TRIP INFO: Blegny Mine (8 November)
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Blegny Mine Visit
Sunday 8 November

Thanks for joining us to the Blegny Mine on Sunday. This is a major Belgian UNESCO industrial heritage site with great reviews. We are going with a small group this time, but of course that is also nice so we can talk to virtually everyone. Despite the amazing weather forecast (19 degrees in November !!???!?!?!?!?) please make sure to wear something warm as it will be cold in the mine. If you have any questions, please call me at 0495-345144. See you on Sunday!  Edgar
Please read the rest of this email carefully. Most important is to come **on time** for departure.
  • 12h00 - Final Meeting time Place Schuman
  • 12h15 - Final departure time Place Schuman
  • 13h45 - Arrival Blegny
  • 14h00 - Start Guided Tour Mine Museum
  • 15h45 - Start Guided Tour Mine
  • 18h00 - Estimated departure time
  • 19h30 - Estimated return time Brussels
Small but important print: We unfortunately left people behind on previous trips, because we needed to stick to our schedule and adhere to strict E.U. regulations. Also, we don't want others to wait for you. So please respect the meeting times. If you fear you are going to be late, call immediately with 0495-345144 or send a text message. Don't delay, because we may leave before the official departure time if we haven't heard from you 5 minutes after the meeting time! Tip: figure out already on Friday where you should be and just take one bus or metro earlier than you would normally do. Time flies when you wait together and it's much better than being late... 

We travel with a 4* luxury coach from Lauwers with a professional driver.
* Please keep the on-board toilet clean.
* Don't bring smelly/fatty food and drinks (fries, pizza, milkshakes, etc).
* Be considerate to others (e.g. no loud talking, no strong perfumes etc).
* If you suffer from car-sickness, request a front-row seat.
* Please ask your host (Edgar) for coach-related questions, not the driver.
* It is customary to tip the drivers at the end of the day (coins only please)