This Newsletter talks about my travel to Lake Placid NY for the 2013 Ironman race (my 7th), a key local running race with which I was pleased, my most popular post in the last 30 days, a book I enjoyed, Paleo cooking progress (with video link), a key training tip and thoughts from Monty Python on the issue of rights.

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Well, I finally arrived in Lake Placid, NY, again. I feel ready (as much as one ever is) for the Ironman race on Sunday. It is great to be here.


Here I am, just finishing the Carrboro Four On The Fourth 4-mile race, coming in second out of seven runners in my age group (70-74). This was very satisfying, but more importantly it demonstrated that my new running style is working.

I described this exciting running epiphany in a recent blogpost,

You can teach an old dog new tricks, it would appear.

Click image for link to this brief video by Rory.

My objective is to encourage those who think that their old bodies are done for that this just is not the case.


TRAVEL: I don't understand why people have to rush, when there is generally no reason to do so. Where are they rushing too. I take my time going to the race, and when I had a regular job I did the same thing, with a little more planning. Here I learned that some dinosaurs actually did have teeth and others had a crop, like chickens, a close relative?


Tennis-Induced Wrist Pain – Every Injury Is An Opportunity To Learn And To Improve In Your Sport

This was by far the most popular post, so take a look. We do learn from out mistakes rather than our successes.
LATEST ENJOYABLE READ: This book continues the adventure of the hero, Langdon, but his adventures are bit too contrived for my taste. However, I enjoyed the book for two reasons, (1) great descriptions of Italian renaissance art and architecture, and (2) his consideration of the impending crisis (and I agree) in world human overpopulation was addressed in a fascinating way.

What does one do about controlling human population growth - the idea put forth was ingenious. If we don't do it the Biosphere will do it for us!

My son, and excellent artist, not to mention athlete, Duncan, created this new book cover, with the assistance of his business partner, Meg. It is very mush appreciated.

If you know anyone going through serious surgery, who might benefit from my experience, just sent them the link. I would certainly appreciate that, and hopefully they might too.

Click image for link to Amazon sales page.
PALEO COOKING: Click on the image to see my first Paleo Tailgate Cooking Demonstration Video.
TRAINING TIP OF THE MONTH: Just watch Kenenisa Bekele run. Notice how far his legs (for stride length) and elbows (for posture) extend behind him, along with an upright stance.

Guys like this provide the inspiration and guidance I need to improve my endurance running skills.
Click image for link to YouTube video - makes me laugh every time, and laughter is good for us. You know it is!

Well! Now it is time to prepare myself mentally for the Lake Placid Ironman race. Gun goes off at 7:00 am. on Sunday. I trained my body, and now it is up to my mind to pull it all together. I really do enjoy Ironman training, and if my efforts encourage other to stay in shape and have an active happy life, that really is icing on the cake.

Have fun! Life is much too brief to waste.


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