Still at home? Hands chapped? I hope you’re all safe and healthy! What an incredible time. Everyone much smarter than me… but many who I could probably swindle in a busting game of Candy Land, have all written pithy things about our world status. I don’t have anything wise or epigrammatic to say other than I have a pretty good vocabulary. Word of the day:  Ylem. Pronounced: eelum. You know it? defines it as:  the hypothetical initial substance of the universe from which all matter is derived. What? That word right there is in the bottom 20% of words. Your welcome.

Ah, the halcyon days of yore. Who knew that I’d miss people crowding my personal space while waiting in lines? Back then, I’d internally give them the stink eye and wonder why in the world they thought crowding me would get them onto the plane any faster, or into the restroom, or to the bank teller window, or into the arena. Who are those crazy folks crowding now? Should we worry about that breed more than others? Or better yet, will they be cured and never crowd again? An upside!

Are the cartels still up and running? Can you see them sitting around, twirling their thumbs, maybe digging an extra tunnel or two, playing board games while they wait for the hoards to move again? God, I saw this incredible movie the other day with Jennifer Garner. For a traditional, buttoned-up soccer mom, (albeit of the gorgeous movie-star variety who doesn’t even need the moisturizer she annoyingly sells), she sure shines in violent roles. Have you seen Peppermint? Holy Shit. I write a mean revenge caper in my series, but I ain’t got nothing on the character Riley North. She goes on a killing spree like no other. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it.

Oh, and for all you Bosch viewers out there, I'm sad it's over, too. It was so good. George and blew through the last season like catnip. I'm getting a t-shirt saying: He Juked the Stats. I'll wear it on the off days I'm not wearing my Russian Oligarch tee.

Times are tough! My marriage, always teetering on the edge of who-got-who-better, is staying the course. I taped a picture of George to the wall from his sweet youth. One where he is holding a cute puppy. It’s my Do Not Eject reminder. It’s taped next to Mother Teresa’s list of how to treat others. You know, to forgive, and be kind, and do good... Yada Yada. Yada. Let me tell you, we cannot all be a Mother Teresa.
Moving on to something book related, I’d like to introduce my new work below. I’ll be holding a random drawing at the end of May, giving a copy of the paperback to one lucky winner! See my website for details!
Click Here to Amazon Link for Caliburnus
Click Here for Barnes & Nobel Nook Link
Click Here for my Website on How to Enter
Caliburnus is… well, it’s serious. The story is about a mother’s dream, the love for her child, and the ache of hope. I hope you enjoy it.

Not a part of my Carrows Family Chronicles Series. It’s personal. I thought it would be appropriate to release it during the month of May and for Mother’s Day. It’s a short story—a novelette, inspired by my life as a special needs mom. (Insert big inhale for me here).

It gives me some anxiety to share this with the public and my readers, because while Caliburnus is still a fictitious piece of work, it’s about my life with my son who has autism. We don’t talk about the diagnosis in our home, it’s not allowed. My love and respect for him are absolute, and I don’t bring him into my blogs, but if you read my books, you’ll see some little baby stories around autism which creep their way into the Carrows life. (See The Bad Penny, Book 4 of the Carrows Family Chronicles where the Carrows champion a youth on the spectrum and his mother. Love, love, love the Carrows).
On the giveaway front, I’ll be taking part in another Booksweeps group author promotion beginning May 18 – 27. For those of you not familiar with what that means, a group of authors get together to promote their work and two lucky winners will receive copies of all the books entered as a well as an e-Reader! This new promotion, entitled Mysteries with Humor, will launch mid-month, so I don’t have the promo materials and links today.

Check my website beginning May 18th and there will be a link to sign up! I’ll be giving away two copies of The Bad Penny, Book 4 of the Carrows Family Chronicles. Good luck, everyone.
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