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2 December 2016




World AIDS Day 2016 campaign supported by Lord Mayor of Dublin
HIV Ireland, 30 November 2016
The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Mr. Brendan Carr, has given his full support to this year’s World AIDS Day campaign, Hands Up for #HIVprevention ( Niall Mulligan, Executive Director of HIV Ireland  has encouraged everyone to support the HIV prevention campaign in order to halt the rising HIV figures in Ireland and throughout the world.

HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Week 47, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 10 new cases for week 47 - 2016, bringing the total to 463 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.

One in seven with HIV in Europe unaware of infection: study
Medical Xpress, 29 November 2016
According to the ECDC latest report, one in seven people with HIV in Europe is unaware of their infection, with the 47 percent of cases diagnosed at a late stage of infection.
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HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe 2015
ECDC, November 2016

HIV cases reach over 2 million for the first time in Europe
WHO, 29 November 2016
For the first time, the total number of HIV cases in Europe has increased to over 2 million, with a 7% increase compared to the previous year and the highest annual number since reporting began in the 1980s.
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AIDS by the Numbers - Ending The AIDS Epidemic By 2030 As Part Of The Sustainable Development Goals
UNAIDS, November 2016

Awareness of HIV still ‘stuck in the 1980s’, says Terrence Higgins Trust
Terence Higgins trust, 1 December 2016
World AIDS Day survey reveals 30% Brits believe you can get HIV from sharing a toothbrush - and only 16% realise there’s still an HIV epidemic in the UK.

AIDS complacency can kill
Concern, 1 December 2016
On World AIDS Day Breda Gahan – Concern’s Global Health and HIV Team Lead – reflects on the risks of complacency and the importance of ensuring that no-one is left behind in terms of HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment.

One in seven sexually active gay men in London lives with HIV, including over 4,000 people who don't know they have the virus
The Evening Standard, 1 December 2016
The prevalence of HIV among MSM in London is one to seven, while it is one in 25 nationwide. London also had the highest percentage of heterosexuals diagnosed with HIV in comparison with the rest of the country.

'I Felt Alone, Different, and Dirty': 21 and HIV Positive, Robbie Is Fighting Back
Global Citizen 1 December 2016
Campaigner Robbie Lawlor shares his story to fight HIV stigma and bring awareness.

World Health Organization urges scale-up of HIV self-testing
Aidsmap, 30 November 2016
The World Health Organisation has issued new guidelines recommending that HIV self-testing should be offered as an additional approach to already established HIV testing services. Lack of an HIV diagnosis is a major obstacle to implementing the recommendation that everyone with HIV should be offered antiretroviral therapy.
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Prevent HIV, test and treat all - WHO support for country impact - Progress report 2016
WHO, November 2016

Call for new awareness campaign as record rise in HIV diagnoses revealed
Belfast Telegraph, 30 November 2016
Over 40% of HIV cases in Northern Ireland result from heterosexual contact.
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More than 900 people have HIV in Northern Ireland, Stormont hears
The Irish News, 29 November 2016

“A virus doesn’t discriminate”
Standard Issue Magazine, 1 December 2016
“People think HIV doesn’t affect people like me: I’m white and heterosexual.” HIV campaigner Lizzie Jordan talks about the importance of getting tested.

How can there be such thing as guilty or innocent HIV?
The Irish Times, 1 December 2016
The beliefs that sadly make HIV shameful are the same that suggest sex itself is shameful.

74% of HIV-positive gay men say they’ve received sexual rejection
Gay Times, 1 December 2016
A report from FS Magazine, which looks at stigma faced by those living with HIV, has found that 73% of gay and bisexual men living with HIV have been rejected despite 96% of them being HIV-undetectable.

I’m glad you’re on PrEP… but please don’t make me feel awkward if I still want to wear condoms
Gay Star News, 30 November 2016
There are now several ways to minimise sexual risk-taking, but is that leading to a shift in attitudes towards guys who want to wear condoms?

The symbol invented in Australia that’s breaking down stigma on dating and social media profiles
Au News, 30 November 2016
A new symbol [+u] – meaning HIV-positive and undetectable -  it is now appearing on social media accounts and dating apps worldwide.

