Another Carrows Book!

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I wonder what Book 6 could be about? If you were Annabelle Lewis and had a pack of charming billionaire grifters in your back pocket to wield at will toward unsuspecting bad guys, toward who, or for what cause, would you wield them? Annabelle made her choice.....
A dishonest man. A plan to set him straight. All things blow up.

Charlotte Carrows Macchi and her beloved husband, Alex, are building their dream home in the West Village, but delays ensue. The subcontractors, fresh off a building project in Manhattan working for Mr. Hyde Sutton, are broke and struggling to stay alive because Mr. Hyde—as he’s known—refuses to pay them. Charlotte and Alex, unfortunately, know Hyde Sutton personally. They believe the subcontractors and won’t look the other way. Maybe it’s time for Hyde, a notorious narcissist and bully, to play with the big boys: the Carrows.

Mr. Hyde Sutton struts through his Manhattan fiefdom, confident in his global image as a hugely successful real estate developer, not just in New York City but around the world. He has a tremendous gift for closing deals and bringing people together. Even the Russians love him! Especially now that they’re in bed together. He’s made himself into a bona fide legend, and there are no limits to where he could go.

But the Russians have other plans. They usually do.
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Okay ya'll, no judgments in the tech department please, but since this newsletter goes out to my circle of trust—you folks, you would not believe how much time I spent trying to grab an image of these. Apparently Shutterfly—who I love—doesn't have a downloadable link. So whatever, Shutterfly! I'll order them from you, but you didn't make it easy! Below are my little beauties which you can see from a screenshot! Oof! Talk about needing a martini! 
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