NetSuite Updates
May 2021 
Welcome readers to our latest newsletter, this time around, the highlight will be none other than NetSuite! NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP Business Software Solution in the market, and there is no question that it is a dominating force. Whether you would like to improve your financial operations, gain better control over your inventory and fulfillment, replace an accounting software that you have outgrown, or more, NetSuite is the answer you have been looking for.

In this issue:
  • Our latest NetSuite webinar
  • One of our popular NetSuite blogs
  • How AlphaBOLD has helped a business implement NetSuite.
  • Latest NetSuite updates - 2021 Release Wave 1
If this seems to be of interest to you, keep reading to learn more about NetSuite and why it’s the best in the market!
In this webinar, we look at operational challenges addressed by NetSuite and AlphaBOLD, from siloed legacy systems to poor inventory management, lack of industry-specific configuration, and much more. We specifically look at Jacques Marie Mage (JMM), a luxury eyewear manufacturer with a global client base, and how they overcame these challenges by implementing NetSuite ERP Suite with the help of AlphaBOLD. 

What else does our webinar cover?
  • How to improve inventory management to achieve success with NetSuite?
  • How to provide visibility through streamlined reporting?
  • How to automate the order to cash process to boost order fulfillment rates?
  • How to customize NetSuite’s native/out-of-the-box capabilities?
  • How to access relevant data to measure product success and employee productivity?
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We at AlphaBOLD make sure you always have plenty of reading material to keep you well informed and entertained! If you haven’t read our blog titled “The Right Tools for Outsourcing Manufacturing in 2021,” here’s a summary of what you’re missing out on! We begin the blog by looking at what outsource manufacturing is and further explaining the concept, followed by its introduction to NetSuite. 
This blog ultimately leads to an introduction to BOLDAdvanced, a customization that AlphaBOLD has developed to help achieve the following and more:
  • Automate the NetSuite Outsource manufacturing process by automatically issuing a Purchase Order to a sub-contractor directly from Sales Order lines 
  • More visibility and tracking by linking Sales Orders and relevant Outsourced Purchase Orders 
  • Ability to tackle complex manufacturing by providing support for multiple BoM revisions. 
  • Users can have more control over the Outsource Manufacturing process to decide whether to fulfill Sales Order from available stock or issue a Purchase Order to sub-contractor.  
  • More control and visibility of labor cost as it offers to use labor rates agreed with sub-contractor.
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If you are interested in learning how AlphaBOLD has helped companies gain the maximum benefit from their investment in NetSuite ERP, then read our case study. In this case study, we look at why Inspire Fitness needed NetSuite, why they chose AlphaBOLD to help them implement it, and the benefits that the company has gained from the implementation. AlphaBOLD has supported Inspire Fitness from processes such as order fulfillment to inventory management, and they plan on helping them with much more! Learn all about it by heading to our website now. 
NetSuite 2021 Release 1

In NetSuite’s 2021 Release 1, the focus has been on improved financial controls, the automation of everyday tasks, and increased flexibility. Last year’s economic upheaval brought around the realization for many organizations that they need a solution like NetSuite to help them survive and regain control over their financials. This new release by NetSuite enables these organizations to do just that and supports their growth in these times with the introduction of new features. Learn more by visiting NetSuite’s official website today.

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