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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value “as is” to a second, unrelated industry. 

In this EditionrepurposedMATERIALS (Denver, CO)
  • New byproduct…Logging Chain
  • Byproduct coming from the Railroad industry 
  • Steel Cable, or “Wire Rope”, as it is known in the field
  • More Flight Cases have arrived
  • Beverage Byproduct great for yard / debris removal
My travels last week took me back to New York City.  I learned about a cool waste stream coming out of the borough of Queens that has excellent “repurposing” possibilities.  We’re hoping to get things finalized in the next couple of weeks on the details…stay tuned!
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Logging Chain.  We have about 1,000’ of chain.  The thicknesses vary from 3/8”-3/4”.   The lengths range from a few feet to 20’+.  The chain does not have hooks or anything.  Since this chain is used, it SHOULD NOT be “repurposed” for overhead lifting.  (We're currently inventory this crate.  Should be next week.)


¾”-1” Wire Rope (Steel Cable).  These wire ropes are remnants ranging in length from 50’ to a few hundred feet.  (Introductory Price is $1/ft regardless of diameter.)

Flight Cases.  We just got in a few more flight cases.  We even got some with wheels!!!  We’ve been out of these for a month or two so there is a lot of pent up demand.  So, these will probably go fast.  ($100/ea without wheels; $200/ea with wheels.)

30% Off - 34"-35" Conveyor Belting.  We're giving a 30% discount off any order of 500'+ feed of this conveyor belting.  This won't last long at this price!


Snow Tubing Dishes.  (See dish “repurposed” as a horse feeder below.)  These very flexible dishes made of HDPE plastic that fit on the bottom of the tubes to provide friction and thus control the speed of the tubers.  They are 41” in diameter x 9”H.   .  (Introductory price is $15/dish; $10/dish if you purchase 10+)  We had one gal purchase one to use as a wading pool for her little Chihuahua.


Filter Cloths.  Spring clean up time.  These super tough, pourous filter cloths come out of the drink manufacturing process where they filter liquids.  They are 6’ x 10’.  ($20/cloth) REPURPOSES: debris/lawn tarps for debris collection, etc. 

Sand Paper Rolls.  These are long pieces of sanding paper that were previously used for sanding stainless steel to achieve a gain like appearance.  There is still about 75 percent sanding live left in them since once they get too dull they do not produce the finish we prefer.  There are three types polishing, 80 grit and 180 grit papers.  They are 3 inches wide and 22’ long.  (Introductory Price:  $10/roll)


Street Sweeper Brushes.  These are retired street sweeper brushes.  They are 60” on average and about 20” in diameter.  They have an 8” pipe through the center.  (Price: $125)

What is it? How can this be “repurposed”?
What is it?  These are heavy duty 35' straps used to strap down big logs onto rail cars. They can only use them on a few trips before they have to retire them. The do have a hook on one end.  How can this be “repurposed”?   If you have additional “repurposing” idea(s) for these straps, please email me – or 303.478.6193.
(Please email us pictures and details about your project utilizing a repurposed byproduct!)
Snow Fence Wood – One of our contractor customers just emailed us this picture of how he incorporated old snow fence wood as siding in his indoor basketball court. Check out the enlarged picture on our Facebook page.  ("Like" us while your on the page, please.)
275 gallon Tote – This is a fun “repurpose” of the steel cage that protects the plastic bladder on a 275 gal tote. 


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