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28 September - 2 October 2015



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 38, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 12 new cases for week 38-2015, bringing the total to 341 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.

The enduring power of stigma – understanding why HIV-positive gay men don’t disclose their status
Aidsmap, 30 September 2015
Results of a study carried out at the on National University of Ireland in Galway on serostatus disclosure, stigma, own identity rejection, and social and sexual exclusion among HIV-positive gay men in Ireland. The research highlights the failure to socially normalize HIV.

WHO Calls for Early Treatment for All HIV Patients
Voice of America, 30 September 2015
The World Health Organization has revised its HIV guidelines to recommend that anyone who tests positive for the virus should be treated immediately.
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Guideline on when to start antiretroviral therapy and on pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV
WHO, September 2015
This early-release guideline highlights two key recommendations: First, ART should be initiated in everyone living with HIV at any CD4 cell count. Second, the use of daily PrEP is recommended as a prevention choice for people at substantial risk of HIV infection.

BHIVA guidelines for the treatment of HIV-1-positive adults with antiretroviral therapy 2015
BHIVA, September 2015
These updated guidelines for health professional give directions on management of adults with HIV, initiation of ART treatment, support of people living with HIV on treatment; virological failure; plus various recommendations on specific groups. 


Dating Means Disclosing the Best of Me, Not Just My HIV Status
The Body, 3 September 2015
Disclosure is a big part, if not the biggest part, of dating while positive. That, in itself, can cause an abundance of mental trauma if one isn't emotionally prepared for the consequences of disclosing to a potential partner.

Adverse Reactions
Poz, September 2015
Side effects can make adherence to HIV treatment very difficult. This survey carried out by Poz magazine shows how adverse reactions affect people living with HIV and how they cope with it.

Sexual Wellbeing Challenges for the Modern Gay Man
Well Doing, 23 September 2015
Sexual health clinics and LGBT therapists are now seeing rising numbers of gay men looking for support and advice on various issues such as chem sex, HIV prevention, relationships and intimacy.

Campaign encourages gay men to have unprotected sex in attempt to boost sales of anti-HIV drug
The Age Victoria, 30 September 2015
A controversial advertising campaign has been slammed by health experts as dangerous and by some activist groups as potentially stigmatising.
See also:
Melbourne posters saying gay men can “f*** raw” on PrEP follow report revealing record figures of condomless sex
Star Observer, 18 September 2015
The activist group SeeItClearly2020 said they created the campaign to shock and start a conversation around making PrEP accessible in Australia.

Sheridan Subway restaurant sued after firing HIV-positive employee
WTHR, 29 September 2015
A Subway restaurant in central Indiana has been sued for terminating one of its employees. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says the franchise fired the employee after he told his boss that he is HIV positive. 

The stigma around AIDS still blocks progress
Mashable, 29 September 2015
Activism and developing countries: the future of AIDS activism at the 2015 Social Good Summit.

High standards of care associated with reduced mortality risk of patients with HIV
Aidsmap, 28 September 2015
A recent study shows that high quality care provided by healthcare systems and providers may decrease mortality for their patients. This quality care was however unable to reduce mortality associated with disease severity and co-morbid conditions.

Here's How The Obama Administration Plans To Cut HIV Infection In Africa
Tech Times, 29 September 2015
The Obama administration announced that $300 million will be added to the ongoing public health campaign to treat HIV in teenage girls living in 10 sub-Saharan countries in Africa.



Targeted screening strategies for HCV
Irish Medical Times, 29 September 2015
Dr Sarah O’Connell and Prof Colm Bergin, Consultants at St James’s Hospital in Dublin, talk about the new screening programme for HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B at their hospital.

Hepatitis C drug buyers club aims to set up new source of support
Sidney Morning Herald, 25 September 2015
A group of campaigning patients and doctors has launched a Dallas Buyers' Club-style operation to help Australia's estimated 233,000 hepatitis C sufferers get new life-saving drugs without paying astronomical bills.



‘If you can be hooked-up within minutes of course you’re going to have more STDs’
The Journal, 23 September 2015
The AIDS Healthcare Foundation targets Tinder, a location-based dating app, and Grindr, a similar site for gay men, in posters and ads  aimed at reminding users about the risks of casual sex and offering free STIs tests.

Tinder and Grindr outraged over STD testing billboards that reference apps
The Guardian, 29 September 2015
Tinder has demanded its name be removed while Grindr has halted Aids Healthcare Foundation ads on site as AHF president called dating app companies ‘tone deaf’.
See also:
AIDS Healthcare Foundation message to Tinder, 23 September 2015

Give Me a Crash Course In . . . the rise in sexually transmitted infections
The Irish Times, 26 September 2015
A new report puts Ireland at higher end for rates of infection among European countries. Two health care professionals give opinion and advice.

Here Are the Worst Myths About STIs According to the Women Who Have Them
Mic, 25 September 2015
Women with STIs often bear heavy social stigma as they are considered 'dirty' or 'promiscuous.’

STD or STI? What’s the difference?
American Sexual Health Association, September 2015
Some of the reasons why many health experts have suggested replacing STD with the term sexually transmitted infection, or STI.

The secret sex lives of the over 70s: One in three are at it twice a month but experts warn of soaring rates of STIs - with a 500% jump in syphilis
Daily Mail, 18 September 2015
The majority of diagnoses of all STIs in the older age groups were in men, but gonorrhoea and syphilis were highest among heterosexual women and men who have sex with men.


Sex Work

‘John Shaming’ Is Actually Putting Sex Workers at Risk
Vice, 29 September 2015
Client shaming on newspapers and social media and police tactics in Canada and US force sex workers into isolation and make them more vulnerable.

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