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Cath, Frits (with an 's') and FitOldDog, celebrating the finish of the 2013 70.3 Ironman Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. Such great people make all the difference to one's life.

Lessons from a bike wreck:

During my latest race a very nice young man, Bryan, crashed into me from behind, throwing us both to the ground, and chucking Bryan out of the race due to a broken pedal. I hurt my hand pretty badly, due to two mistakes: (1) I failed to hang onto the bike, which can provide some protection, and (2) I wasn't wearing bike gloves. After such a wreck you find new lesions for several days, a couple of which, shown in the photo, were noticed by Deb two days after the race. Bryan constructed a nice race report, including comments on our wreck, which you can read here. All my wounds are healing nicely, Bryan, so not to worry.

In The Absence Of Dutch Courage, FitOldDog Suffers From A Paralytic Fear Of Heights

Being terrified of heights during our recent visit to the Grand Canyon, I had an odd experience. Returning, soaked and cold from a hike in the rain, I recommended to Deb that we take a strong drink to warm us up, as I had experienced this well known beneficial physiological effect after long SCUBA dives on the long cold boat trip back to shore. After a double whisky, we went back down to the cliff edge (Deb loves to do this, while I hate it), and to my surprise my fear was gone. I could actually enjoy the view (1000s of feet straight down). The next day I tried to recover that feeling of confidence unaided by alcohol, with a little success. I don't recommend this combination, but I sure would like to overcome my paralytic fear and just enjoy the view. Thoughts?

On the flight back from Las Vegas I got into conversation with a number of people, two of which mentioned their desire to reduce their weight. At the same time they were eating junk food, which I found to be odd. Based on my experience with the 'Paleo Diet', I'm pretty convinced that weight regulation is around 70% diet and 30% exercise. High fat/low carb is the way to go.

During setup for a recent half ironman race in Las Vegas I met this guy, Bruce, in the swim to bike transition area. He mentioned that he hoped to improve his transition times as his friends accused him of stopping to make tea, he took so long. Funny thing is, that is what my friends say, and it turns out that Bruce and I were born and raised in the same city in England, Bristol. So we decided to forget the tea, and this resulted in much better times. Clearly, for better transition times, (a) simplify the process, and (b) don't stop to make tea.

FitOldDog's Product News:

We continue to sell our Dynamic Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Guide and Video, along with direct interaction with clients. Feedback from our customers is essential for improvement of our product, which in my opinion is superior to anything else out there.

I also received my first royalty income from the Surgery Recovery Guide, and several more e-books are in the works, as I seek my market niche, not to mention our growing list of Body Movement Videos.

Blog Post of the Month

FitOldDog Visits The Birthplace Of His Aortic Stent Graft:

I had  a fascinating visit to Cook Medical, in Bloomington, Indiana, at the invitation of Gail. I witnessed the AAA stent construction pipeline and learned exactly what is keeping me alive, and in continued Ironman training. To meet the three ladies who actually constructed Rupert, my Cook Zenith Stent Graft, go to the post via this link. Cook staff kindly provided me with a copy of my stent graft, shown in the figure next to a water bottle and 16 oz. coffee cup to show the actual size of this life-saving device. All of my blood passes through my stent every couple of minutes, and the stent prevents rupture of my aorta - if this occurred I would have a very unpleasant final couple of minutes, or less.

Thank you Cook Medical Staff for great work,.and for a refreshing lake swim after the visit.

Wishing everyone happy feet and an active life.

Do fun stuff before you miss your chance, is my advice!


Kevin aka FitOldDog

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