Champagne Daytrip
Saturday 22 October 2016
Thanks for joining us to the Champagne on Saturday. We go with a large group of over 50 people. Therefore we travel with a spacious 4* double-deck luxury coach with extra leg space. If a friend still wants to join, note there are only a few tickets left (click here).

Please read this email carefully. Most important is to come on time for all departures during the entire day. We have a tight but carefully planned schedule. Our departure is early, but we do need all the time to get to Épernay on time.

We leave from the following pick-up points (see pictures and links below):
  • Place Schuman, bus parking next to the KBC and ING banks. Final meeting time 06h30.
  • Louise / Toison d'Or. Right in front of Tiffany's. There are several people waiting here and we hold spots for you. Final meeting time is 06h40.
  • Gare du Midi, corner Rue de France and Rue de l'Instruction (Ryan Air / Charleroi Airport bus stop). There is just 1 person waiting here Final meeting time is 06h50.
The bus leaves from Place Schuman at 6h45 at the very latest. We arrive at Louise around 6h50 and Midi at 07h00. Still, these times are indicative and we strive for earlier departures. NOTE: if you are not present 5 minutes after the above meeting times we may leave without you. 

In case of delay, call or text immediately with 0495-345144 and don't forget to mention your name. You may consider jumping into a taxi (02- 
and going to the Midi departure point as the bus is generally slower! TIP: figure out already on Friday where you should be and just take one bus or metro earlier than you would normally do. Time flies when you wait together and it's much better than being late...

Upon return we stop at the same spots, but we can also drop you anywhere along the route (if traffic conditions allow).

I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Edgar Hütte
0495-345144 |

Our bus from Linden Cars

Boarding procedure: The bus will not be entirely full. However, please observe these procedures to ensure everything goes smooth and that groups and couples can sit together. All seats are comfortable and have lots of leg space; there are no bad seats. Please collaborate to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.
  • Sufficient seats will be kept available for those boarding at Louise and Midi. For those boarding at Schuman, please respect these reserved seats.
  • There are 2 "table-seats" available with 2x2 seats on each side of the aisle and a table in the middle. Both are reserved so please don't sit there...
  • People with reserved seats board first. The three front rows on the upper deck should remain empty for guests who suffer from car sickness. Only if you truly may experience problems, please contact me at
  • Groups board second
  • Couples board third
  • Solo travellers board last.
This procedure does not exist to discriminate against solo travellers. It is just really difficult to create space for couples and groups to sit together if solo travellers already occupy many seats everywhere on the bus.

Our programme for the day
Our schedule is carefully planned and we should have enough time to enjoy all destinations. However, a busy programme like this only works if everybody respects the meeting times. A few minutes delay here and there quickly add up. Thank you for your understanding.
  • 10h50 Arrival in Épernay (one short coffee stop along the way)
  • 11h00 Cellar tour & tasting De Castellane OR Mercier
  • 12h40 Departure to Hautvillers
  • 13h00 Lunch in Hautvillers at Restaurant de l'Abbaye + free time
  • 15h45 Departure to Reims
  • 16h30 Cellar Tour & Tasting at Martel Champagne
  • 17h45 Departure to down-town and free time
  • 20h15 Departure for Brussels
  • 23h30 Arrival Gare du Midi (e.t.a.)
  • 23h45 Arrival Place Schuman (e.t.a.)
You can park for free around Place Schuman. Make sure to take your valuables out of the car, and you may want to leave the glove department open. Around Louise / Toisson d'Or parking is NOT free. Around Midi you should be able to find parking space, but not always free.
Expat Club loves to introduce you to great food and wine, but we would like to ensure you enjoy the entire day... "C'est bon! Mais... Avec modération!"
There are still some spots available for the tour at Mercier Champagne in Épernay (surcharge €10 includi,ng a glass of Brut). At Mercier you have the chance to taste additional glasses of more exclusive Champagne, namely the Brut & Brut Rosé (+€16,50) or the Brut, Brut Rosé and Réserve (+€23,50). If you already are registered for Mercier, you will pay the difference with the above price.
Lunch is at Le Restaurant de l'Abbaye in Hautvillers. 
  • The lunch includes a main dish, water, one drink, and Café Gourmand (coffee or tea + desert)
  • You indicated your preference (chicken, fish, vegetarian or vegan). You can still change (by email or in the bus).
  • The waiters try to serve the food quickly to have extra time in the village. With a big group your collaboration is much appreciated. We should enjoy the lunch, but extra time in the village is also great!
  • Please take €26 in cash with you. It will be collected after the main meal. No card payments please.
  • If you have not reserved with your booking, you can still join us by sending an email. Please note again that this is a small village. There is only one other small restaurant, which is often full with locals. There are no shops or supermarkets. The only bakery is closed during lunch.
We travel with a 4* luxury coach with two professional drivers.
  • Only use the on-board toilet if necessary and keep it clean. We stop after at about 9h15 for a coffee and restroom visit.
  • Don't bring smelly/fatty food and drinks (fries, pizza, milkshakes, etc)
  • Be considerate to others, e.g. no loud talking, strong perfumes etc
  • If you suffer from car-sickness, please request a seat on the first rows.
  • It is customary in Belgium to voluntarily tip the drivers at the end of the day (about €1 is fine).

Other essential information:
  • Wear warm clothes. It will be cold(er) in the Champagne cellars. Also, in the bus it is impossible to get the temperature to everyone's liking. Dress in layers.
  • Save this number for emergencies and leave your phone on as well: +32-495-345144
  • Bring a camera. You want to capture the memories!
Meeting point Place Schuman: next to the KBC Bank (click here for Google Maps, wait a few seconds for street view). This is right next to Metro Stop Schuman. If you are going in the downtown direction, take a seat in the last car. If you are going in the Montgomery direction, take a seat in the front car. If you leave the platform, you're already on the right side of the station, and just have to follow the exit "Justus Lipsius" and Bus 36. You can't miss it! Please arrive by 06h30 at the latest (at the bus stop) so we can board orderly and leave on time.
(Click and wait for the actual streetview in Google Maps)

Meeting point Toisson d'Or / Louise. The bus simply stops right in front of the Louise roundabout (where the trams 92/93/94/97 stop) and next to the Tiffany's Jewellery / Fratelli Rossetti stores (on Toisson d'Or itself).
(Click and wait for the actual streetview in Google Maps)
Meeting point Gare du Midi. We are at the corner of Rue de France and Rue de l'Instruction (click here for Google Maps, wait a few seconds for street view). This is right next to the Gare du Midi entrance where the Air France TGV check-in desks are (right on the picture below). This is on the South / Southwest side of the station, a few minutes walking from the main hall and the Metro (take this into consideration!). Please note the bus may have to park a few spots in front of the Ryan Air bus on the below picture if there is no parking space. Please arrive by 06h50 (there is no host waiting here, it's only a pick-up).

(Click and wait for the actual streetview in Google Maps)

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