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6 November 2015



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 43, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 12 new cases for week 43-2015, bringing the total to 399 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.
Making gay business the frontline in the fight against HIV
The Conversation, 30 October 2015
MSM are at high risk of HIV infection, but stigma and discrimination often stop them from access mainstream prevention services. A new strategy to reach this target group is to create alternative services in bars, clubs and saunas.
Chemsex should be public health priority due to HIV risk, experts say
UK Independent, 4 November 2015
Health experts working in sexual health and substance abuse in London say the growing popularity of chemsex may be putting users at risk of HIV and STIs as well as serious mental health problems through drug dependence.
What is chemsex and why does it matter?
BMJ, 4 November 2015
Experts propose the creation of centres of excellence for sexual health and drug services as a cost effective solution.
A Tale of Two Diagnoses
Poz, 3 November 2015
Gary Steinkohl is one of the two ‘Boston patients’ who were deemed to be cured but went in viral rebound after a while. He has now decided to share his story.
Long-acting injectable HIV treatment shows promise in early study results
Science Blog, 3 November 2015
The new therapy controls viral load with just a monthly or bimonthly injection and could end the daily treatment greatly improving adherence.
Do You Need an HIV Happy Hour?
Gay, 27 October 2015
HIV-positive author Paul Thorne explains how people newly diagnosed with HIV and those who have been living with the virus for a while can take negative thinking and self-image and turn them into strength and positivity in their everyday lives.
Priorities for HIV care: the perspectives of healthcare providers and patients
Aidsmap, 2 November 2015
EACS 2015:
Almost half of HIV patients interviewed in a NAM study reported difficulties interacting with health care providers and over a third said they used the internet to look for information about HIV management. Poor communication between people living with HIV and healthcare professionals can lead to sub-optimal treatment outcomes and should therefore be addressed.
FDA approves new treatment for HIV
FDA, 5 November 2015
Genvoya is the first one-a-day pill treatment to be approved by the FDA. It is considered safer than other HIV drugs as it is less toxic to kidneys and has less of a negative impact on bone density.
Watch: New PrEP Campaign Targeted at Men Who Like to 'Party'
OUT, 4 November 2015
The campaign is meant for men who may be at greater risk of contracting HIV due to sexual and recreational drug behaviours.
Patients of non-specialist HIV physicians often have poor ART outcomes and frequently receive sub-optimal care
Aidsmap, 5 November 2015
A new study suggests that physician experience is associated with the quality of care provided to HIV-positive patients. The study found that the majority of low volume providers practice in primary care settings and are not infectious diseases specialists or identified as HIV specialists.
France to Lift Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood
New York Times, 4 November 2015
MSM we did not have sex in the preceding 12 months will now be able to donate blood. If future studies show that the new policy has not increased health risks, the deferral period for gay men will gradually be brought in line with the deferral period for heterosexual donors.
Sir Elton John and US government launch $10 million fund to tackle HIV in LGBT community
Pink News, 4 November 2015
Sir Elton announced the joint partnership, which will provide grants to local groups aiming to improve access to HIV services. The Elton John AIDS Foundation and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS (PEPFAR) will each provide $5 million in funding for the LGBT-focussed scheme, which will also focus on sub-Saharan Africa.
Many HIV transmissions in sero-discordant couples occurring at CD4 cell counts above ART eligibility threshold
Aidsmap, 3 November 2015
A study shows that many HIV transmissions in sero-discordant couples occur when the HIV-positive partner has a high CD4 count and may therefore be ineligible for ART in settings where guidelines recommend treatment at CD4 counts below 500 or below 350. These findings reinforce the importance of ‘test and treat’ strategy.
Hormonal contraception safe for women with HIV and may have important health benefits
Aidsmap, 5 November 2015
According to a study carried out in Zambia, HIV-positive women who wish to avoid pregnancy can safely use hormonal implants and injectables without concerns about deleterious health effects and with possible health benefits.
HIV scientists launch 23 million euro project to develop vaccine
Imperial College, 2 November 2015
The European AIDS Vaccine Initiative is set to start in the next five years funded by the European Commission and will be led by HIV scientists from Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States.
The Plastic Pouch That Stops HIV
Citylab, 30 October 2015
Researchers have found a better way to deliver antiretroviral medication to babies—via a disposable pouch like a ketchup packet.


Hepatitis C incidence remains stable among gay men living with HIV in Europe, but varies across countries
Aidsmap, 4 November 2015
Investigators suggest increased prevention programmes such as testing and prompt treatment in order to curb or at least stabilise the rates of Hepatitis C among gay men living with HIV.


Ireland to 'decriminalise' small amounts of drugs, including heroin, cocaine and cannabis, for personal use
UK Independent, 3 November 2015
Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, the chief of Ireland’s National Drugs Strategy, announced that Ireland will move towards decriminalising substances including heroin, cocaine and cannabis as part of a “radical cultural shift”.
Injection rooms for addicts to open next year in drug law change, says Minister
The Irish Times, 2 November 2015
Drug users will be able to use supervised injecting rooms in Dublin next year, followed shortly afterwards by Cork, Galway and Limerick.
See also:
Should drug addicts have a safe place to inject?
RTE News, 4 November 2015


5 reasons why gay men pick up more STIs
GMFA, 2 November 2015
MSM probably account for less than 3% of the population but account for more than two out of every three cases of gonorrhoea and for 86% of syphilis diagnoses. Here is why.
Dating apps 'increasing' rates of sexually transmitted infections, say doctors
BBC News, 2 November 2015
One of the UK's leading sexual health doctors says "apps have to invest more time in pushing a safe sex message".

Sex Work

Sex worker healthcare access in Ireland
Feministire, 4 November 2015
A recently retired sex worker talks about stigma and prejudice in the Irish healthcare system.
Sex workers of the world unite in Westminster
Politics, 3 November 2015
Sex workers and experts on the sex trade will give evidence in UK parliament for the first time, as part of an international symposium on decriminalisation.
Related article:
As our MPs gather evidence on decriminalising sex work, they need facts – not the old myths
New Statesman, 2 November 2015
Article by writer, activist and sex worker Margaret Corvid. The author presents the various issues discussed at the symposium, such criminalisation and its impact on sex workers’ health and safety, trafficking and voluntary sex work, current policies in various countries, and various studies provided by activists and researchers.
See also:
Decriminalisation of Prostitution – the evidence
Prostitutes Collective, 4 November 2015
Programme of the Symposium held at the House of Commons.

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