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Dear <<First Name>>, welcome to the Spring newsletter


Dear <<First Name>>,

I welcome you back for another edition of The MPH Method newsletter. In this issue we are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a hamper of supplements, worth £150. All you have to do is refer your friends and family and that is it! The competition will be held for the months of July & August and the winner will be announced in our autumn edition.

We are also giving you the best 5 metabolic exercises to do if you are pushed for time in the gym, a host of new news and press and an introduction to our new member of the team - Sarah.




'Put more power in your plate.'

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£150 worth of supplements just for referring your friends!

We are giving away a hamper of goodies to the person who refers the most people to sign up for our newsletter for the month of August. Tell your friends they must put you into the referral box upon sign up otherwise you will lose out. The winner will be announced in our Autumn Newsletter. To sign up to the newsletter go here.

Our St Johns Wood Studio gets a refurb

In the month of August we will be closing doors at The Fitness Cafe for a much needed refurb. All new equipment is being brought in including a Woodway treadmill, two Power Racks, Olympic platforms and a custom Calisthenic/Gymnastics outdoor rig among a whole host of other new equipment. To see the existing studio go here.

Issam Kurdi wins gold at The Southend Open

Issam took part in The Southend Open GI Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament representing Carlson Gracie BJJ. Issam took the gold medal after winning all three of his fights. The first fight by points, the second by rear naked choke submission and the final won by ezequile choke submission. See our facebook page for Issam's podium finish.


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POMPEII: The Kit Harrington Workout

Most of you will know Kit Harrington from the epic series Game Of Thrones where he plays the sultry Jon Snow. Forever clad in fur and animal hide no one has ever really got to see his physique. That is until now….

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The 5 Most Metabolic Exercises

So if you only had 15 minutes to get the most efficient workout executed, what exercises should you do? Provided you have the right equipment here are the four that we've picked out as the most gut busting exercises that give you bang for your buck:
  1. The BEAR (advanced) - Now to be honest this is actually 4 exercises in one. Using a barbell start by performing the hanging clean, then go into the push press but bring it down onto the back, then squat, and then rear delt press it back over the head and down into the starting position to go again.
  2. Plank To Press Up - Start in a plank position and then transition up into the press up position without putting your knees and feet on the ground. Do this 10 times each side (left hand leads and then right hands leads).
  3. Kneeling To Stand - Hold a Med Ball above the head with straight arms. start on both knees and then stand up one leg at a time. Repeat this for a minute alternating your leading leg.
  4. Sprawl To Pull Up (advanced) - Sprawl or 'Burpee' like normal, however when you jump up, you jump up to a pull up bar and perform a full pull up. Repeat.
  5. Battle Ropes - Alternating snake hands (similar to beating a drum). Do these for 30 second blasts while tensing your abs.



Avi Mavadia

Weight: 56.6kg
Height: 5ft 2
Body Fat: 35%
Goal: To go below 30% bodyfat
Time: 2 months
First 8 Week Training Split (fat loss focus):
Sunday: REST
Monday: Full Body Conditioning & HIIT
Tuesday: Full Body Conditioning & HIIT
Wednesday: Full Body Conditioning & HIIT
Thursday: HIIT
Friday: REST
Saturday: Full Body Conditioning & HIIT

Avi is a fairly new client having come on board for the two month MPH Method. At the time of writing this newsletter Avi had been with us for 4 out of the 8 weeks and had already lost over 7% bodyfat and reached her target weight loss goal. Not only that, but we have successfully helped Avi with careful lifestyle choices by cutting back on alcohol consumption, regularity of meals and the biggest of all, she is nearly there with quitting smoking. We at The MPH Method all believe that transformations come in different guises, whether you are losing weight, getting stronger, making better decisions than you did at the start - this for us is a success. Aesthetics are always a by product of good training and nutrition!




Sarah Dewey

With over 10 years experience Sarah Dewey is London's premier massage therapist. With a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and an in depth knowledge of every muscle in the human body she is renowned for her life changing deep tissue massages. Sarah has been featured in Tatler's 'Top 10 Uber Rubdowns' and Harpers Bazaar 'Six of The Best', she is also regularly cited in the glossiest magazines as the go to girl for body boosting and soul soothing massages. As well as a loyal clientele of city high flyers and busy Mothers, Sarah works with numerous Hollywood Actors and other A list celebrities including a tour with Take That to help counteract the demands of their gruelling show schedules. Through the first massage Sarah will determine exactly what your body needs to release tension, feel great and hone in on specific stresses. To see more about Sarah please go here.




'You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great'

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