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Dear <<First Name>>, welcome to the Autumn newsletter


Dear <<First Name>>,

I welcome you back for another edition of The MPH Method newsletter. During the summer we had a huge re- fit of the St Johns Wood Studio. We are now open and raring to go with a stack of bespoke power rack/calisthenic frames, bumper plates, Olympic bars and all sorts of other goodies. We will show you all the pics from our launch party in the next issue of our newsletter.

We are also giving you the best 3 exercises for sculpting and growing muscle on and around the shoulder and remember to not to forget to get live updates on our Twitter & Facebook feeds!




'10 Health myths even smart women believe.'

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Jukka Rajala of CompactFit Finland holds a bodyweight strength & conditioning seminar at NW8 Performance

Thursday 23rd October saw the amazing international strength and conditioning expert Jukka Rajala hold a body weight seminar at our new studio. Tickets were sold out within minutes. For further seminars please see our Facebook page for updates on where you can buy tickets to future seminars.

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What Cardio Should I Be Doing?

Over the past year I’m hearing more and more of you ask me what sort of cardio you should be doing with varying goals and objectives. Unfortunately it is hard to answer because most of you have goals that are too broad e.g. I want to cut fat but I also still want to be able to run a half marathon. That said, In this article I’ll show you the different forms of cardio you can implement for the different goals you might want to prioritise.

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The 3 Best Exercises For Shoulder Mass

Whether you are a bodybuilder, fitness model, gym enthusiast or just someone who is into aesthetics, well crafted shoulders (deltoids) makes up for the complete look. Here are the three exercises that'll get your shoulders looking the part in no time at all:

Anterior Deltoid (front)
  1. The Arnold Press -  Seated upright hold two dumbells up to the chest, with your palms facing you. Then press them over the head whilst rotating the hands so the palms face away from you. As you bring the dumbells down you return to the starting position.
Lateral Deltoid (side)
  1. Empty Can Lateral Raises - Standing or seated, hold two dumbells by the side of you. Raise them up so that you are in a 'on the cross' position. At the top part of the movement then twist your hands so that you are emptying the dumbell.
Rear Deltoid (back)
  1. Bent Over Lateral Raises - Standing or seated, bend forward into a deadlift position. Then bring both dumbells up to the 'on the cross' position. You should end up looking like a bird in flight.



Kate Ironside

Weight: 90.5kg
Height: 5ft 9
Body Fat: 32.85%
Goal 1: To go below 25% bodyfat
Goal 2: Get below 5:45m for 5k run
Time: 10 weeks

Post 10 weeks
Weight: 79.3kg
Body Fat: 19.48% 
Goal 2: 5:17m for 5k

Kate is a veteran rower at the Thames Rowing Club, and came to us in need of a boost with her fat loss goals and a more direct approach to her strength & conditioning regime that would see her overcome a back injury, lose over 10kg of weight, 12% bodyfat, go from being fairly weak to super strong and stable & mobile in just 10 weeks!

A list of Kates competitions are below:

2005: Henley Women's Regatta: Intermediate women's 8 winner 
2005: Pairs head of the river race: elite women's pair winner
2006: GBR National Champion: women's coxed four 
2007: NZ National Champion: senior women's 8s and club women's coxed four
2007: Women's eights head of the river race: club pennant winner
2009: Henley Royal Regatta, semi-finalist Remenham challenge cup
2011: Olympic distance triathlon: Leran, France
2012: Open water swimming: Henley Classic open water swim (2k)
2014: Dorney Lake duathlon (2.5k run, 10k bike, 2.5k run)
2014: Cycling: Etape Cymru (86miles)




'When you feel like quitting: Think about why you started.'

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