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Dear <<First Name>>, welcome to the Autumn newsletter


Dear <<First Name>>,

As you may or may not have noticed, over the past few months we've been slogging away in order to re-brand MPH Fitness and we are delighted to announce that we are now called The MPH Method - 'A Revolution In Body Transformations'. The change is now in full effect with an emphasis on our amazing packages that we offer in order to change peoples lives on a daily basis.

In this issue we show you a few of the companies that we have now teamed up with in order to get The MPH Method recognised as one of the leading health & fitness businesses for long term, ethical mind and body transformations.

I hope you all enjoy our content and don't forget to visit us on our social media pages.



"Are You A Fitness Fibber?"

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Issam Kurdi win at TMT 4

Our client Issam Kurdi, who featured in our Autumn newsletter last year has just won his first semi professional bout at Too Much Talent 4 last weekend. Issam is well on his way to becoming one of the new ones to watch out for on the UK mixed martial arts circuit.

Fit PR

At the beginning of November, The MPH Method teamed up with the quite brilliant girls at Fit PR. Hopefully by the time of our Winter issue the team will be well on their way in promoting us as one of the most effective and ethical health and fitness transformation leaders in London.

The MPH Method joins forces with Vita Coco

As a part of The MPH Method, Vita Coco - the kings of coconut water have come on board to make our clients hydrate the best they can. If you have never had a coconut water you are missing out on some serious hydration. These lovely little drinks are packed full of electrolytes so they are the perfect source of nutrition throughout and after your workouts. Go and have a look at our review we did here. Clients receive varying discounts when they undertake a package with us. You can find out more about Vita Coco here.


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Don Jon: The Workout

As 2013 is coming to a close, Hollywood is gearing up for the Christmas film rush. As the final roster of releases have been announced, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper, Inception, 50/50) is putting forward his first written, directed and starred in film: ‘Don Jon’.

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5 Stages To Getting A Better Butt

Most people who fail to have a good looking butt are often the victims of neglecting the area. You are always going to be dictated to by the shape of the hips but getting them strong and perkier is available to everyone. Try these next 5 stages and I can guarantee you will have an advanced ass.
  1. Stage 1 - Learn how to activate: No matter where you are or what you are doing you need to start activating your deriere. Whenever you stand up from a chair squeeze your cheeks as hard as you can. After a while this will become second nature. Do this all day every day and soon enough things will start tightening up.
  2. Stage 2 - Lunge: Now that your glutes are well and truly on, start forward and backward lunging. Again, everytime you come to a standing position squeeze your glutes as hard as you can. Dont let them get away with being looser than a goose. You can see how to Lunge properly here.
  3. Stage 3 - Glute Bridges: Ok so doing these bodyweight is fine but you wont maximise muscle growth without loading them up. Slip your self under a barbell and start driving through the heel. At the top most point squeeze your butt! View Barbell Glute Bridges here.
  4. Stage 4 - Stiff Legged Deadlifts: Now you are moving onto harder territory here. Get the form right - when the bar goes down to the floor be sure to feel a stretch in your hamstrings (back of leg). When you return to standing..... guess what? SQUEEZE. See here.
  5. Stage 5 - Glute Ham Raises - By the time you reach stage 5, your glutes will be pretty solid, and good looking too. To top them off try the glute ham raise. This is an advanced movement so be careful! Have a look here.



Laura Stewart

Weight: 68kg
Height: 5ft 7
Body Fat: 22.19%
Goal: Increase Fast Twitch Strength & Power & Fat Loss
Time: 2 months
First 8 Week Training Split (strength focus):
Sunday: Rugby
Monday: REST
Tuesday: HIIT
Wednesday: Biomechanical rehab + Strength Day
Thursday: REST
Friday: Full Body Conditioning & Power
Saturday: HIIT

Laura started playing rugby in 2002 after moving to Bournemouth. She then joined the RAF in 2004 & was selected for the RAF Female Rugby Team. Laura has toured in Florida & New Zealand with the team and was selected for every Inter services match. Laura has also played combined services rugby which is military equivalent of the Lions and can now be found p[laying for the top female rugby team in the country - Richmond Ladies. Laura left the RAF after 'too many trips' to Afghanistan and has now secured a place at Kingston Uni studying midwifery. Laura has also undertaken numerous running events including British 10k x2, Run to the beat half mara, Venice marathon, Richmond Park trail Marathon, Endurance life ultra coastal marathon, South Downs 30 miles, Crossed the Grand Canyon (35 miles).



Matt Hodges

Matt is the owner and founder of The MPH Method. Prior to starting the business in 2010, Matt worked as a freelance personal trainer for 4 years then went on to work for Matt Roberts Personal Training in North London. Whilst there Matt became a notable figure on the health & fitness circuit and began to build up a reputation in his own right. MPH Fitness was then launched in 2010 which has now become known as The MPH Method after forming a successful style which can be adopted for everyone to obtain the best results possible. If you are looking to slim down or to bulk up Matt can take you through The MPH Method with guaranteed results.To see more about Matt please go here.




'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'

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