 December 2015
PrEP has been a major topic at the 2015 National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta. A growing body of evidence continues to confirm that PrEP is highly effective at preventing HIV infection if taken regularly, both in clinical trials and in real-world clinical use. However, researchers and front-line health workers are learning about barriers to PrEP implementation and scale-up for diverse population groups.

Texas A&M Professor Proposes New Condom That Fights HIV Infection
India West, 15 December 2015
The condom is made from an elastic polymer called hydrogel and it is mixed with a plant-based antioxidant ingredient proved to have anti-HIV properties.

TSRI scientists track how HIV-fighting antibodies develop over time
News Medical, 16 December 2015
Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute hope to create a vaccine using a group of potent antibodies that manages to bind to and neutralise the HIV virus.

Scientists reveal new phase of HIV infection
Medical Xpress, 16 December 2015
Researchers at the University of Massachusetts have identified a previously undescribed stage in HIV's life cycle between the time the virus enters the nucleus and the time its DNA is integrated into human genes.



Cabinet approves plans for drug addicts to use injection centres
Irish Independent, 16 December 2015
Drug users will be legally permitted to inject hard drugs in designated centres under plans agreed by the Cabinet. The new laws will see the establishment of supervised injecting facilities which allow drug users inject illegal substances without fear of arrest by gardaí.

US syringe funding ban impedes HIV and hepatitis C prevention
Aidsmap, 16 December 2015
Providing sterile syringes is a proven effective way to prevent HIV and hepatitis infections among people who inject drugs, but the US government continues to prohibit use of federal funds for this purpose. A federal budget bill now under consideration could lift the funding ban on syringe exchange programmes.


Sex Work

Sex workers and supporters hold vigil at Dail to mark International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers
SWAI, 17 December 2015
Sex Workers Alliance Ireland call on Minister for Justice not to introduce laws criminalising the purchase of sex. Sex workers and supporters have hold candlelit vigils outside Leinster House in Dublin and outside City Hall in Belfast to mark International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers.

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