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Take urgent action for near-death hunger striker in immigration detention.

Isa Muazu has been on hunger strike for over 85 days. He is very close to death, and rather than releasing him, an “end of life plan” has been drawn up. There was a High Court hearing yesterday which also refused his release from detention, despite medical evidence stating he has been unfit for detention since October.

Detention Action does not normally promote campaigns for individuals, but like many organisations, we are particularly concerned about the specific situation of Isa. So we are encouraging you to write to your MP calling on her/him to ask Theresa May to urgently release Isa Muazu from Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre.

It is important to act as soon as possible, and there are various ways you can do this:
 ·      Call the office of your MP (this is the quickest and easiest way). You can find out the contact details of your MP here:
·      Write a letter or email to your MP asking them to intervene. Again, stress the importance of acting quickly if you can.
·      Contact your MP on twitter if they have an account
·      Raise awareness of what is happening and encourage others to act: forward this email, send a tweet, make a phone call, share on face book

Media coverage of Isa Muazu's case

Ellie Mae O'Hagan writes powerfully in The Guardian. "Isa Muazu is 45 years old. The youngest of three boys, with one younger sister, he is softly spoken and polite, and suffers from mental health problems. In July 2007, Muazu fled from his native Nigeria to the UK because he feared that members of Boko Haram, a hardline Islamist group, would kill him. He says they have already killed several members of his family.

"Muazu is now being held in Harmondsworth removal centre, an immigration detention centre, and has been on hunger strike for nearly three months. He has lost vision in both eyes, is suffering from chest pain and shortness of breath, and is too weak to sit up unaided. In the next few days, it is likely that he will die on a mattress on the floor, surrounded only by private security staff. Shortly before writing this article, I spoke to him. "I am struggling, I am scared," he said. "I have never committed any crimes; nothing like this has ever happened to me before."

And Eiri Ohtani, co-ordinator of the Detention Forum - a coalition of organisations supporting people in immigration detention, and campaigning for change - writes in Open Democracy, "

How do we comprehend the 85 days that we have let Isa Muazu, a refused asylum seeker from Nigeria, get closer and closer to death as he stages a lonely hunger-strike in Harmondsworth detention centre here in Britain? Or the last few decades during which we have incarcerated more and more immigrants in detention? How have we been responding to this as a society?  Who are we now?  Who are we becoming?"

Detention Action's day in court!

We've just heard that our case against the Home Office over the detention of asylum seekers will be heard in mid-December. More details to follow.

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