Build the bond of perpetual partnership this Christmas
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Advent Blessings from Africa and Madagascar,

Welcome to our 2016 Christmas Solidarity Gifts Catalogue. This year, choose a gift that will make a lasting and positive change, supporting the communities we work with in Africa and Madagascar. The Redemptorist Solidarity Gifts are a wonderful way of creating bonds of support and friendship between you and the people of Africa and Madagascar.  The Gifts support communities where the Redemptorists work.  These Gifts deliver meaningful and practical help that enrich the lives of people thwarted by the pain of poverty.

Please invite your family and friends to choose from our Christmas Solidarity Gifts.
Solidarity Gift 1: School Uniform and Bag, Mozambique (€10, £8, $11)
Education transforms lives.  In Muvamba, a rural community in Mozambique there are many dispersed communities where primary education is in its infancy.  Supporting the children of this community to benefit from education is a vital step in offering a life to them other than poverty.  Your gift of a school uniform and a school bag makes a big difference in helping children attend school with dignity and pride.
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Solidarity Gift 2: Resource Kit for Young People in Zimbabwe (€15, £13, $16)
Responding to the development needs of 15-24 year olds is the greatest challenge facing Zimbabwe.  Implementing strategies that combat the threat of HIV/AIDS, the risk of participation in youth militia and youth unemployment must be a priority.  This gift presents community based youth groups with the resources for 12 months to offer meaningful and valuable training, sporting and cultural activities for young people.
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Solidarity Gift 3: Homebased Care in South Africa (€20, £17, $22)
Caring for HIV carriers in the shacks of the squatter camps of South Africa is a life changing intervention.  These home based care workers cook a nutritious meal, clean the shack homes and distribute anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs, offering care to very sick shack bound patients.  The team of women who work as home based carers in these squatter camps are a valuable resource in the fight against HIV and AIDS.  Your gift will help these home based care workers to continue to reach the most vulnerable and weakest patients.
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Solidarity Gift 4: Water, Niger and Mozambique (€30, £25, $32)
Imagine a 11 year old girl having to walk 13kms each day to fetch water for her family.  Consider what life is like in an area prone to draught.  Clean water saves lives.  Easy access to water allows families to flourish and increased the chances that girls will go to school.  Your gift will transform the life of a 13 year of girls and help rural families thrive by the provision of water cisterns and wells.
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Solidarity Gift 5: Daily Nutritious Meal, Madagascar and the Congo (€40, £34, $44)
Poverty and war has raged havoc on the daily lives of families in Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Huge numbers of children are out of school, drop-out rates are alarming with girls spending way less time at school than boys.  Everybody agrees that it will be education that will transform both Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This gift will provide a guaranteed nutritious meal each day for one year and help support a very poor child stay at school.
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Solidarity Gift 6: Education and Care for Street Children, Congo (€40, £34, $44)
War and strife destroys the bonds of ordinary family life.  It forces mass movement and dislocates communities creating a generation of orphans and homeless vulnerable children.  Life on the streets is a daunting and haunting reality that robs children of their innocence.  Street children need opportunities for education, nutrition, skills training and loving care.  Your gift will deliver a comprehensive education and care programme for  a street child in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
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Solidarity Gift 7: Goats and Sheep for Nomadic Pastoralists, Niger (€25, £21, $27)
Nomadic Pastoralists in Niger engage in subsistence farming in hot, dry and dusty environments.  The under-five child mortality rate is 263 per thousand. Poor nutrition and health status with high levels of malnutrition are the consequences of acute food insecurity.   The establishment of food cereal banks, water wells and the provision of micro-credit to help women to help fund the purchase and breeding of goats and sheep are the inputs required to prevent malnutrition.  Your gift will keep a child under the age of five alive, and empower pastoralist families to survive.
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Solidarity Gift 8: Skills Training for Women in Burkina Faso (€50, £42, $54)
In Burkina Faso girls are subject to multiple challenges and dangers including forced excision and early marriages.  Gender inequality is prevalent and steals educational and income generation opportunities away from generations of women.  This gift will help give a vulnerable women in Burkina Faso an opportunity to participate in a Skills Training Programme that will open for her new opportunities and options a well as empower her to break the damaging cycles of abuse against women in Burkina Faso.
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Solidarity Gift 9: Early Education in Kenya (€20, £17, $22)
Early investment in children yields great dividend.  Identifying the development models of children at an early stage is one of the most important things we can do.  Delivering early childhood education to a disadvantaged rural community is a precious intervention.  Your gift will deliver education and nutrition support for six months in an early education centre in Iruma, Kenya.
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Solidarity Gift 10: Catehetical Resources, Angola (€30, £25, $32)
The civil war had a devastating impact on the lives of the people of Angola.  The war had a particularly ferocious and disruptive effect on the people in the Kwando-Kubango region of Angola. In this region Catechists are catalysts for sharing faith and rural community development in literacy and sanitation and HIV/AIDS programmes. Catechists are the backbone of the active social capital in this region.  This gift will help fund the training and resourcing of a Catechist through the Saint Paul’s programme led by the Redemptorists in Menongue.
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Solidarity Gift 11: Fuel to Celebrate the Eucharist (€30, £25, $33)
Mission areas in Africa and Madagascar regularly cover enormous geographical areas.  Mission stations and cohorts of communities can often be up to 200km away from where the priest lives and are separated by difficult and challenging terrain with journeys lasting hours.  Redemptorists minister in rural areas where the poverty of the people means that even with the fullness of their generosity the people could never even pay for the fuel of the vehicles that carries the celebrant.  This gift will fund the fuel for a Mission Mass at Christmas or Easter or other faith moments.
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Solidarity Gift 12: School Fees for Orphaned Children, Nigeria and Zimbabwe (€40, £34, $43)
Children in sub-Saharan Africa because of AIDS are being orphaned at the rate of 1,000 each day or about 40 each hour.  Every child has a right to life, survival and physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, social and cultural development. Every child must be enabled to enjoy her/his rights with full equality of opportunity.  Your gift will provide for a year the opportunity for an orphaned child to be able to go to school through the Saint Fabian’s programme in Nigeria and the Mavambo Trust programme in Zimababwe. 
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Thank you for your continued support throughout 2016. We are looking forward to staying in touch with you through 2017. 

Wishing you a Peaceful and Blessed Christmas.
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