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New Yorkers awoke this morning to find themselves subject to the most draconian gun laws in the nation. New Yorkers will be required to sell any magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds. Ten round magazines can only contain seven rounds or the owner will face a misdemeanor charge. New Yorkers will face a battery of new gun registration requirements, as well as re-registration. New Yorkers will be forced to sell or surrender a number of firearms legally owned. 

This is a literal case of, "they are here to take your guns."

New York law will not "grandfather" all previously owned firearms or magazines. They do not offer exceptions for that old 10/22 handed down from father to son. They don't care if it has a bolt or is a semi-automatic rifle, or that it is a shotgun or pistol for self-defense in the home. The law further restricts ammunition sales, requiring retailers to perform background checks and to register the sale of every single round of ammunition. New York created something called a "One Feature Test" - basically saying anything with a pistol grip, adjustable stock, weaver rail or other "lethality enhancing features" are now illegal. Hunters and sportsman will not be exempt, as they will be required to undergo background checks to purchase shotgun shells.

The law requires registration of gun owners, requires registration of every firearm they possess and requires that citizens ask permission of the state every five years to continue to own those firearms. If you fail to register, you will be a criminal. If you fail to get rid of your gun, you will be a criminal. Remember that criminals will not be required to register their guns, because that would be self-incrimination under Hayes vs. United States. (This 1968 Supreme Court case held that gun registration by a prohibited person amounted to self-incrimination under the 5th amendment.)

This is the true nature of Gun Control. No one can seriously believe that criminals will obey of the gun control aspects of this law. 

Maryland Is Next

The Maryland Legislature is being asked to consider a broad range of gun control proposals. The Governor claims he will have an easy road to banning anything he determines to be an "Assault Weapon" and to force fingerprinting and registration of all buyers in the state. He will ban magazines holding more than ten rounds and force expensive training requirements on those who would purchase and own firearms. 

The goal in Maryland is simple: make the ownership and use of firearms so expensive and so onerous that people will not bother to exercise their right. Gun Controller’s in this state look to take a big bite today, and then continue to chip away at our rights every chance they get. Their goal is the eventual destruction of the right through implementation of impractical laws, expensive training and onerous regulation. O'Malley wants to eventually force you to turn in your guns, just like they will in New York.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

As Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley prepares to release details of his new Gun Control measures, we are told he respects the Second Amendment. We are told he will not harm the rights of "legitimate" gun owners. We are told he respects our rights.

He thinks we are blind.

Governor O'Malley is playing coy when he says he respects the rights of "hunters and sportsmen.” He already acknowledged he wanted to go after those firearms, too. He has just decided to put that off for another day. The English learned the same lesson. Gun Control advocates leaves the "hunters and sportsmen" for last. This video from England is a look at the future of America. It highlights the gun controller’s plans. We have the ability to stop them if we don't fall for their tricks. 

History tells us what will happen next. History tells us that those passed over today are merely waiting for the next step. Those who passed the Federal Assault Weapon Ban in 1994 promised to leave hunters out of it, but soon began shutting down hunting lands, implementing restrictions on lead ammunition for game hunting, and more. These restrictions - unlike the Assault Weapons Ban - remain to this day. Gun Controller’s will not stop with what they now consider "Assault Weapons,” because they will simply add more guns and more "lethality features" to the list as time goes by. Even immediate history shows where we are going: New York law will force hunters to turn in or sell a great number of sporting and hunting guns - or become criminals. New York will require background checks to purchase shotgun shells. 

Even without history, we need look no further than the stated goals of modern Gun Controller’s. We have seen recent attempts by the EPA at the federal level to restrict the use of all lead-based ammunition under the guise of regulating toxic substances. Hunters are on their list.

O'Malley knows he cannot pass his draconian laws if all firearms owners in Maryland stand united. He looks to split gun owners by offering a temporary refuge for hunters. Hunters will not be exempted. They are just further down the list.

Hunters know better than politicians what happens to those split from the herd. 

