IN THE HEADLINES: Literary trend toward solitude as feminist statement. The columnist makes a case for a trend of women writers leaving their normal world behind for isolation and self-realization. Evie Wyld‘s "All The Birds, Singing," and Catherine Lacey’s "Nobody Is Ever Missing." Although she doesn’t mention “Wild,” a memoir now the basis for a much-touted film, this certainly should be added. See and


• "Falling Like a Rock" is now available through the Denver Public Library. When people order it and check it out, that helps my visibility. Most public libraries have a process to request purchase of a book for their collection, so if you’re not a resident of Denver, you might ask your local library to order it. ISBN number is 978-1-940099-39-2.
• Le Soutien fine lingerie boutique in Cherry Creek North has a supply of “Falling Like a Rock” for sale. What goes better with fine lingerie than romance? Thanks to this local business for supporting me. Shop is located at 246 Milwaukee St. Unit A, Denver.

KING OF THE CLASS: A memoir about a romantic interlude in sixth grade. Well, as romantic as I got at the time. Published online and available free at Our Past Loves ((


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• Ditto on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter, you can sign up to receive my bulletins, and I’ll reciprocate.
• I blog about once a week and post news at You can sign up to get notices about this.
• Last, but not least, you can ‘like’ my author Face Book page AND invite your friends to do the same.
If something is incorrect on this info, let me know, and I’ll try to fix it. I have to admit, I’m lost in the welter of social media applications and have trouble finding my way out of the forest of opportunities.


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