This is just a reminder email for Sunday's trip to the Keukenhof. Our bus is almost full now, so we'll be going with a nice group of well over 40 people. If you have not yet reserved for the whisper boat trip, there are still a few final spots available (€10). Just send me a short email (first come, first serve) if you would like to join. Please note that this boat trip is only available for those also going into the Keukenhof itself, not for those who just go cycling.

See you on Sunday!

Edgar (0495-345144)
Keukenhof daytrip
Sunday 8 May 2016

Thank you for joining us on Sunday to Holland for a wonderful trip to the world's most famous flower gardens. The Keukenhof is a stunning park, and as a Dutchman I am proud to introduce you to our national pride, the lovely tulip. The weather forecast says it will be 24 degrees with sunshine. What do we want more? It is going to be excellent!
At the moment we still have a few last seats available. If a friend still wants to join us, please send him/her to this page.

Please read this email carefully. Most important is to come **on time** for departure. We leave from the following pick-up points (see maps and links below):
  • Rond-Point / Place Schuman, on the bus stop next to the KBC and ING banks. Meeting time is 08h45.
Note our departure policy. We may leave before 09h00 if we have not heard from you by 08h50. Just like at airports, our "gate closes" 10 minutes before departure. We need to do so to arrive on time at the Keukenhof and to ensure the driver complies with E.U. driving regulations. Just take one bus/tram/metro earlier than you would normally do. There are many others waiting so time really flies. If you fear you're going to be late, make sure to text or call with 0495-345144. I prefer a text message above a voicemail, and make sure to leave your name. For any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me.

Edgar Hütte
0495-345144 or

(this is our bus from Lauwers Reizen)

Our programme for the day
Our schedule is carefully planned and we should have enough time to enjoy the entire park and/or to cycle around the area. Please note that times may change during the day if required by circumstances.
  • 08h45 - Latest meeting time Place Schuman
  • 09h00 - Latest departure
  • 11h45 - Arrival Keukenhof
  • 16h30 - Departure "whisper boat" tour (meeting time 15h50,  behind Windmill, you will not get any tickets, just come there)
  • 18h00 - Departure to Brussels
  • 20h30 - Estimated arrival in Brussels
LUNCH: No group lunch has been planned. There are several restaurants in the park with many options. It will be less busy immediately upon arrival or after 14h30.
GUIDED TOUR: Note that in contradiction to the other trips, no guided tour has been planned for this trip.

ENTRANCE TICKET: Everybody who has registered for the Keukenhof itself will receive an entrance ticket to the park. You can enter the Keukenhof on your own. If you want to exit, make sure to get a little tulip stamp on your hand from one of the staff members who checks the tickets, and keep your ticket of course for reentry.

CYCLING TOUR: For those that registered for the cycling tour, we will walk together to the bicycle stand upon arrival by bus. Note that we are not going to cycle as one big group. You are personally responsible to find your way around and back to te Keukenhof.

CYCLING & KEUKENHOF: For those doing both the cycling tour and the Keukenhof, it is suggested to first cycle around and to return to the park by 15h30 to have enough time to see the park. This is especially true for those joining the whisper boat tour at 16h30.
WHISPER BOAT: if you haven't yet confirmed your spot, you may just send an email to We might be able to arrange a spot for you.

PARK BEHAVIOUR: For the lack of a better word, please understand that the park expects all its guest to respect a few simple rules, such as stay on the footpaths, do not go into the flowers, don't pick the flowers etc. Also if you do the cycling tour it is strictly forbidden to go into the fields. Not only can you destroy the plants, but you can also easily take viruses with you into the fields.

It is not a problem to find parking around Place Schuman, such as in Rue Froissart. It's free for the entire day. Make sure to take your valuables out of the car, and you may want to leave the glove department open. The bus will drop you here in the evening again.


OUR COACH: We travel with a 4* luxury coach with a professional driver.
* Please keep the on-board toilet clean.
* Don't bring smelly/fatty food and drinks (fries, pizza, milkshakes, etc).
* Be considerate to others (e.g. no loud talking, no strong perfumes etc).
* If you suffer from car-sickness, please request a front-row seat.
* Please ask your host (Edgar) for coach-related questions, not the driver.
* It is customary in Belgium to voluntarily tip the driver (small coins only please, max 1 euro per person for this trip please)
* You can leave your stuff in the bus

Other essential information:
  • You won't have to bring a copy of your ticket. Your name is on the list.
  • Wear layered clothes for in the bus. For some it's too warm, for others too hot.
  • Take an umbrella or raincoat.
  • Save this number for emergencies and leave your phone on: +32-495-345144
  • Bring a camera. You want to capture the memories!

Meeting point Place Schuman: next to the KBC and ING banks (click here for Google Maps, wait a few seconds for street view). This is right next to Metro Stop Schuman. If you are going in the downtown direction, take a seat in the last car. If you are going in the Montgomery direction, take a seat in the first car. This way you're already on the right side of the station, and just have to follow the exit "Justus Lipsius" and Bus 36. You can't miss it! Please arrive by 08h45 at the latest (at the bus stop) so we can board orderly and leave on time.
(Click and wait for the actual streetview in Google Maps)

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