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19 August 2016




HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Week 32, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 8 new cases for week 32 - 2016, bringing the total to 326 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date

Tackling HIV stigma: What works?
NAT, June 2016
Stigma and HIV can sometimes seem to be synonymous; but do they have to be? This study looks briefly at stigma and stigma theory before examining the evidence of what makes an effective stigma intervention and making a series of recommendations.

'HIV drugs DO prevent spread': US health official signs groundbreaking consensus to declare infection risk is 'negligible' with regular medication
Daily Mail, 18 August 2016
According to a groundbreaking new consensus statement, people living with HIV are not infectious if they consistently take antiretroviral drugs that suppress the virus.
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No new HIV infections seen in San Francisco's Strut PrEP programme
Aidsmap, 11 August 2016
A community-based sexual health clinic in San Francisco had started a HIV prevention programme in 2014 offering education, counselling, medical evaluation and follow up for PrEP to more than 1200 clients and has seen no new HIV infections to date.

Early HIV treatment protects uninfected partners
Futurity, 17 August 2016
A new study has found that early HIV treatment suppress the viral load of people living with HIV providing durable protection against heterosexual transmission.

To target HIV risk, define who’s ‘homeless’
Futurity, 16 August 2016
People who are homeless are at greater risk of HIV infection than those with stable housing. But homeless people themselves are not a uniform group and this can make difficult to identify and target those more at risk.

5 Quick & Dirty Answers on Sex, Dating Apps, and HIV
HIV Plus Mag, 12 August 2016
Got questions about dating apps, barebacking sex, and HIV disclosure? We've got the answers.

Motivations and values associated with combining sex and illicit drugs (‘chemsex’) among gay men in South London: findings from a qualitative study
STI BMJ, 12 August 2016
Short abstract of a study on chemsex carried out among gay men living in South London.

HIV/AIDS and Mental Health Issues
Web MD, 16 August 2016
Even with new, life-saving drugs, the risk of mental health issues remains high in people with HIV as they have face stress, depression, anxiety and isolation.
Efavirenz appears to be associated with elevated suicide risk in START trial
Aidsmap, 10 August 2016
Efavirenz is widely used in HIV treatment, but is seems to be linked to serious side effects on patients’ physical and mental health, especially in patients with a previous history of depression or other mental issues.

Hepatitis, HIV patients more likely to commit suicide post hospitalisation
Hindustan Times, 15 August 2016
A new study, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, has investigated associations between infectious diseases and the risk of death by suicide. The results suggest that longer the hospitalisation and treatment, the higher the suicide risk in the patients.

Are we losing our passion as AIDS activists?
Beta Blog, 15 August 2016
Gay rights campaigners and HIV activism. Have the communities and people affected by HIV and AIDS fought hard enough, and is the job of AIDS activists near an end?

Stigma 'killing' South Africans living with HIV
Reuters, 16 August 2016
Sex workers in South Africa face criminalisation and discrimination and therefore can’t have access to health care for HIV prevention and treatment.

Changing Trends in HIV-Related Cancers
MedPage Today, 15 August 2016
ART has not only contributed to the dramatic decline in the incidence of HIV-associated cancers, but it may have also changed the characteristics of these cancers in HIV patients.

Ongoing hepatitis B virus replication associated with higher mortality for people with HIV
Aidsmap, 16 August 2016
Guidelines for HIV care recommend early treatment for all people immediately after diagnosis. New studies now show that prompt start of ART is paramount for people with HIV and HepB co-infection.

HIV: Newly discovered component could lead to more effective drugs
Medical News Today, 14 August 2016
A research team has discovered how the HIV retrovirus gets the genetic building blocks it needs to synthesize the DNA to infect the host cell and remain undetected.

Gilead licenses Danish Bispecific antibodies for the next HIV Cure
Labiotech, 15 August 2016
Genmab has developed DuoBody, a technology creating an artificial protein composed of parts of two different antibodies and their antigens. Gilead is getting the license for these bispecific antibodies in the search for an HIV cure.


Dealers sell highly potent sedative pills on city streets
Sunday World, 14 August 2016
Drugs addiction in Dublin: Gangs are making millions selling prescription tablets which drugs users mix with alcohol, methadone and heroin.

World’s Largest Drug Consumption Room Opens in Copenhagen
Talking Drugs, 15 August 2016
The first drug consumption room was opened a year ago with City Council funds. It provides a clean environment for long-term addicts who are now much more likely to access other health services in the area.



Syphilis cases increase by 163% in London in five years
The Guardian, 18 August 2016
Five times more people were diagnosed with syphilis in London last year than in any other English region, according to a report that says cases of the infection have more than doubled in the capital since 2010.

Dating apps urged to help tackle STIs amid Wales rise
BBC News, 15 August 2016
Health experts urge dating websites and apps to promote safer sex messages in order to tackle the recent increase in STIs.
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How Mobile Technology Can Lead to Improved Care of STIs
BMJ, 16 August 2016


Sex Work

The disturbing trend of vigilante attacks on sex workers
Vice, 16 August 2016
Hate crimes against sex workers is increasing across the UK and Ireland, and it goes largely unreported.
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