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24 June 2016



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Weeks 23 and 24, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 23 new cases for weeks 23 and 24 - 2016, bringing the total to 254 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.

More gay men than ever getting tested for HIV but 1 in 4 still never had a test
THT, 21 June 2016
Results of the National Gay Men’s Sex Survey. This survey is the largest of its kind in the UK and collects data on the sexual health of MSM including demographics, health indicators, sexual behaviours, HIV prevention and intervention.
Full survey: State of play: findings from the England Gay Men's Sex Survey 2014
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What the Gay Men’s Sex Survey tells us about chemsex
London Friend, 23 June 2016
The National Gay Men’s Sex Survey includes all-too rare data about the role of alcohol and drugs in the MSM community.
Gay men report a wide range of behaviours to make sex safer
Aidsmap, 23 June 2016
According to data from the UK National Gay Men’s Sex Survey, MSM use various prevention behaviours, such as condoms use, serosorting, knowing their current viral load, using lubricant for intercourse and regular testing.
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Gay sex survey: why preventing HIV means calling an end to finger pointing
The Conversation, 21 June 2016

Meeting Report: Pre-Exposure Human Immunodeficiency Virus Prophylaxis In The Eu/Eea: Challenges And Opportunities, Stockholm April 2016
Eurosurveillance, 23 June 2016
The ECDC has recently held a meeting to discuss PrEP implementation in Europe. The meeting focused on four key areas: eligibility criteria for PrEP in Europe; appropriate models of service delivery; cost-effectiveness of PrEP, and routine monitoring of people on PrEP.

Blood board recommends lifting lifetime ban on gay men donating
The Irish Times, 24 June 2016
The IBTS has recommended that the lifetime ban on gay men donating blood should end and  be replaced by a rule accepting a blood donation from a gay man who has not had sex for a year.
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Ban on gay men giving blood in Switzerland set to be lifted
The Local, 23 June 2016

Canada's forthcoming 'drop your pants' trans blood donation policy
Rabble, 23 June 2016
According to new policy, Canadian Blood Services will treat transgender donors according to their sex assigned at birth unless they’ve had gender reassignment surgery.

Monitoring of HIV, HCV, TB in Prison: National Report on Ireland
Irish Penal Reform Trust, 23 June 2016
The new report Improving Prison Conditions by Strengthening the Monitoring of HIV, HCV, TB and Harm Reduction reviews the current situation in Ireland as part of a wider EU co-funded project implemented under the lead of Harm Reduction International. The whole project aims to improve prison health conditions through standardised monitoring and inspection mechanisms on HIV, HCV and TB.

STDs Among Gay Men in a New Era of PrEP
Beta Blog, 16 June 2016
US health experts talk about the increase of STIs in the MSM community and discuss the relationship between STIs and PrEP.

15% of gay men in the U.S. living with HIV, estimate researchers
Beta Blog, 24 June 2016
CDC researchers have released a report estimating the prevalence of HIV infections among MSM in the US. The report highlights the intensity of the HIV epidemic in states and metropolitan areas in the U.S. South.

HIV-1 and HIV-2: What’s the Difference?
News Medical, 22 June 2016
HIV-1 and HIV-2 are closely related but distinct viruses. This article illustrates the differences in diagnosis and treatment.

When Does HIV Become AIDS?
News Medical, 21 June 2016
HIV life cycle: How HIV infects a cell and replicates itself using reverse transcriptase and the host's cellular machinery.

Study reveals how HIV enters cell nucleus
Medical Xpress, 21 June 2016
Scientists at the Chicago Loyola University have discovered how the HIV virus manages to enter the nucleus of immune system cells.

Things to Consider Before Disclosing Your HIV Status at Work
Beta Blog, 20 June 2016
Many people debate about whether they should reveal their HIV status to people at work—and may wonder about the potential benefits, and the potential downsides, of disclosing. Here’s a few things to consider if you’re thinking about coming out to work colleagues as HIV-positive.

People who inject drugs have other priorities ahead of PrEP
Aidsmap, 17 June 2016
For PWID, PrEP should be used as part of a comprehensive harm-reduction programme based on fully implemented needle exchange programmes, opioid substitution therapy and antiretroviral therapy.

This student's app puts everything you need to know about HIV at your fingertips
Mashable UK, 21 June 2016
Recently diagnosed student Jacob Alexander has built ‘The Positive Project’ app to provide a wide range of info about HIV in order to increase awareness and fight stigma.

WHO confirms antiretroviral therapy reduces the risk of life-threatening HIV-related infections
WHO, 20 June 2016
According to new findings, adults and children with HIV who start antiretroviral therapy as early as possible can reduce their risk of developing serious HIV-related infections.

New therapy keeps HIV at bay without daily drug regimen, study says
Los Angeles Times, 23 June 2016
A human antibody that already has shown promise in protecting people against HIV infection has also demonstrated the ability to suppress the resurgence of the infection for as long as 19 weeks in infected people who stopped taking their anti-retroviral medications.

China offers free antiviral therapy for HIV
Asia One News, 19 June 2016
The Chinese National Health and Family Planning Commission has announced new guidelines allowing free antiviral treatment to all citizens living with HIV.

Many US communities vulnerable to HIV outbreak due to unsafe injecting of prescription opioids
Aidsmap, 21 June 2016
Various communities in the United States have been found to be especially vulnerable to the rapid spread of HIV and HepC because of unsafe injecting while also experiencing high rates of unemployment and poverty.

HIV treatment reduces HIV transmission by 77% in South African couples
Aidsmap, 16 June 2016
A population-based study carried out in rural South Africa shows that antiretroviral treatment can reduced the risk of HIV transmission by 77% in serodiscordant couples.

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