Health agencies should challenge the idea that most gay men use drugs
Aidsmap, 29 November 2016
Survey data show that only a minority of gay men use drugs in a sexual context, but that the practice is more common in some cities and social groups.

World AIDS Day, December 1st: Green Party calls for action against alarming rise in HIV infection rates
GreenParty, 30 November 2016
Green Party leader Eamon Ryan says PrEP should be made available to at risk groups.

Act Up Dublin Protest Irish Government’s Response To HIV Crisis
The Outmost, 30 November 2016
The LGBT rights organisation, Act Up Dublin is calling for a renewed effort to address the expanding HIV epidemic in Ireland.

Living with HIV: 'There is nothing to fear'
Al Jazeera, 30 November 2016
Wilson Bukenya was born with HIV. He lost his parents to Aids when he was two. Now he refuses to be afraid of the virus and talks about living with HIV.

Removing disclosure law will help stop HIV spread, health experts say
The Sidney Morning Herald, 29 November 2016
Australia: The offence of having sex without first disclosing that you have a sexually transmitted infection will be removed from the Public Health Act next year.

Criminalizing HIV transmission: Is imprisonment ever the right response?
BMJ, 28 November 2016
Australian medical professionals have published a ‘Consensual Statement’ on ‘Sexual Transmission and the Law’.

Monitoring Of HIV Testing Services In The EU/EEA
Eurosurveillance, 1 December 2016
Report and recommendations on monitoring HIV testing and the importance of expanding it outside established settings, such as home sampling and self-testing.

Number of HIV-infected Russians receiving free treatment quintuples in 10 years
TASS, 28 November 2016
Second All-Russian Forum for the Prevention and Treatment of HIV and AIDS: The amount of HIV-infected Russians who receive free treatment and are under doctors’ care has increased five-fold in Russia over the past 10 years.

New HIV Diagnoses in Greece at Lowest Level in 5 Years
Greek Reporter, 29 November 2016
According to data recently released by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, new diagnoses of HIV in Greece are at their lowest levels in years.

HIV wears woman’s face!
Vanguard, 27 November 2016
Nigeria has an increasing number of HIV infections among women. In both urban and rural areas, HIV prevalence is consistently higher among females than males.

Explainer: the how, what and why of the latest HIV vaccine trial
The Huffington Post, 30 November 2016
This trial is based on a trial carried out in Thailand in 2009 which showed a 31% reduction in HIV after three years. After 12 months the vaccines showed 60% efficacy. In the South African study researchers are hoping to increase the potency and durability of the vaccine to reach at least a 50% reduction in HIV infection after three years.

Kiwi HIV patients 'denied access to medication'
News Hub, 23 November 2016
Currently people diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand cannot access medication until their CD4 cell count has dropped below 500. The New Zealand AIDS Foundation argues that this threshold was developed two decades ago when HIV treatments were considered too toxic and to be avoided until absolutely necessary.

China to approve 1st long-acting injection to treat HIV/AIDS
Global Times, 24 November 2016
China's national drug authority is to approve a locally produced injectable HIV drug.  The medication is expected to be the world's first long-acting injection for HIV treatment.



Needle Exchange Programs Help HIV But Move Too Slowly, CDC Says
NBC News, 29 November 2016
Update on harm reduction and needle exchange programs in the USA.

27 Million People in U.S. Use Illicit Drugs, Harm Reduction Not Keeping Pace
HIV and Hepatitis, 18 November 2016
Nearly 27 million people in the US reportedly use illicit drugs, misuse prescription drugs, or have a substance use disorder, but only 1 in 10 are receiving any kind of treatment for it.



Bridging A Gap, Finding Our Voice: An Interview With Activist Tonie Walsh
University Observer, 29 November 2016
World AIDS Day 2016: Interview with activist, archivist, and journalist Tonie Walsh, whose work in the LGBTQ+ community spans over 30 years.

Gay community recalls dark days before decriminalisation
The Irish Times, 30 November 2016
UK moves to pardon gay men prompts calls to examine how they were treated in Ireland.
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