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Yes, I completely get that the images below are ridiculously hard to see. It's another super cool mug capable of holding a variety of hot or cold beverages while at the same time, discouraging others from taking you on. Image quality is not my fault—I blame Shutterfly for not giving shareable links. Technology makes me crazy. Maybe that's why this mug is so on-point, effing awesome!
Okay, I'll TELL YOU WHAT IT SAYS......

I'm emotional? Your face is emotional.

Boom. Perfect.
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Ah, sweet Baby, you deserve love. Now keep it together. I know it's hard for all of us right now. So how about this. I'm adding a second giveaway this month.... a free e-copy of book two in my series, Titan Takedown. I consider myself a champion of the screwed over and I distinctly remember crying as I wrote the last words of this well-planned caper to help the little guy.
Let's learn a bit more about Titan Takedown....

Unsuspecting bad guy—Damien Miller, has suckered lots of honest, hard-working families into a contractual scheme based on fraudulent lies. But now, he's crossed paths with the Carrows family—an avenging, charming group of grifters who love nothing more than a good hunt.

With unlimited resources at their disposal, Henry Carrows gathers his children and insists they set old grudges aside to run a little scheme. But their plot depends on one thing....

Will Damien take the bait?
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Winner of the Stay Calm and Give A Duck cup is Barbi M. Congrats, Barbi and quack on!

You got it! The link below will send you to a promotion I'm participating in. You can find new authors who've written a series and good news.... each of their first books are free! What? Yes! Check them out now!
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Dear darling readers,

I hope the entire month of October is wonderful, pleasant, and relaxing. Burrow you head into a good book, but not into the sand. That's good advise right there! And, if all else fails, I've found a bottle of wine and an on-line shopping spree at Zulily for tons of colorful stretch bracelets effective too. They really make your mask pop.

Thank you for your support and please remember that reviews are precious to us writers! Not only to spread the word, but to buck up the vulnerable and fragile ego of any writer who works alone. We raise our heads periodically to say hello to the real world. It's nice to find a safe spot to land. I'm searching for reviewers of all my past and future work. Just drop me a line!

All my love,
Annabelle xxx 
We got this...
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