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Big news, L'Eaglites.

The sun is setting on summer, and before we know it, it will be fall. L’Eagle is making some exciting changes to send us into Autumn, and those changes will ultimately benefit you. As a family-owned and operated business, it takes a lot of determination, innovation and hard work to keep up with the big guys. But we’ve made some changes that will accomplish just that. “It is a great pleasure to see dispensaries like these continue to [thrive] in such a competitive market,” Grow Sisters wrote about us during their visit to L'Eagle this month. “This is why it is so important to be an educated consumer! Not just on clean cannabis, but where your cannabis coming from & the ethics behind the business.”

You can read more about Grow Sisters’ visit to L’Eagle here, and the ethics behind our business choices. We hope you’ll help this mom-and-pop shop by spreading the word about our big news--more about that below! 

The sun is setting on summer, so, enjoy it while it lasts: Sunset is the most beautiful time of the day. 

Team L’Eagle

The Big News

The Awesome Reason Behind Our Lower Prices

As we cultivate the only Clean Green Certified cannabis in Denver, we also grow our family-owned and operated business, and that growth benefits you! L’Eagle has invested in our operation by updating our cultivation facility, affording us more canopy space. Since we can grow more, we’re able to pass that savings onto our customers. You’ll notice lower prices when you visit L’Eagle, and a new tiered pricing structure. And because we’re all about full transparency, we’re sharing our new prices with you right now.

New Prices at L'Eagle

10% discount for medical patients,
seniors and cannabis industry!
Prices include 23.5% tax

Popcorn Buds

Half-Eighth (1.7g) ......
Full  Eighth (3.5g) ......
Quarter Oz (7.0g) ......
Full Ounce (28+g) .....    
* single strain    

Top Shelf Premium Flower

Half-Eighth (1.7g) ......
Full  Eighth (3.5g) ......
Quarter Oz (7.0g) ...

Exclusive Nuggs--
GS Cookies & True OG's

Half-Eighth (1.7g) ...... 
Full  Eighth (3.5g) ......
Quarter Oz (7.0g) ......    

Exclusive Pop-Up Event!

Delightful Delivery with Mother & Clone Tinctures:
Friday, August 10 and Saturday, August 11

You might’ve heard the term sublingual, so what’s it all about? Introducing Mother & Clone, lightning-fast sublingual cannabis--it works (truly!) in 60 seconds. Thoughtfully-designed around simplicity and effect, each spray delivers 2.5mg of THC in a discreet and rapid manner. No artificial flavors or sweeteners, just naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes for the full entourage effect. Strain-specific, too. 

CEO Leslie Siu will be on-site to talk shop and answer questions this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Stop by to learn more about these amazing products, and when you purchase a Mother & Clone product, you’ll also receive a free Mother & Clone canvas lock & key pouch at a special introductory price of $5. Yes, it really locks! Limit one per customer.

Learn more about Mother & Clone.

August Accolades


Modern Farmer on the importance of customers demanding quality

“People haven’t gotten totally used to the fact that they’re in command,” our co-founder Amy Andrle said about legal cannabis customers in the latest Modern Farmer feature. “It’s almost like, am I allowed to be here?” 

Many cannabis consumers believe that the plant is inherently all-natural, when in reality, we need to be just as mindful with how we grow it as any other plant. Modern Farmer discusses the steps that organizations like the Cannabis Certification Council and L’Eagle are taking to put the power in consumers’ hands to demand a better product. Together, we can create a natural and sustainable industry. 

Read the full article here.

In the Store

L'Eagle's lookin' good


At L’Eagle, design goes beyond just looking cozy and making our customers feel at home; It’s about designing the store in a way where you can get up close and personal with our products. We’ve given the store a facelift, installing new shelving and TVs for better display of product.

Read the full article here.

New strains for your brain

Ninja Fruit

An evenly balanced (50/50) strain that's fruity and uplifting, giving the consumer a creative buzz with a nice body high. Good mood enhancer and conversation strain. (Grapefruit Haze x Grape Ape)

Albino Albert

This indica has a piney, spicy and earthy taste. This strain will bring a euphoric calmness as well as appetite stimulant and pain relief. (Albert Walker x The White)

Show us your L’Eagle and you could be the lucky winner of a t-shirt! #LeagleLife

How are you representing L’Eagle this summer? Whether you’re living large with L’Eagle across your chest, telling all your friends about our back-saving salve, or posting a sticky-icky-picky of L’Eagle Eagle flower on your Insta, we want to reward you with a free L’Eagle t-shirt! Just post a pic of how you’re repping L’Eagle to your Instagram, use the tag #LeagleLife, and we'll pick a lucky winner to receive a L'Eagle t-shirt, pictured above. Good luck! That's all the news at L'Eagle for now. We'll catch you next month, L'Eaglites!

That's all the news at L'Eagle for now. We'll catch you next month, L'Eaglites!


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L'Eagle Quote of the Month:


“Instead of chasing remediation, management teams and businesses should spend their time, energy and money on prevention.”—Amy Andrle, MJBiz Magazine, July Issue

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We Care

L’Eagle Services offers discerning clientele top-quality natural products, unparalleled personal service, therapeutic knowledge, and exceptional industry compliance. L’Eagle cultivates 100% of the medicine it sells (including edibles and concentrates made from our own trim).

Clean Cannabis

No contaminants! None. Zero. Ziltch. Everything we use is nontoxic. Clean and natural measures are always used to keep the flower pure and as close to perfect as nature intended.  


Once harvested, our flower cures for no fewer than 90 days. Three months that results in a quality unseen in the industry. Our drying technique ensures sublime flavor and the cleanest burn. 

Customer Service 

Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, our Cannabis Sales Associates give you the time and attention needed to make an informed selection. We pride ourselves on being an educational resource. 
From I-25: L'Eagle is conveniently located at the junction of 6th Ave. & I-25 at the Osage exit. 

From Downtown Denver: L'Eagle is just west of Kalamath and 3rd Ave. 

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