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2A Tuesday, February 4, 2014, is nearly upon us, and we are grateful for all the support of the partner organizations in making this very important event a reality. As always, your continued support of these organizations is vital to sustaining their mission, and to the preservation of your Second Amendment Rights. Please consider additional contributions to enable them to continue the fight.

Maryland Shall Issue -- Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association
Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association -- Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action -- Western Maryland Sportsmen's Coalition

The goals for the day are simple:

Communication with Legislators (House and Senate)
  • Make appointments to meet with your representatives in advance, or show up unannounced. If you are unfamiliar with this, there will be volunteers to walk you through the process and even escort you. When speaking to your representatives, be engaging, polite, and make your points clearly. Be prepared to support your positions, and be willing to listen.
A rally to express the 2A Community's position
  • Join us on Lawyers' Mall at 11:30AM to hear speakers from the partner organizations, as well as 2A-friendly Legislators, as we explain to the Governor and the remainder of the General Assembly our positions regarding the ongoing infringement of Marylanders' Second Amendment Rights.
Becoming better advocates and citizen 'lobbyists'
  • Throughout the day, attend sessions and speak to representatives of the partner organizations on how to better advocate for your Rights as a Citizen, the importance of voting in Maryland (there will be Registration Volunteers available, if needed), and things we can all do to support our position as residents of Maryland.

In preparing for the day, there are several references we would like to recommend for you to look at, which may help you be better informed. Learn who your representatives are, and how to contact them. AGC has developed a printable list of Legislators which should be focused on.

There are several email tools available to contact your Legislators. Using or the tools located on the Associated Gun Clubs or NRA-ILA websites will allow you to send your opinions directly.

A summary of the current "Gun Bills" can be found using the Legislative News link at as well as other useful information. is a comprehensive repository of gun, safety, and crime information, which is objective and academically footnoted.

Both and are very good and very thorough in tracking the contributions made to your representatives' campaigns. (Note that large companies often make contributions to both sides, so be careful in calling out these entities.)

Review stories of actual self defense by reading or searching the internet. Print some out and ask your legislature if they would be ok knowing their gun control bill resulting in a woman being raped, or a family being robbed, or even a citizen being killed by a criminal. Show them that self defense is real, and that not every criminal uses a firearm (since they may try to say their law would prevent a criminal from getting a firearm.) 
Remember that this is a "rain or shine" event. Please prepare and plan accordingly!

Please keep in mind that, while our elected representatives work for us and we will be present in "the People's house", there are rules that are in place for everyone's benefit.

When entering the House or Senate offices or the State House, treat it as you might a visit to the airport. Knives and other questionable items will not be permitted, and everyone should come expecting to have to go through metal detectors and checks of their personal effects.

Signs, flags, and banners are welcomed, but they must not be affixed to poles, stakes, or frames, nor can they be posted on any surfaces in the area.
Bringing food is permitted, but be aware that any utensils may be subject to restrictions if entering the buildings. There are also many places within a 10-minute walk of the Mall, so please plan accordingly.

Our groups have developed a good working relationship with the Department of General Services (the good people who maintain/prepare the areas, as well as provide security). It is therefore requested that we show them the respect they are due, thank them for their work, and to clean up after ourselves. Everyone should bring a couple of bags along to police the area throughout the day. Smokers should “field strip” their butts, and dispose of
them properly.

Lastly, a reminder that we strive to dispel the media myths about lawful firearms owners. Understand that the media will look past the businessmen and the grandmothers assembled peacefully and find the one person who represents every negative stereotype about gun owners, and put them on the 6pm news. Also, Maryland law forbids carrying firearms of any
kind at a demonstration or gathering. Do not bring firearms or anything that resembles a firearm, including open holsters.

Thank you all in advance for your participation, and setting the stage to reclaim your rights in 2014. Bring people with you, and spread the word. 

Be sure to promote this important event on Facebook and Twitter, using #2ATuesday
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