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10 March 2017



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Week 9, 2017
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 13 new cases for week 9 - 2017, bringing the total to 104 HIV new notifications for 2017 to date.

AIDS United Affirms Evidence That Proves People Living With HIV With a Sustained, Undetectable Viral Load Cannot Transmit HIV to Sexual Partners
The Body, 7 March 2017
The US-based AIDS United Public Policy Committee has released a statement on strong evidence proving that people living with HIV who have achieved a sustained, undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV to sexual partners.

Researchers report case of bone marrow transplant patient off ART for 288 days without HIV rebound
Aidsmap, 6 March 2017
An HIV-positive bone marrow transplant recipient has experienced prolonged viral remission for nearly 10 months and after interrupting ART treatment. His viral load eventually has rebounded, but his HIV reservoirs appeared to be reduced.

Advocates hope for change in HIV non-disclosure law after Ottawa meeting with provinces
The Star, 7 March 2017
Under Canadian law, people with HIV are required to disclose their health status to their partner before engaging in sexual activity. Those who don’t can be charged with aggravated sexual assault, whether or not HIV is actually transmitted, and face a maximum sentence of life in prison as well as permanent status as a registered sex offender.

HIV Tragedy: Woman’s Suicide Case Reaches HC
An Indian man and his mother have been charged with murder for HIV non-disclosure after his wife committed suicide when she found out her husband was HIV-positive.

Stop Stigmatizing HIV-Positive Sex
Vice, 8 March 2017
The reaction to the sex life of a newly crowned Mr Gay New Zealand is a reminder that our cultural baggage surrounding HIV is as heavy as ever.

5 Ways to Disclose Your Status on a First Date
HIVPlus Mag, 6 March 2017
First dates are always awkward, which is why disclosing should never be.

From Behind Bars To The Front Lines Of Anti-Criminalization Advocacy
Positive Lite, 6 March 2017
Chad Clarke was charged with aggravated sexual assault charge as he failed to disclose his HIV status to his partner. He is now campaigning against HIV criminalisation.

HIV notifications fall to five-year low
Health NSW, 4 March 2017
New data show a decline in HIV transmission in NSW Australia. This decline is deemed to be the result of large-scale implementation of PrEP.

PrEP approved but difficulties remain says NZAF
Gay NZ, 7 March 2017
PrEP implementation is not easy in New Zealand because of difficulties in accessing this medication and GPs’ poor training.

Researchers develop new programme to better assist HIV patients with medication adherence
News Medical, 6 March 2017
An international team has carried out a study showing that a combination of self-management strategies, counselling and medications electronic tracking can significantly improve adherence.

HIV misconceptions leading to delayed diagnosis for some women, advocacy group says
Radio Australia, 9 March 2017
The National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) said stereotypes persist in the medical community around who is likely to contract HIV, and so it is often left out of standard sexual health tests for women.

Breastfeeding With An Undetectable Viral Load: What Do We Know?
Positive Lite, 7 March 2017
Undetectable does not equal untransmittable in the case of breastfeeding, but women should be supported to make an informed choice anyway.

South Africa Launches Clinical Trial to Cut Heart Disease in HIV Positive People
AllAfrica, 27 February 2017
Reprieve is the first large-scale randomized clinical research trial to test a statin to reduce the risk of heart disease for people living with HIV.

Insulin has potential to prevent brain dysfunction in HIV patients, University of Alberta study finds
Edmonton Sun, 8 March 2017
A new study suggests that intranasally-delivered insulin could provide a protective shield for brain cells while suppressing inflammation and obstructing HIV virus replication.



Hepatitis C patients and nurses highlight impact of the virus in new reports
HepC Trust, 7 March 2017
Two reports, launched by the HepC Trust, highlight the challenges faced by people living with Hepatitis C, including stigma and on-going restriction on access to treatment.
Patient Perspectives report
Nurses' Perspectives report



Supervised injection centre location will be ’carefully selected’
Breaking News, 9 March 2017
Minister Catherine Byrne said there will be consultation to select the most suitable location for the new injection centre in Dublin.

Warning of obligation to comply with international drug laws on plan for injecting facilities
Irish Examiner, 8 March 2017
The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) has warned that countries such as Ireland that plan to introduce drug consumption rooms are obliged to ensure they comply with international drug laws.



Increase in gonorrhoea cases in the South-East: heterosexual transmission a feature
Epi-Insight, March 2017
After a 50% increase in the number of gonorrhoea cases notified in the South East Ireland in 2016, a multi-disciplinary prevention and control group has implemented a local safer sex campaign. Local control groups will continue to meet to review surveillance, prevention and control actions in 2017.


Sex Work

“We’re a Risk Taking Population”: An Interview with Sex Workers Alliance Ireland’s Kate McGrew
Head Stuff, 8 March 2017
Kate McGrew talks about the Swedish model, the laws criminalising purchase of sex and how this will affect sex workers’ safety.

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