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11 December 2015



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 48, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 18 new cases for week 48-2015, bringing the total to 469 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.
Chemsex review: gay sex and drug use demand more careful forms of attention
The Conversation, 7Deember 2015
A gay subculture revolves around risky, drug-enhanced sex. The reasons why are complex and deserve attention.
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Chemsex in the city - it’s every gay man for himself
FS Mag, 6 December 2015
ChemSex & me
Greg Owen Blog, 8 December 2015
What is ChemSex really? Is ChemSex really that big of a problem? What is the difference between chems + sex and ChemSex the culture?
Gay men starting to use crystal meth usually increase their sexual risk taking
Aidsmap, 4 December 2015
A study which followed the same group of gay men over several years has found that individuals who have started to use crystal meth tend to have riskier sexual behaviour than they had in previous years.

Men with HIV engaging in risky sexual behaviour
Medical News Today, 7 December
Researchers at the NY Columbia University have found that young MSM with detectable levels of HIV are more likely to have sex without using a condom, including sex with a partner who does not have the virus.
European rise belies global fall
The Irish Times, 7 December 2015
A sharp rise in HIV cases in Ireland in recent months is a reminder that despite the significant advances in treatment since the virus was first identified, it continues to pose a public health challenge.
HIV sufferers get all the sympathy - while smokers are lectured
Irish Independent, 7 December 2015
Opinion piece by Mary Kenny on stigmatised illnesses and lifestyle choices.

What's it like to tell someone they are HIV positive?
Gay Star News, 30 November 2015
Marco Rossi - health advisor and counsellor with 56 Dean Street - has been giving people HIV test results for over 30 years: ‘I’m seeing much more extreme reactions now than I used to in the past’.

HIV partner notification for adults: definitions, outcomes and standards
NAT, December 2015
HIV partner notification (PN) is a process in which contacts of people with HIV are identified and offered HIV testing. This document proposes standards for HIV PN in order to improve clinical health practice.

I thought telling gay men I’m HIV-positive at speed dating would be easy. I was wrong
Positive Lite, 9 December 2015
What happens when an HIV-positive guy goes to a speed dating event planning to tell half the men there he has HIV and the other half he doesn't and compare their reactions to him...
Researchers Study How Long-term Sex Work May Change Susceptibility to HIV-1
Infection Control Today, 9 December 2015
Researchers at the Wistar Institute reckon that there is a connection between semen exposure and HIV resistance. Data shows that continued semen exposure in some sex workers sustains changes in the cervical and vaginal microenvironment that may actually increase HIV-1 resistance.
National HIV Prevention Conference highlights progress and disparities
Aidsmap, 9 December 2015
The CDC National HIV Prevention Conference taking place this week in Atlanta is discussing PrEP, integration of prevention and treatment services, and initiatives to reach heavily affected but underserved groups.
CDC Launches 'Doing It' HIV Testing Campaign and Online Risk Reduction Tool
Poz, 7 December 2015
The CDC has unveiled two new HIV prevention initiatives: a new national HIV testing campaign, and an online risk assessment tool to help people to protect themselves and their partners from STIs.

South African Medicines Agency approves PrEP
MCCZA, 3 December 2015
The South Africa Medicines Control Council - responsible for regulating all medicines and medical devices in South Africa – has approved and regulated the use of PrEP.
Bristol man guilty of GBH - by infecting two women with HIV
Western Daily Press, 11 December 2015
British court case.

The link between depression and HIV
FSMag, December 2015
A recent study by University College London showed that HIV-negative gay men who have several symptoms of depression are more likely to have sex without a condom. Some American studies have also found an association between depression and risky sex.
Even When You're Undetectable, Diet and Exercise Is Still Important
HIV Mag Plus, 7 December 2015
Researchers have examined the link between weight gain and inflammation in people living with HIV and suggest that obesity strains the immune system causing additional problems for HIV-positive people.
Book Review: ‘Living a Healthy Life with HIV’ by Allison Webel, RN, PhD, et al.
Blog Critics, 9 December 2015
This updated book is based on the concept of self-management for people living with chronic diseases. It reviews the latest guidelines in HIV medical care and tackles issues such as stigma, managing medications and side effects and other various health and lifestyle problems.
What Can We Learn From HIV-Positive Patients Who Control the Virus After Stopping Treatment?
The Body, 8 December 2015
Interview with Matthew Perkins, infectious disease expert, on post-treatment controllers and why are they important to study.
People With HIV Will Soon Have Access to Life Insurance
RH Reality Check, 7 December 2015
People living with HIV in the US will be able to purchase a standard life insurance policy for the first time if they meet certain health requirements such as being at least a year out from their HIV diagnosis and six months into a drug regimen.
The HIV Year in Review
HIV Plus Mag, 30 November 2015
After a year of breakthroughs in the potential cure, treatment, and prevention of HIV, it’s hard to keep straight all the discoveries, competing research, and sometimes even contradictory findings. So we do it for you.

7 ways to stop you from becoming HIV-positive
FS Mag, 6 December 2015
“Making your sex life safer is far more complex that just ‘being a bit wiser baby, put it on, put it on’, it also requires communication, regular testing, education and a big hot sticky load of respect.”



STIs: Risky, Scary, or Just Stigmatized?
Psychology Today, 7 December 2015
Our difficulty in accurately weighing risk informs every aspect of our lives, including sex. A series of studies published recently in the International Journal of Sexual Health, explores how our assessment of sex-related risks may be uniquely biased and inaccurate.  

The Return of Syphilis
The Atlantic, 3 December 2015
Syphilis infections are on the rise in the US. As it can be difficult to prevent and to recognize, the CDC is encouraging sexually active people, especially pregnant women and MSM, to get regular syphilis tests. Health officials also stress the importance of raising public awareness.
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