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21 August 2015



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 32, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 29 new cases for week 32-2015, bringing the total to 257 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.

Tallaght woman spreading HIV
FM104 Chris Barry Phoneshow
Story about a HIV positive woman in the area of Dublin who is allegedly having unprotected sex with young men. 

Islamic State fighters who got HIV from raping sex slaves forced to become suicide bombers
Daily Express, 21 August 2015
Doctors who were forced to treat fighters in Syria reveal how ISIS recently executed a fighter for knowingly spreading the virus to others.

HIV is not death sentence
Irish Examiner, 17 August 2015
Philip Corcoran of Cork’s Sexual Health Centre urges men and women who are sexually active and taking risks to have a HIV test. It save lives and halts infection.

Ice addiction and HIV: ‘I just felt truly hopeless.’, 15 August 2015
Article on methamphetamine use among gay, HIV-positive men.

Though Not A Death Sentence, HIV/AIDS Still Holds A Powerful Stigma
NRP, 16 August 2015
HIV then and now. Two survivors, from two different generations, tell their stories.

PrEPosterous gender health inequality?
NAT, 16 August 2015
Opinion piece on HIV prevention and women. PrEP should be made easily available to women in high risk of acquiring HIV.

Positively Trans Launches Survey of Transgender People Living with HIV
Human Rights Campaign, 14 August 2015
The Transgender Law Center’s Positively Trans project has launched a pioneering survey of the experiences and needs of transgender and gender-nonconforming people living with HIV.
See also:
We Are Here: Trans Men and HIV
HIV Plus Mag, 19 August 2015
Article about transgender men living with HIV. 

Health-care providers’ experiences with opt-out HIV testing: a systematic review
Taylor Francis Online, 14 August 2015
Abstract of a study about the various issues of opt-out HIV testing from health-care provider perspective.

People in rough neighborhoods trade HIV meds instead of taking them
Arstecnica, 14 August 2015
A recent US study shows that patients from disadvantaged areas don’t take regularly their HIV medications, and quite often they will sell or trade their antiviral medications rather adhering to their treatment plans.

Scientists Found Way to Block HIV in Semen, Could Also Block Ebola
Gay, 20 August 2015
A tweezer-shaped molecule could offer a more effective method for preventing the spread of HIV and hepatitis C through seminal transmission.

Interview with HIV denier-turned-science-advocate John Strangis
Science Blogs, 20 August 2015
John Strangis talks about his experiences with HIV denialism and his subsequent turn to patient and science activism.

You’re Doing It Wrong! The Right Way to Put on a Condom
HIV Plus Mag, 18 August 2015
Using a condom can be up to 98 percent effective in preventing the spread of STIs. But, if used incorrectly or inconsistently, condoms can be rendered completely ineffective.
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