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4 September 2015

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HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 34, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 31 new cases for week 34-2015, bringing the total to 301 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.

Inquiry launched after HIV clinic reveals hundreds of patients' identities
The Guardian, 2 September 2015
The 56 Dean Street clinic in London apologises after accidentally disclosing names and email addresses of 780 people, many living with HIV.

HIV patient tells of fears of disclosure after details leak
BBC News, 3 September 2015
A man says he fears having to tell friends and family he is HIV positive after he was among 780 patients whose details were leaked by a health clinic.

HIV and a breach of stigma
London Friend, 3 September 2015
After the London sexual health clinic blunder, the fear the clinic’s patients now feel shows that the stigma around HIV has failed to be controlled anywhere near as well as the virus itself. People decide to remain private about being HIV positive because disclosure still results in rejection, in prejudice, and in discrimination.

Sky News presenter Kay Burley under fire for calling sexual health centre 'AIDS clinic'
Daily Express, 2 September 2015
Ms Burley has been criticised by HIV campaigners for using stigmatising language as she tweeted about the clinic’s blunder.

Exactly Zero Men on PrEP Contract HIV in 2.5-Year Study
Gay, 3 September 2015
After two and a half years of trials, a study carried out at the Kaiser Medical Center in San Francisco has found no new HIV infections among a group of men on PrEP.

AS 2015: Gay Men Are Using Nuanced Sero-adaptive Behaviours to Prevent HIV Infection
HIV and Hepatitis, 2 September 2015
An ongoing study on HIV sexual transmission between men shows that various groups of MSM consider serosorting and time elapsed since last testing when making decisions about condoms use. 

Ryan White HIV/AIDS program offers needed patient support
Business Insider, 2 September 2015
The federal Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program has been successfully providing for many years essential services to nearly three-quarters of HIV-positive patients in the US.

When am I required to disclose my HIV status?
Sun Herald, 31 August 2015
Q: I am HIV-positive, but after taking HIV medication for the past few years, my viral load is undetectable. Should I disclose my HIV status to a partner or, because I'm undetectable, is it OK for me to keep it to myself?

5 HIV-Positive Men Give Advice to Their Former Selves
Advocate, 31 August 2015
In an effort to help newly diagnosed men, five HIV-positive guys share what advice they would give their former selves on the diagnosis day.

Glasgow in grip of "unusual" HIV outbreak as the number of new cases soar
Evening Times, 31 August 2015
Glasgow is in the grip of a HIV outbreak after the number of new cases through drug injection has more than trebled in a year. Health workers urge people not to share needles and to use protection during sexual intercourse.

Rachel is composed, confident – and unable to tell anyone she is HIV-positive
The Guardian, 2 September 2015
Around 25,000 people in the UK live with undiagnosed HIV, many from black minorities and ethnic communities where stigma creates a barrier.

Who has to pay?
NAT, August 2015
HIV and sexual health testing, treatment and care are available free of charge from the NHS throughout the UK, regardless of immigration status.

Jail term for HIV+ husband
IOL News, 3 September 2015
The Zimbabwe man has been sentenced to eight years in prison for failing to disclose his status to his wife and transmitting the virus.

Singapore lifts ban on HIV-positive visitors
The Guardian, 31 August 2015
HIV positive foreigners will be able to visit for up to three months but will still be prevented from staying long term or working in the city-state.

Addressing ageing and HIV in New York State
The Body, 31 August 2015
Interview with the directors of two NY State HIV agencies on how the growing number of older people living with HIV has shaped and changed the services provided.

Ageing With HIV: What We Know and What You Can Do
The Body, 31 August 2015
Detailed article on all the medical problems related to ageing with HIV, with relevant advice for various conditions and issues.

Challenges of ageing for people with HIV
Pharmaphorum, 1 September 2015
Article on the complex issues faced by the growing numbers of older people living with HIV and what services they need to help them improve their quality of life.

Once-a-Week HIV Injections May Free Millions From Pills
Voa News, 28 August 2015
An injectable HIV treatment is entering advanced clinical trials, potentially making treatment, adherence and side effects much more manageable.

Padua researchers discover protein that blocks HIV virus
AGI, 2 September 2015
Researchers found that Nucleolin - a multifunctional protein found in human cells and normally involved in the transcription, transport and replication of nucleic acids - can keep the HIV virus from reactivating after a period of latency.


World Hepatitis Summit aims to raise awareness of viral hepatitis
Healio, 2 September 2015
The World Hepatitis Summit, taking place this week in Glasgow, aims to raise more awareness about viral hepatitis and will discuss how to help countries around the globe develop national programs to combat viral hepatitis and expand international access to treatment.


HIV treatment as prevention scale-up linked to reduced mortality among people who inject drugs in Vancouver
Aidsmap, 1 September 2015
HIV-related and all-cause death among people who inject drugs have decreased significantly since the introduction of expanded access to antiretroviral therapy as part of a ‘treatment as prevention’ initiative in Vancouver.

Study: Needle exchange policy prevented HIV
USA Today, 2 September 2015
Recently approved needle exchange policy for intravenous drug users has prevented 120 new cases of HIV in the last two years in Washington.


Chlamydia testing for young pregnant women - Australia and the USA do it, so why not the UK?
Irish Examiner, 26 August 2015
A new study suggests that more routine chlamydia screening for young pregnant women could prevent complications and save money.
Syphilis on the rise in gay men
Daily Xtra, 25 August 2015
Ottawa Public Health has set up STI testing booths at local bathhouses for clients interested in knowing their status, and many men have taken the opportunity to get tested.


Sexual Health

Complaint that Ireland AM showed condom being put onto model of erect penis
Yahoo News, 2 September 2015
A woman complained to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland after TV3 showed a condom being put on a model of a penis.


Sex Work

How Decriminalizing Sex Work Fights HIV
Gay, 31 August 2015
Kate D’Adamo - National Policy Advocate at the Sex Workers Project - talks about Amnesty International recent stand on sex work, and explains how decriminalisation of sex work can help fighting HIV epidemic.
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