April 2020
One of the these images accurately reflects my home status during stay-at-home orders with my husband. I'll let you guess.

I had a topic list prepared for my April newsletter, but now that the world has gone mad, I threw it out. I honest-to-God don’t know what to say. Like you, I’ve been stuck in my house for weeks, but am immensely grateful that as of this writing, my family and I are healthy and safe. 

That said, it all sucks. I have a small Tiffany lamp on my kitchen counter called ‘the happy light.’ I realized I hadn’t turned it on recently, so I just rectified that. Maybe that will help. I also broke into the unopened jar of Costco’s dark chocolate sea salt caramels, which were meant to be served at a large dinner party I was planning. We’ll see if that makes a difference.

Hmm, what else have I done to help. Not much. On the negative side, George and I could be considered hoarders of wine and bread dough. Since the grocery stores are thankfully open, we haven’t felt the need to use the dough, but the wine… well, I’ll let you guess.

That’s it! Oh, wait. I’ve watched loads of tv. Netflix’s The Tiger King, anyone? I couldn’t peel my eyes away from that car wreck. The only good part of that show were the dignified tigers. The people were a depraved mess. I know everyone got the irony of (Spoiler) the damn tiger king now crying from his own cage in prison, but still, there was so much badness. The other tiger people, including the bullshit, crazy-ass, husband-killing, “rescuer” were living off the backs of the animals, too. But they’re still out there wielding and selling and profiting from their wicked ways. 

I could write a shit-ton about this show, but for me, the worst moment was when I saw the up-close ape’s fingers through the bars and Joe Exotic telling us that he kept his two apes separated from each for ten years. He finally brought them to some wilderness place and talks about how they were hugging all over each other for the first time once they were finally free. Tiger boy had himself a self-reflective moment of the evil of keeping them apart for ten years. What am I supposed to do with that? I’m haunted by this show. It made me sick… but I couldn’t stop watching.  Below is a link to a clever parody about the show. (I had a different one ready to go but someone moved it out of creative commons so I can't share it. It was a hilarious music video entitled Tigers, Guns, and Meth, which pretty much sums it all up.) As twisted as it sounds, I’ve thought about writing Joe Exotic—or his real-life inmate name—Joseph Maldonado-Passage, at the Grady Country Jail in Oklahoma. I’d send him, ‘How’s your day going, buddy?’ cards with pictures of apes and tigers on them. (This last statement is evidentiary proof that the quarantine is getting to me. I'll stop now.)

Link to Tiger King Parody

What else do I have for you? Ahh yes, to the book front, I’m delighted to announce the release of …….
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At long last. Book Five is here! 
Scoundrels. Heroes. Hijinks.

Sir Hugh Brocklesby, distinguished Knight of the Crown, leaned forward. “Just as there’s a hierarchy in life, there’s one in the food chain. Big fish eat little fish, Lord Barry. In order to devour a big fish, all you need is a bigger one. As it happens, I believe I know precisely where to go fishing.”

Charles Carrows, with his breathtaking love Angelica Renner, now resides in the Mayfair District of London, where he is working to make his newest casino a success. But trouble comes calling when he receives an unorthodox proposition from Scotland Yard. In a reversal of roles, it’s the Carrows turn to be facing an offer they cannot refuse.

The Queen of England needs a favor. A beloved member of the royal family is being blackmailed. Will the Carrows help? Perhaps. But what’s in it for them? The problem is, Scotland Yard isn’t really asking.

So begins the campaign against Gianluigi Rimini Rossini, a sinister man with a social Ponzi scheme, threatening to expose the monarchy to vicious scandal. The Carrows family—always careful—vet their latest target only to discover that Gianluigi belongs to an Italian family with connections to a town crawling with neo-Nazis. The sting operation just went to a whole new level. A bigger fish then? Charles knows where to go fishing too.

Join the Carrows as their family saga continues, their campaign endeavors resume, and they manage the villains. One yummy fish at a time.

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Lastly, I wish with all my heart that my next newsletter finds you safe and healthy. For all the personal sacrifices people are experiencing, the loneliness, grief, and frustration of not being able to help others—hang in there, we can get through this!

Much love to you all, Annabelle 
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