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19 February 2016




HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Weeks 6, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 15 new cases for week 6-2016, bringing the total to 69 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.

Czech Republic: Prague Public Health Authority initiates criminal prosecutions of 30 gay men living with HIV following an STI diagnosis
HIV Justice, 16 February 2016
Prague’s Public Health Authority claims that as these men acquired an STI, this is proof that they must have practised unprotected sex and have therefore violated Sections 152 and 153 of the Czech Criminal Code, which can be used to prosecute any act of condomless sex (including oral sex) by a person living with HIV as “spread of infectious diseases”.

Sex without shame The possibilities PrEP offers me and our community
THT, 11 February 2016
A young man who participated in the PROUD Trial discusses PrEP and its role in HIV prevention for the gay community.

“Biomed-matching” Emerges among Gay Men Who Say to Partners, “I’m also on PrEP”
Beta Blog, 17 February 2016
A new survey shows that MSM looking for partners on mobile apps are often disclosing the use of PrEP and their viral load in order to evaluate the risks factors and make informed decision about condomless sex.

Why Aren’t More Women Taking PrEP?
Beta Blog, 15 February 2016
This research carried out in the United States shows that rates of PrEP use among women are much lower than among men. One of the main reasons is the lack of information as “almost none” of the women involved in the survey had ever heard of PrEP before.

Birth Control Delivery App Offers Anti-HIV Drug
Motherboard, 15 February 2016
US: Nurx, a web app that streamlines access to birth control and delivers within hours, is planning to add PrEP delivery to its services within weeks.

HIV Activists, Organizations Call for Less-Stigmatizing Language
The Body, 12 February 2016
Various activist groups are urging researchers, clinicians and other professionals to use non-judgemental terminology, as more appropriate language can help reduce stigma for people living with HIV.

Dodgy dentist who sparked HIV scare 'to be sued for £1million by former patients'
The Mirror, 14 February 2016
The dentist was struck off the dental register for the second time after he put 6000 patients at risk by using dirty equipment. Four patients have since tested positive for Hepatitis C.

NSW escort charged after allegedly infecting customer with HIV in Western Australia
ABC, 18 February 2016
A sex worker accused of knowingly infecting a client with HIV has been refused bail and will be extradited from New South Wales to Western Australia to face court.

Dumbing down HIV treatment hurts everybody
Positive Lite, 10 February 2016
Bob Leahy, Positivelite’s Editor, talks about informed decisions on treatment and the balance between steering patients to the health solutions that are likely to work best for them, while maintaining their right to freedom of choice.

Telephone intervention can boost retention in care for HIV-positive patients with mental health and drug/alcohol problems
Aidsmap, 17 February 2016
Retention in HIV care among patients with mental health and/or drug and alcohol problems can be improved with a telephone-based support intervention, but only if staff are able to establish regular contact with patients.

Helping People With HIV Quit Smoking: What Works for Whom?
The Body, Spring 2016
CDC study: People with HIV appear to have a harder time quitting than people without HIV. Studies in HIV populations indicate that those most likely to quit smoking include older people, pregnant women, and people with a high motivation to quit, or recent pulmonary disease. US health authorities recommend various medications and support strategies.

CDC Pushes Physicians to Look for Possibly Blinding Ocular Syphilis
The Body, 10 February 2016
The CDC has issued a clinical alert to all U.S. physicians, urging them to be on the lookout for cases of potentially blinding ocular syphilis, particularly among HIV-positive MSM.

Where Are the PrEP Interventions for People Who Inject Drugs?
The Body, 12 February 2016
US: People who inject drugs and their partners were included in the CDC's guidelines on pre-exposure prophylaxis, but relatively few public health dollars and little research funding has targeted people who inject drugs for PrEP interventions.
HIV Stigma as a Public Health Issue: Increasing Employment Opportunities for Those Living With HIV
The Body, 12 February 2016
The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has published two important documents related to individuals with HIV in the workplace: ‘Living with HIV Infection: Your Legal Rights in the Workplace under the ADA’ and ‘Helping Patients with HIV Infection Who Need Accommodations at Work.’

HIV And Insurance – Awareness
MySoCalledGayLife, 15 February 2016
Results of the survey carried out by medical financial advisers Unusual Risks. The survey has examined issues such as awareness of Insurance products and the cancellation of insurance products by HIV Positive people.

Study compares tests to detect acute HIV infection
Medical Xpress, 16 February 2016
A study carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has evaluated the performance of an HIV antigen/antibody combination test to detect acute HIV infection compared with pooled HIV RNA testing, the current reference standard.

Does Tenofovir (TDF) Cause Liver Injury?
The Body, 10 February 2016
Tenofovir is an important antiviral drug used to treat HIV and hepatitis B virus and is made in two formulations. This article explores the advantages and effectiveness of this drug, along with its toxicity and side effects.

Researchers find tough new obstacle to HIV cure strategies
Medical Xpress, 15 February 2016
Researchers explain the stubbornness and persistence of the HIV virus: HIV-infected cells can clonally expand and produce new virus over many years in a patient on antiretroviral. Any cure for HIV infection will have to attack these cells in order to permanently clear the virus.

How Genes React Differently to HIV-1 and HIV-2
HIV Equal, 14 February 2016
HIV-1 and HIV-2 have the same modes of transmission, but HIV-2 is characterized by its subjects having much lower viral loads and much higher T-cell counts. Researchers from George Mason University carried out a study to find out which biomarkers may be responsible for HIV-2 being less lethal.


The cost of the curing Hepatitis C - BBC Newsnight
YouTube, 18 February 2016
New drugs are now available to cure Hepatitis C, but why are they so expensive? Filmmaker Kate Brown explores the cost of curing Hepatitis C, and Evan Davis speaks to Virginia Acha, Executive Director of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.

Zepatier: Frequently Asked Questions
The Body, 2 February 2016
Info on a new HCV medication recently approved by the FDA.



Sexually transmitted diseases could increase your DIABETES risk
Daily Express, 17 February 2016
A team of scientists from University of Los Angeles has uncovered previously unknown risk factors for diabetes.

Groundbreaking STI test can detect chlamydia in 30 minutes
The Telegraph, 17 February 2016
The Atlas io system was created by the University of Bath's spin-off biotech company Atlas Genetics in 2005. It has now won approval from the EU to be sold.

Most students ‘have never been tested for STIs’
Metro UK, 17 February 2016
Results of a survey carried out on college students across the UK.


Sexual Health

Could condoms spun from Australian grass help prevent HIV?
The Week, 14 February 2016
A team of scientists at Queensland University has devised a new condom, made mixing latex with nanocellulose, thinner than a human hair but as strong and efficient at stopping STIs and unplanned pregnancy as a conventional latex condom.


Sex Work

British prostitutes warn that criminalising clients would reduce safety
UK Independent, 16 February 2016
A survey by National Ugly Mugs, a project that seeks to end violence against sex workers, shows that Britain’s sex workers fear that the criminalisation of their clients would have “disastrous consequences” for their safety and could put lives in danger.
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