FitOldDog's plans for 2014: (1) The FitOldDog Club, (2) Visits to the Cleveland Clinic, (3) Ironman training diary, (4) Most popular Post.

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Rafeekee has his eye on the birds in the yard, while I have my eye on this years race lineup. YOU?

FitOldDog Club:
Objectives are to, (1) to change the World one person at a time, based on FitOldDog’s two big philosophical errors of Western Society, (2) promote aortic disease awareness, and (3) encourage people to get on with an active life after major health challenges, including old age.
Of course, all of this, including member benefits. such are training encouragement, Skype sessions, maybe even FitOldDog tees and stickers, can change based on what the members think.

If you're interested in joining, just write and ask for the password. It's free for now.
Visits to the Cleveland Clinic - Meet My Endovascular Surgeon:

It makes all the difference if your surgeon, or other physician, understands why you want to continue to be an athlete, even in your 70s. Tara is such a  surgeon, and thank goodness she came along to fix my dislocated stent graft. Now I'm climbing back into Ironman training after 3 months of forced inactivity.

I'm scheduled to see Tara for a checkup in May, prior to my planned races (Eagleman Half Ironman, June; Lake Placid Ironman, July; Mont-Tremblant Ironman, August - let's see how this stented body hangs together).

If you want to meet Tara, watch our brief video interview, which you may have already seen via my blog.
FitOldDog's Training Diary - Life Without Risk Is No Life At All

Will I make it? Follow my daily training, and we'll see! Some people have their doubts. Me, I'll give it a good try, but not at the risk of my life - but not trying things is really throwing your life away.
Most Popular Blog Post In 2013:

My short article about Shane Ellison, where I compared him to Dr. Science (they both have a master's degree in Science), is still the most popular, and continues to generate comments. Some friendly, some less so. Fascinating, as I wrote it back in July, 2011.

I must admit, I still enjoy that Dr. Science video! Take a gander, if you need a laugh, and who doesn't need a laugh from time to time?
Wishing you good health and happy trails in 2014.

Kind Regards,

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