repurposedMATERIALS is located in Denver, Colorado. Reusing by Repurposing Byproducts and Waste of Industry.

July 22, 2014   Please FORWARD to a friend or colleague.

re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value “as is” to a second, unrelated industry. 

In this EditionrepurposedMAGAZINE (Denver, CO)
  • Carpet Tiles (4 Colors to Choose From)
  • Bleacher Wood now in Chicago
  • Dow Blue Insulation
  • World Cup Ski Netting
  • Hwy Barriers in North Carolina

repurposedINBOX:  "Damon, I am in the process of drafting a company-wide construction waste management policy, one of the initiatives I am trying to integrate into our company, especially in the situations of construction and demolition debris is donation of usable components.  I am including a section in my policy that lists outlets for donation of materials in our areas.  I know you guys have a yard in the Chicago area.  Is there a list of “acceptable” and “non-acceptable” items, or a general summary of the types of materials that would be appropriate to use your firm as an outlet for?  Let me know your thoughts." - Patricia Lloyd, LEED AP

RE:  Patricia, Yes, for sure, we’d love to be included in your waste diversion policy.  Feel free to use/adapt below according to your needs!  

"repurposedMATERIALS - - is looking for any byproduct or waste product that would be a candidate for “repurposing” anywhere in America.  While this company is open to a wide range of waste products and materials, they focus on materials that can be “repurposed”…think Generic, Versatile, and Adaptable.  To submit a product or material for their review, simply email pictures, description, quantity, dimensions, and location of the waste stream.  They will promptly get back with you.  

COPY/PASTE:  Feel to use the above paragraph in any company document or organization directory where you're listing landfill diversion resources or outlets!

repurposedFOOD:  We love all "repurpose" stories.  How about one from the food industry!  Problem: A large rice mill suffered a catastrophe where a large batch of rice was contaminated with broken glass.  The typical livestock outlet was NOT interested in the rice b/c of the glass shards.  Solution: A crawfish hatchery could accept the rice.  Both the glass and the rice would sink to the bottom of the pond.  The crawfish would eat the rice and leave the glass lay.  Awesome!

Q:  Do you have food waste problem?  Contact Us>>


foodWASTE:  "Thank you for sending me your company newsletter.  I really look forward to reading about some of the great ideas you are involved with.  I currently am looking for a 're-purpose' idea for 50,000 lbs per month of flour. The material is clean, just a expiration date problem. I have tried placing it with large hog farms with no luck.  The product is in the Chicago area." - Garry  

Question #1
: Would you, or an industry you know, have interest in purchasing this expired flour?  Contact Us>>

Question #2: Do you have food waste like Garry in your operation?  Contact Us>>

Locations:  Denver (303-321-1471) and Chicago (815-907-7639)

Carpet Tiles.  We just got in our first ever carpet tiles.  These come from a Hewlett-Packard facility.  Four colors to choose from and size is 19 1/2" x 19 1/2".  Click Here for Carpet Colors and Pricing>>

Safety Netting.  This is safety netting from the FIS World Cup Ski circuit.  The orange rolls are 12' wide and pink rolls are 6' wide.  It has 3" squares.  This is awesome netting!!!

Ideas:  Any "repurpose" ideas for this netting?  Contact Us>>

FYI...This netting was still perfectly fine for skiing.  The only reason we have it is because the FIS changed their net specification.  So, this rendered all this netting obsolete for World Cup competition.

Q: Does your organization have any products that are simply out-of-spec or obsolete for their original purpose but they'd make a great candidate for "repurposing"?  Contact Us>> 

Bleacher Wood.  These trucks just arriving in Chicago with Bleacher Wood.  Click Here for Inventory>>

...Blue Board Insulation.  We just got in a semi load of 3" thick Dow "blue board" insulation.  We also Polyiso Insulation in stock.  Click Here for Insulation Prices>>

"You might market the blue board as tombstones for Halloween, etc." - Bill Coleman

Gym Flooring.  It's gym floor tear out season!  We just got the pile of Tongue & Groove Maple delivered yesterday in Denver.  The cool, and unusual, thing about this flooring is there are no...ZERO...nails.  (It was attached via a clip system.)  At right, you can see what a whimsical look can be created by re-installing this flooring with the random lines and stripes!  (We're going to be selling this flooring in 500 SF increments starting next week!)  Click Here for Floor pricing>>

