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30 September 2016




HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Week 38, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 9 new cases for week 38 - 2016, bringing the total to 390 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.

FLIGHT HIV101: My HIV, My Rules, My Journey
YouTube, 28 September 2016
Panti Bliss has launched the ‘My HIV, My Rules, My Journey’ campaign. The UK based campaign aims to provide people living with HIV support and information in navigating “their lifelong journey with the condition”.

'I'm proof HIV shouldn't stop you being a parent': Student, 20, gives birth to a healthy baby boy after inheriting the virus from her mother
Daily Mail, 26 September 2016
The girl was told she was HIV-positive when she was just 11. Thanks to treatment she has now an undetectable viral load and has given birth to a child free of HIV.

Opinion: HIV is the hidden disability that is still holding employees back
CIPD, 30 September 2016
Roland Chesters, who was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS several years ago, says it's time for employers to openly offer more support to those living with the disease.

Telling my bosses I had HIV gave me hope
Gay Star News, 30 September 2016
Only diagnosed a month ago, Christopher Yates wasn’t planning on telling his boss about his HIV status, but a hospital appointment made him think again.

How Do We Negotiate Condom Usage in the Age of PrEP?
The Body, 28 September 2016
Writer and activist Evan J. Peterson talks about the use of condoms, PrEP, stigma, and what means to be in control of your own health.

Dutch model finds PrEP for high-risk gay men is cost-effective at current prices and cost-saving at generic prices
Aidsmap, 27 September 2016
A mathematical model study based on the HIV epidemic in the Netherlands has found that daily PrEP targeted at MSM at high risk of HIV infection would be cost-effective even at current drug prices.

On Treatment and Uninfectious, Women With HIV Still Shamed by Misinformed Providers, Public
The Body, 22 September 2016
HIV positive women with suppressed viral loads still experience shame around their status. Many doctors believe that women living with HIV should never have children or engage in sex at all, and often actively discourage - or prevent -- patients from having children.

30% of Malawi cops 'are HIV positive'
News24, 28 September 2016
A call for behavioural change within the ranks of Malawi's police force has been made following revelations that over 30% of the country's policemen are HIV positive. A sex workers' association has reported that officers often force women to engage in sexual activities once they are under custody.

Young graduate who got HIV at 22 'most inspirational speaker ever' at Forest School, Snaresbrook
The Guardian, 29 September 2016
“It’s not just for gay men, haemophiliacs or injecting drug users, it has the potential to infect any sexually active person, which now includes me.”

Governor of California signs law requiring education about HIV-preventing PrEP drugs
Pink News, 27 September 2016
Governor of California Jerry Brown has signed a law introducing education about PrEP into the standard routine for those undergoing HIV tests.

Uganda Crowns Mr. And Miss HIV Positive
NPR, 29 September 2016
The advocacy group Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV&AIDS organises the beauty contest to fight the stigma around HIV, raise awareness and provide information and support.

Ocular Syphilis Linked to HIV
MedPage Today, 23 September 2016
Researchers now believe that ocular syphilis might be a marker for recent HIV infection.  Health professionals reviewing the recent increase in syphilis case in North Carolina have found that this kind of ocular disease is more likely to be accompanied by a concurrent diagnosis of HIV than other forms of syphilis.

HIV-positive children with no disease progression may be key to unlock new treatments
International Business Times, 29 September 2016
Scientists are investigating the biological mechanisms that allow a small numbers of HIV positive children to resist disease progression.

Breastfeeding and transmission of antiretroviral drugs
Medical News Today, 28 September 2016
A new research suggests that there is risk of side effects in infants breastfed by mothers who are on antiretroviral treatment.



EASL issues new hepatitis C treatment recommendations for all genotypes
Aidsmap, 26 September 2016
The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) has released its latest recommendations on treatment of hepatitis C. The updated guidelines include options for all hepatitis C genotypes and recommendations for specific populations.

Hepatitis C infection and reinfection among men who have sex with men need higher priority, US and European studies show
Aidsmap, 30 September 2016
Risk factors, stats and demographics of Hepatitis C reinfection among MSM in the US and in Europe.

Risk of reinfection is a concern after successful hepatitis C treatment
Aidsmap, 28 September 2016
Various studies review the risk and causes of HepC reinfection among people who inject drugs in relation to the treatment used.



What would happen if gonorrhea became an untreatable 'super STI'?
UK Independent, 27 September 2016
If the most commonly used antibiotics could no longer treat gonorrhoea it could cause a spike in hospitalisation, infertility, HIV, and sepsis.

Syphilis rates rising among gay men in US, CDC data show
Aidsmap, 29 September 2016
New studies highlight the importance of syphilis screening and follow-up care for MSM, as prompt diagnosis and complete antibiotic treatment can prevent long-term health complications and interrupt onward transmission.

Sunbeds have been found to pass on STIs to users
Cosmopolitan, 23 September 2016
The herpes bacteria has been scientifically proven to survive on a sunbed despite the great heat, meaning it can transfer from one person to another.


Sex Work 

Woman wins right to review of Northern Ireland sex work law
The Guardian, 28 September 2016
Sex worker and activist Laura Lee has won the right to have a judicial review of the law that makes illegal to pay for sex.
See also:
'It's not working': Sex worker challenges new laws in court
The Journal, 28 September 2016

Sex work IS a legitimate career choice, says Cheltenham escort agency
Gloucestershire Live, 18 September 2016
Sex work and stigma: interview to the founder of Elite Courtesans, a female-run escort agency.

Sex workers 'exposed to violence' by new laws, court is told
Belfast Telegraph, 24 September 2016
New laws criminalising prostitutes' clients are putting sex workers at greater risk, as they now face increased dangers from having to operate alone, with reduced abilities to screen those seeking out their services.
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