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❤ May the Force Be With You! ❤

(But come on, I would have given it up for Adam Driver in a heartbeat. Sorry, George.) 
And the winner of October's Awesome "Your Face is Emotional" Giveaway is Sandra D. You go, Sandra! Sup in good health!
It's time for NaNoWriMo—National Novel Writing Month! Every November, you join other free entrants as they all feverishly try to finish a novel in one month. It's a creative writing challenge. It's an awesome way to force dedication to your creativity. Last year I conquered the 50,000 word goal and in December finished the soon-to-be-released:  Dead Cat, Run. This year, I'm writing its sequel: Cut and Run. Wish me luck!
Check out NaNoWriMo. There's even a young writers program for schools too.
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Dear darling readers,

I have several important, highly anticipated appointments to meet this month while I crank out my magnum opus. In no particular order, a colonoscopy, the annual gynecologist, a plumber replacing a toilet bowl, and voting in the upcoming election.

So take these words to heart. It's important to remember that the world is filled with love, and lovely people. Just today in the grocery store a woman and I pulled up at the self-checkout about the same time and broke into conversation about life. Through our masks, she made an effort to check in with me and I with her. The conversation was real and fairly deep. As we walked out together she said she wished we could have lunch. And I wondered, if it wasn't for Covid, if we would have made such an effort to get to know one another, or would we have just blown through our business-as-usual day.

Covid has made us lonely. It has also made us work hard to emote with our eyes and tone and connect through our stupid masks. And all this happened in Minnesota.... they have stranger phobia here. 

Thank you for your support and remember to love your authors and leave those reviews on Amazon. Writers sooo need that special kind of love.

May you stay strong and healthy,
xxx ooooo
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