"Temple" Floor - in Chicago Click Here for gym floor pricing>>


"Colorado Springs" Floor - in Denver   Click Here for gym floor pricing>> 


repurposedPROJECT...Turf.  Lots of turf in both Denver and Chicago.  Click Here for Turf Pricing>>

"Thought I'd share a picture of what we did with the turf we got from you. This is the patio of our tasting room, the grass really helps it stay cooler out there in the afternoons. I also attached photos of our re-purposed wine barrels and bottles." - Candice Mohr

Insulated Carts.  We just unloaded a five semi loads of these insulated carts.  They are in very good shape.  They are 28.0 cubic feet with heavy duty caster wheels.  We have a few semi loads as you can see.  Selling them 78% off the MSRP.  Location: Chicago  Click Here for Cart Pricing>> 

Q: Any "repurpose" ideas for these carts?  Email Us>>

"Had you guys seen this?  It was on I love your site and e-mails, BTW..when are you coming to Los Angeles, CA?" - Leslie Underwood


Insulated Pavers.  This a pretty unique waste stream.  This is a 2" thick piece of Dow insulation board with a 1/2" of concrete adhered to it to form an insulated paver.  The panels are 2 1/2" x 2' x 4'   Click Here for Pricing>>  (Read the manufacturers product description>>)  

Fabric Dome.  This is a 62' x 78' piece of dome fabric.  This 20 oz vinyl which is thicker than our billboard vinyls.  Weight is 1,150lbs.  Location: Denver  Click Here for Dome Price>>

20 New Colors...reblendPAINT.  “I have a fine arts degree.  So, yes, I’m a paint snob.  After having now seen the results of reblendPAINT, I would definitely use this in my house.  It is very good quality paint, and oh yeah, it is cheap.  Isn’t that kind of the definition of value!?!”  - Jim Kreiner in Kentucky   Check our paint colors>>     

Railroad Rail.  We now have railroad rail in stock.  This is the first we've ever had rail for sale.  Click Here for Rail lengths and prices>>

repurposedPROJECT:  An excavation contractor recently purchased some rail that he is going to set on his shop floor and then poor concrete up to about a 1/4" from the top of the rail.  The slightly raised rail will keep the heavy tracked equipment he repairs from tearing up his concrete floor.  Brilliant!!!


oldCARPET:  "I am an architect and specialize in commercial interiors.  Old carpet can be used to stabilize land." - Cathleen Hart in San Antonio, TX


WANTED:  Does your company have a wood problem...pallets, demolition, reels, dunnage, cribbing, remnants, drops, etc?  Does your company generate at least 200 tons of wood waste per year?  If the answer is, "yes", to both questions, then we have a company that can help you reach Zero Waste with your large quantities of excess wood!  Contact Us>>


What is it?  How can it be "repurposed"?
Last Edition:  Vinyl Strapping from Lawn Furniture
What is it?  "Hello Damon- How could we go about recycling vinyl material?  After removing the vinyl strapping from the lawn furniture, the straps are usually in 1' lengths. We have a wide array of colors.  Below are pictures of a few pieces we have in house and some stock colors." - Davis   How Can It Be "repurposed"?  Any "repurpose" or recycling ideas for this vinyl strapping?  Please email your ideas>>


"Weave it into change link fence to make a screen around pool equipment, trash cans, and backyards." - Karen Tangeman

"There’s a company that takes leftover seatbelts and turns them into purses. That’s a more pliable material than vinyl, but I wondered if it would be possible to do the same thing with the vinyl strapping? The 1’ lengths should work well for weaving them together to create a “fabric”. Perhaps you could contact the seatbelt purse company and see if they want to start another line in vinyl!" - Brenda Nelson

