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Happy summer, L'Eaglites!

Between the summer solstice and July 4th, we’re just about at the peak moment of summer enjoyment. From hiking to seeing outdoor concerts at Red Rocks to outdoor barbecues with buddies, we hope you’re making the most of it. 

At L’Eagle, we have a few new products that will make your summer’s peak even higher. Stop by to learn about our new products and say hello!

-Team L’Eagle


Hot off the presses: co-owner Amy Andrle caught up with Westword to talk about our Clean Green Certification, the challenges of operating a homegrown dispensary amidst the McDonaldization of the cannabis industry, and reminding consumers that they have the tools to find out what’s in their weed. Westword had great things to say:

“We haven't hidden our admiration for L'Eagle's operation in the past, awarding it with numerous Best of Denver awards for its work in the grow. The dispensary provides some of the stankiest buds in town while  advocating for clean growing practices and fighting against unsafe pesticide use.”

Read on to learn how you can be more discerning with the cannabis you buy, as well as a tip for safe ways to avoid pests for home growers! Read it here.

L’Eagle: One of Denver’s 15 Best Dispensaries according to High Times!


The OG cannabis chronicle, High Times, declared L’Eagle to be one of the best dispensaries in Denver, nbd. We were honored to give them a tour of our facilities on 4/20, and being included in this list feels like being inducted into the stoner’s hall of fame.

“With a long list of awards and accolades, L’Eagle Services has set the standard in organic cultivation practices since its opening in 2010 in an industrial park near downtown. Its stellar budtender staff runs the recreational retail space on-site making its flower and in-house cured concentrates among the freshest you’ll find in town (or anywhere).”

This is a great collection of dispensaries so definitely check out the rest of the article.
New Products at L'Eagle


It's the Joint

We now have Rosin Joints! They have 1.5 grams of flower and .25 gram of rosin. The rosin is wrapped around the hand-rolled joint so you smoke it like eating an ice cream cone, by rotating it so it doesn't drip! $40

We also have new 2.35 gram, strain-specific joints. $25 


Flower Feature: Rosaberry

Rosaberry #6 is new high-CBD strain available at medical pricing for all. Rosaberry is a sativa-dominant high CBD strain with ratios reported at 1 THC :2 CBD. The aroma is similar to wild roses and lemon berry syrup, tasting like sour apples and berry roses. Most users experience this strain as a mood enhancer, good for meditation and focused thought. 

Live Resin from Head of Honey 

Keep an eye out for Live Resin from Head of Honey, hitting shelves in July! Handcrafted in the center of Colorado, at over 8000 feet of elevation, Head of Honey is revolutionizing cannabis concentrates on historic “Pikes Peak or Bust” gold rush of 1859 land. Their live resin starts out with material that is immediately frozen after harvest. This preserves the freshness of the living plant before being run. Higher levels of terpenes are found because the material has not had time to cure and lose all those terpenes.

Check out our spread in Terpenes and Testing!

We recently won Most Sustainable Cannabis Producer from Terpenes and Testing, including a full spread in the magazine. Pick up the latest copy and check it out!


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L'Eagle Quote of the Month:


“The biggest challenge here is not inside L’Eagle’s facility, but rather helping consumers discern quality cultivation is more than a marketing ploy, and can be verified by third-party certifiers. Consumers can challenge their dispensaries to provide them with verification. Reminding consumers they have the power of choice and that choice is more than potency — it is also health, flavor and quality of the high. Slowly, cannabis consumers are recognizing that the standards they maintain for food, coffee, eggs and meat can all be applied to cannabis.”—Amy Andrle, Westword


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We Care

L’Eagle Services offers discerning clientele top-quality natural products, unparalleled personal service, therapeutic knowledge, and exceptional industry compliance. L’Eagle cultivates 100% of the medicine it sells (including edibles and concentrates made from our own trim).

Clean Cannabis

No contaminants! None. Zero. Ziltch. Everything we use is nontoxic. Clean and natural measures are always used to keep the flower pure and as close to perfect as nature intended.  


Once harvested, our flower cures for no fewer than 90 days. Three months that results in a quality unseen in the industry. Our drying technique ensures sublime flavor and the cleanest burn. 

Customer Service 

Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, our Cannabis Sales Associates give you the time and attention needed to make an informed selection. We pride ourselves on being an educational resource. 
From I-25: L'Eagle is conveniently located at the junction of 6th Ave. & I-25 at the Osage exit. 

From Downtown Denver: L'Eagle is just west of Kalamath and 3rd Ave. 

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