Gun Control Helps No One

The simple truth is that bad people do bad things. Good people do not kill. Our Governor wishes to lump you in with literal homicidal maniacs, just because you own a tool. 

Maryland looks to ban so-called "Assault Weapons,” yet FBI statistics show that none were used to kill a person in Maryland last year. The governor is asking the legislature to increase public safety by banning an object that has not been used in a murder in Maryland. Meanwhile, Maryland still does not meet the recommendations of the federal government for the reporting of those persons deemed dangerous to themselves and others, even though the federal government has offered to pay Maryland money to do so.

Banning inanimate objects does not stop crime. Big words on little pieces of paper do not stop homicidal maniacs. But those words do turn good people into criminals, just like they are doing in New York.

No credible peer-reviewed study has ever suggested Gun Control ends crime. In fact, a Harvard University study showed the opposite. We see in Chicago, New York City and Washington DC that strict bans on firearms do not protect the citizenry. Chicago's murder rate last year was an astounding 506 homicides and that number has already accelerated in 2013. This in a city that forces the harshest restrictions of self-defense rights in the nation.

Gun Control is not about crime. Gun Control is about ending gun ownership. All gun ownership. Gun Control leaders at the state and national level have been clear on that point. They are no longer hiding behind the veil of "safety" or "reducing crime." This is an all-out push to end gun ownership. They are talking confiscation and forced by backs with impunity. 

Your Voice

Gun Controller’s in New York succeeded where those in Illinois failed. We are seeing attempts in Delaware, Connecticut and elsewhere to limit the rights of gun owners through draconian laws. They are not being subtle about this. They are looking to use the power of the state to usurp your rights, even in the face of Supreme Court ruling that clearly define your rights as fundamental.

Today starts a process where you must take your stand. 

Remember that the Supreme Court held that the 2nd Amendment is a FUNDAMENTAL INDIVIDUAL RIGHT.

Only you can preserve your rights. You must call, write, visit and communicate with your state lawmakers, starting now. Use the tools MSI provides, to contact lawmakers. This is not a one-day affair. Maryland lawmakers meet for 90 days, and we are barely seven days into it. MSI and others will help you take the steps required to preserve your rights in Maryland. 

Today we begin: pick up the phone and start calling, pick up the pen and start writing, and get in the car and go to Annapolis. 

Respectfully tell those you speak with that you are against Gun Control in all its forms. You do not need to pick the magazine limits, or discuss the definition of so-called "Assault Weapons.” You must make your representatives understand that all Gun Control must be off the table.

Compromise is not possible when it comes to fundamental rights. Our lawmakers must be told that we will not willingly give up any of our rights. They will need to take them from us.

Maryland faces elections in 2014. Make sure they know we will remember who stood for our rights, and who wanted to deny your fundamental right. 

We are facing the greatest threat on our 2nd Amendment Civil Rights in over a decade. Every supporter must be active. Recent polls estimate only about 15% of pro-2a people are making their voice heard. If those numbers do not improve, we will lose. A New York delegate reported getting less than 500 pro-2a contacts. This may be the Waterloo of the gun rights movement in Maryland, and on the national level. Do we want history to repeat itself, or are we going to stand up, and stop their momentum?

Maryland Shall Issue® will provide the tools. Our 2nd Amendment Resource Room is a wealth of respectable articles and publications. Our mailer will allow you to email your representatives.

Only you can hit send. Only you can pick up the receiver and dial. Only you can print the letter and lick the stamp. Only you can drive to Annapolis. Only YOU!
It Begins In Maryland: HB 107
HB 107 has been filed in the Maryland House of Delegates. This bill will limit magazines to 10 rounds for purchase, sale, and transfer. It would also create a misdemeanor offense for using a larger than 10 round magazine in commission of a crime. We recently saw an article in which a woman defended her family by firing 5 rounds into a criminal who was still able to drive away. If there had been multiple attackers, she might have become a victim. Had she missed a shot (which can happen) she might have become a victim. SAY NO to arbitrary limits on the amount of rounds we can use for self-defense.
Let’s set the tone and let them know where we stand.

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