"I do a lot a volunteer work in my local forests/parks and could see these Vinyl Lawn Furniture Strapping pieces being repurposed as Trail Markers. The short length is ideal for wrapping around small trees or branches (bind ends together, no harm to tree). Several could be easily spliced to encompass larger widths as well. They could even be pegged to placards or wrapped around pipes or posts. Various colors (bolder = better) are perfect for differentiating routes and make them more noticeable than small circular reflectors. Their inherent durability should outlast less robust marking-tapes or ribbons." - Joseph Freund


repurposedSERVICES...(demolition, deconstruction, removal...)
(repurposedSERVICES - Do you have materials that need to betorn down, unearthed, cut, unbolted, etc.?  Contact Damon>>)
80' x 250' Roof Structure.  We were approached by a company that has this structure to be torn down in Sept/Oct.  They correctly surmised that this might have "repurpose" value instead of mere scrap metal value.  Location: southeast Missouri  If you'd have interest in purchasing this structure for re-erecting, please Contact Us>>  (Serious Inquiries ONLY!)

(Have something to sell?  Sell it on consignment with us!)
Mezzanine Flooring.  40,000 SF of 9" wide panels and 27,600 SF of 12" wide panels.  Location: Texas  Click Here for Consigment Info>>  (Hey, any good secondary markets you may know about for this product?)


Pavilion Roof Structure:  This 32' x 58' fabric pavilion ripped down by a wind sheer.  We have the fabric and the pipe truss structure available for sale (timbers NOT included).  Location: Colorado  Click Here for Consigment Info>>


Concrete Highway Barriers.  10' L x 23" W x 32 1/2" H.  Weight 3,500 lbs.  There is 15,000' available.  Location: North Carolina  Click Here for Consigment Info>>

SOLD - Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous.
  33,000 lbs of magnesium sulfate anhydrous (a truckload) in 50 lb bags on wood pallets. 

referralAPPRECATION:  Pat Elliott referred Steven w/ A & A Timberline to us to solve a problem.  Problem: Steven has containment ponds in the oilfield that trucks drive in and out of.  He was looking for something to act as matting to protect the expensive liner material.  Solution:  He is going to purchase conveyor belting to roll out and run his trucks across!  Pat, we appreciate the referral!  Click Here For Chicago Belting>> Denver Belting Inventory>>



repurposedINBOX:  "I'm a beekeeper and recently toured this bee hive maker's facility.   They're discarding lots of parts from shop vacs when they convert them to bee vacs.  I think you can help!" - Lynn Wilson



Are you wanting to sell your business?  Or, are you wanting to grow your business?  repurposedMATERIALS is actively seeking opportunities to acquire, partner, or joint venture with companies that have unique, durable niches within the sustainability field &/or the used economy marketplace.  Contact Us>>

Q:  What might a partnership with repurposedMATERIALS look like?  We formed a partnership with a surplus bearing business to help them with procurement.  You may have seen our blurb in past newsletters like below.  Below that is just one of the responses we generated for this company.  What would a call from the likes a Caterpillar do for your company?
WANTED:  We buy surplus, obsolete, and excess inventories of bearings.  Inquire with us, and we'll get a you instructions for what we need to make you an offer.  Contact Bearing Buyer>> 

newsletterRESPONSE:  "Damon, We use many bearings here at Caterpillar, and I am interested in hearing what you would be willing to purchase.  Please advise a meeting time to discuss." Marty 


repurposedPRESENTATION:    "At the Illinois Counties Solid Waste Management Association conference in October, Damon Carson of repurposedMATERIALS will be conducting a session and I can’t wait.  His focus is on creative reuse instead of reprocessing/recycling." - Deb LeVault, President
Q: Do you have an event coming up where a presentation on "repurposing" would be a fit?  Click Here for possible Speaking Topics by Damon Carson>>

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Thought I'd share a picture of what we did with the turf we got from you. This is the patio of our tasting room, the grass really helps it stay cooler out there in the afternoons. I also attached photos of our re-purposed wine barrels and bottles.
We had some turf left over and gave it to my grandma. Her house and yard was flooded by the Big Thompson river last fall, what was a lovely green lawn became a dirt wasteland, so the turf gives them a little bit of green to enjoy while they reestablish the real plants. It definitely made her 4th of July BBQ a lot more comfortable!

Atlanta Location:  coming soon… (If you have property around Atlanta or you're interested in working for us, please email us>>)

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